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Between some of those adventures, Andina worked as a substitute teacher and teacher’s aide in both public and private schools in the U.S. Read this retrospective from our founder and learn how and why YEA Camp came to be and just some of what we've accomplished ever since. Currently he is doing fundraising for CTUL, an organization that organizes low-income workers like janitors and fast food workers for better wages and working conditions. YEA Camp will open up amazing opportunities and help you make a bigger difference on the causes you care about for years to come. Thank you for your feedback, Kamekə is currently working with Farm Sanctuary as the Volunteer Program Coordinator at their location in Watkins Glen, New York. Podcast style discussions will be held considering the engagement of youth in political processes, while Yasmin Mohamed a luminary documentarian will launch two documentaries to display youths’ outlook on unemployment, struggles of professional success and the dive into entrepreneurship. In this position, she has led protests, campaigns, and events on campus concerning reproductive justice, sexual abuse, racism, and other issues. Satellite is an alternative school that is giving Gerardo a second chance. 2x YEA Camper and 3x YEA staff member; youth climate activist and former CEO of Greening Forward. Whoever hits him gets an "A." Jordan is surrounded by war, but hasnt been directly involved in the extreme conflicts. In many domestic contexts, there is also a growing sense of discontent aimed at political establishments for failing to include the perspectives of the wider public and effectively respond to their needs. She feels the world of personal growth and development has dramatically enhanced her life in more ways than she can count and is grateful to give back and inspire others in this way. In addition to her academic and activist work, Alice writes poetry and creative nonfiction, and she contributes to Against The Current: A Socialist Journal. How did such a drastic change occur? Proposal of Network Design, VI Design,Marketing Planning,PPT(Non-Resale), etc. Liz lives in New York City where she enjoys writing, running, traveling, and watching the dogs at the Union Square Dog Park. This is her second year at YEA Camp having attended the adult session last summer and her first year as a staff member working at both the adult and east coast youth session. They've done amazing things, like change school policies, help get candidates elected, organize protests, launch school clubs, raise thousands of dollars, and so much more that they say wouldn't have happened without their experience at YEA Camp. Climate justice has been the issue closest to her heart since 2015, when she began organizing at her middle school with the support of Greenpeace. Youth in New York City and their peers in Baghdad had a live dialogue with one another about the future of the nations which they will someday govern. Madeleine is an animal rights activist and educator from the East Coast. We are one of the very few events that include researchers, practitioners, advocates, survivors, and front-line workers from all disciplines to share information, discuss controversial issues, and engage in difficult dialogues. sessions of YEA Camp and was hugely instrumental in its development. ), Chat the Planet: Youth Culture (CLIP: Suicide), Chat the Planet: Bridge to Baghdad I (CLIP: Waleed), Chat the Planet: Bridge to Baghdad I (CLIP: Saif), Chat the Planet: Immigration (CLIP: Refugees), Chat the Planet: Jordan War (CLIP: Propaganda), Miscommunication Between Parents and Teens, Chat the Planet: Materialism and Activism (CLIP: Stand Up Be Counted), Thoughts and Interpretations: The Correct Perspective on African Americans, Chat the Planet: Youth Culture (CLIP: Rebellion), Babies, Bottles & Diapers: Reality of Teen Pregnancy, Chat the Planet: Materialism and Activism (CLIP: America Owe World). Network and collaborate with professionals from across disciplines. Shelby has been the co-president of her GSA for two years and is a strong voice for queer representation at her school. Vicki Chan, senior at Skyline High school, shows us how two Oakland Public School teachers transfer their knowledge into interactive teaching techniques that literally get their students up and cheering. There needs to be more peace, love and empathy to block out all the hate in this world. Lead Youth Producer: Mandel Lum TRT: 10:00 Screenings: San Francisco International Film Festival Locomotion Film Festival (Salt Lake City, UT) KDOL TV (Oakland, CA) Access SF (San Francisco, CA) Awards: Best Experimental (Locomotion Film Festival). Ironically, he grew up in Queens, New York and loves learning from his concrete jungle as well. Erin has also done some moderate organizing with groups in Arizona surrounding housing justice, queer rights, immigration justice, and wage justice. Shelby was a camper at age 17 and then has come back on staff for the past two summers as a counselor in training. YEA Camp has fiscally