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Baluji said that Israel has nuclear capabilities and has produced a large number of nuclear warheads. and Iran’s Fars News says it is a “new long arm” for the Islamic Republic. The fake carrier will be at sea as US Rear Admiral Jim Kirk’s USS Nimitz arrives at the 5th Fleet's area of operations. There have been several explosions around Iranian military, nuclear and industrial facilities since late June. Iranian officials suspect the country's arch-enemy, Israel, was responsible and there are indications they are right. The CAO report, which was published on late Saturday, said the missile battery that targeted the passenger plane had been relocated and "was not properly reoriented". The Islamic Republic of Iran today is a Shiite Islamic republic with a Sunni minority under a theocratic regime which is ruled by President Hassan Rouhani since 2013. China’s UN mission pledged that its country would work to uphold the JCPOA and seek a diplomatic resolution to the Iran nuclear issue. Turning the IAEA against the regime legitimizes sabotage. Security expert David Albright told the ‘Post’ that some of the damage is likely irreparable. “Israel must stop playing the role of the shepherd liar about the nuclear non-proliferation laws or lack of commitment and stop the practice of lying and accusing other countries.”, He continued, “When the prime minister of this entity threatened Iran in 2018 with nuclear destruction, it is another case in which the international community must confront this for obvious reasons. In his speech that was carried by the Fars News Agency, Baluji pointed out that “Israel possesses undeclared capabilities for chemical warfare and an offensive program for biological warfare, although it still denies possessing these capabilities by refusing all international contacts to abandon the option of weapons of mass destruction and abiding by the laws that are officially recognized and implemented by responsible countries.”. As in Iraq Israel moved from sabotage to bombing, so in Iran Israel would progress through assassination and sabotage to bombing. And if you are right, well, just don’t try to destroy Israel . On Thursday, an article by Iran's state news agency IRNA addressed what it called the possibility of sabotage by enemies such as Israel and the United States, although it stopped short of accusing either directly. "The incident has caused significant damage but there were no casualties. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has sought to spotlight Iran’s air force in recent comments, claiming that if an arms embargo is ended, then Iran’s expanded jet fighters could pose a threat. All comments that are not spam or wholly inappropriate are approved, we do not sort out opinions or points of view that are different from ours. They have killed 200. ,000+ Palestinians ever since the etchnic cleaning days of ’48. On July 3, 2020, an explosion obliterated the same Natanz civilian nuclear enrichment facility that was ripped apart by Stuxnet. The Iran–Israel proxy conflict, or Iran–Israel proxy war and Iran–Israel Cold War, is an ongoing proxy war between Iran and Israel. "We can't accept some things about the United Nations and refuse to accept others," the former coach noted. Tehran has used German territory for surveillance and assassination operations targeting dissidents, pro-Israel advocates and Israeli and Jewish institutions.

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