sponsored 501(c)(3) status from Earth Island Institute. Ever since then, she has been a mentor, facilitator, and researcher for various groups on campus. He quickly realized that the environmental movement was not adequately supporting young environmental changemakers; therefore, he created Greening Forward. She’s also very passionate about loving on her canine best friend and soulmate, Chaz. If the image contains political elements, such as the national flag and the party emblem, then Lovepik does not own the copyright. Rachael is excited to learn from fellow counselors and campers, and continue to share the importance of actively challenging oppressive forces and dishonest media outlets. Leanne is a recent participant in the Spring 2019 cohort of Chinook Fund’s Giving Project that trains social justice leaders in grassroots fundraising and grantmaking. Keep checking back here and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to see what we've got planned next! we will contact you as soon as possible. Mike has been one of our amazing, dedicated YEA Camp chefs for 5 years, taking great care of our community. Is the term 'family values' universal? She has worked on various campaigns oriented toward electing candidates in Arizona who are pro-public education, disrupting the privatization of public school funding, and generating reliable sources of funding for Arizona’s public schools! By: Kawana Yancey. Check back soon for information about submitting poster proposals for the 26th San Diego Summit. Want to learn about our upcoming sessions? Mr. Sears stands on a field with his high school physics class ready to launch their rockets, putting on a helmet, goggles and jock strap,. "YEA Camp was really a life-changing experience for me.". Other highlights include a storied regional theater career, a short stint as a criminal defense attorney, and interning for Speaker Pelosi. We can't wait to do it again! More menus, flyers, invitations and free graphic design template ideas can be found on Lovepik to make your brand advertising design more excellent and popular. Do they care and should they? Melissa also started and directed a running camp for kids for 6 summers when YEA camp began. Laura was a teacher with Portland Public Schools for four years before joining YEA Camp full time in 2010. With so many problems in the world, where do you begin?And can one person (such as YOU!) We’ll periodically send you some of our best curated content. He has found it incredibly fulfilling to meet and build meaningful connections with fellow activists. Lydia looks forward to bringing her experience in animal rights, environmental and food justice, and anti-incarceration organizing to YEA Camp, and she cannot wait to learn and grow with campers as they make action plans to help the world change for the better! In particular, … Legal & Criminal Justice Issues 9. Engagement at the local/community level; 2. Featuring youth as actors, directors, and film editors, Elements guides viewers through a series of video shorts wherein the students meet, fall in love, seduce, fight, threaten, break-up, make up, and part ways with the camera. Add interviews with a teacher who plans her lessons to reach students who have different ways of learning. Her internship is at Center for Community Counseling and Engagement, which provides low-cost counseling to clients with various mental health illnesses. Political organizer and trainer; ran "Camp Obama" workshops that trained hundreds of volunteers and raise thousands of dollars. To provide a starting point for youth in Africa, The Youth Café has planned a series of activities prior to the date of celebration and has lined up creative launches on International Youth Day. Videos created by (or which are about) teens and young adults are featured in the Youth Media collection. Sexual Victimization 11. Intimate Partner Violence Victims/Survivors 8. Founder and executive director of YEA Camp, and your camp director of Virtual YEA Camp! He has also studied larval development and parental behavior of the neo-tropical frog, Leptodactylus insularum, at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. In turn, this has increased fragmentation and polarization, hampering the prospects for concerted global action. She was fortunate enough to lobby at the california capital and advocate against a tuition increase at her institution. While our favorite way to teach about activism is at camp, we created The Beginner's Guide to Changing the World so that you could work on your own time and pace to take your change-making to new heights! Chloe is passionate about inclusion, advocacy, and human rights issues that face the globe. Is it censorship or is it respect? In class, they discuss many social issues on a regular basis such as gender inequalities, racial and religious prejudice and tolerance, animal rights, and other important issues. Andina is supplementing her Western education with teachings about traditional indigenous healing ceremonies and practices.

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