huaneng renewables tender offer

Huaneng Renewables Corporation, the wind-power unit of the nation’s largest power producer China Huaneng Group, is looking to raise HK$7.4 billion to HK$9.9 billion $965 million to $1.28 billion from a Hong Kong IPO. This announcement appears for information purposes only and does not constitute an invitation or offer to acquire, purchase or subscribe for securities of the Company. As at the date of this announcement, the Potential Offeror and parties acting in concert with it in aggregate control (i) 5,535,311,200 domestic shares of the Company and (ii) 33,268,000 H Shares through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, representing approximately 52.70% of the total issued share capital of the Company. To help you and your colleagues access our proprietary content, please contact us at, or +(852) 2122 5222. The board of directors of the Company (the "Board") received a letter from China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd. (the "Potential Offeror"), the controlling shareholder of the Company, on 29 August 2019 (after trading hours), indicating its intention to make a conditional voluntary cash general offer for all the H shares (the "H Shares") (other than those H shares owned or agreed to be acquired by the Potential Offeror or parties acting in concert with it) in the Company (the "Possible Offer"), which if proceeded with, could result in a privatization and delisting of the Company from the Stock Exchange. %���� �+|0�ů��y�ГOO�[�BJ���3[N�u&�� w�ձN���os��p�9�siٹ���XI\���q��R��|;Y�e���h!=�Qt� J�&l����2$���dZ'��-�b@� Stockbrokers, banks and others who deal in relevant securities on behalf of clients have a general duty to ensure, so far as they are able, that those clients are aware of the disclosure obligations attaching to associates of an offeror or the offeree company and other persons under Rule 22 and that those clients are willing to comply with them. <>>> The respective associates of the Company (including, among others, shareholders of the Company holding interests of 5% or more in the relevant securities of the Company) and the Potential Offeror are hereby reminded to disclose their dealings in the relevant securities of the Company under Rule 22 of the Takeovers Code. 3 0 obj ANNOUNCEMENT PURSUANT TO RULE 3.7 OF THE TAKEOVERS CODE, RULE 13.09(2) OF THE LISTING RULES AND INSIDE INFORMATION PROVISIONS OF PART XIVA OF THE SECURITIES AND FUTURES ORDINANCE. Huaneng Renewables (H) (China): Constituent Deletion Changes in FTSE Global Factor Index Series 22 January 2020 Following the completion of a cash tender offer of Huaneng Renewables (H) (China, constituent) with the offer acceptance level reaching more than 90%, in conjunction with the section 4.11 in the FTSE Russell K�$�g�#ɤ++ke�4�*�]�eXS&35@�����MN�†9�J�� �`j�v���ȇW����'�/Wo�3+��u��dI ����-/_/+]b�.o�W�W\��C�bu �W�W�Ҕ���� �2Ir�Mhj��[�{���:��A�Ũ_����!�����7�l�}�n,���=��G��/?�Zn�� �S��;�G��ػ�����]��2MjP���M1͐�F5�1�^�{��+����J�C;��$gY*U����. ���u���9����/i�[���(���K��V���m�X���An�j��l�����.s���(��Q�:`3t6 xj��3����y[0m�-�����yo� �l���T��@�7�����#ȶO��)G����g,��c)��:�b1�v�:�!�gJ�A .6�Z�zN}1 �}�X�xWn�Mm'Fq��u��d�˺��N��ل��']����N�[�G\-ۣg놑�g"�8 �o���6�3�=�� e�)7?z�乙��'\�GNn�Q�}��A�Gl�J�Ҁ�H��;�U���ul��0k0�h�6x�4�n���=���}�������â�8ⱵX.@r?Q. endobj However, this does not apply when the total value of dealings (excluding stamp duty and commission) in any relevant security undertaken for a client during any 7 day period is less than $1 million. You have used up all of your free articles on FinanceAsia. Hello! [R?o+#��=3��?���VN2�ÚNF`�ݽ��/U>�S���|7qF�=�b.��'���Ml&� ,��`��n:��9�7�q�JB�ҶKzᖤI�:�D�����5���]aM$���� L�:KÌ�Uvg@f���2��{�#B��k��rgKG;���!�Z�ً�q�1�`tbĀ��&�qme���c. Shareholders and/or potential investors of the Company are advised to exercise caution in dealing in the securities of the Company. An application has been made by the Company to the Stock Exchange for the resumption of trading in the H Shares on the Stock Exchange with effect from 9:00 a.m. on 2 September 2019. Image and video libraries: Products & Services : International Cooperation q����=�\����-7t�>�&>��� ��OD�O���0��R�4�/�_���u<>�Z��c`�?�����:4��H2�o�Pj[��m�&`��Ba�L�����v��R� ��\�9��:sb��ݢ:M�w��x\u���Y]��$�c��R�a8 ��̧r�����$�/ՙIo�9�0=n�ή� ����x�hd���}%f��hG �ҍ�[���ް3����C��[R�M���>M-e�]�9�)����W���mz����ԹK�������Ln����Fc��[�`Y,*ߔߐH#�J!��ܜ99�H��ŀ��2�o�ii�&��ԟ��ϼ!kγx*�%�˙a����!� (A joint stock limited company incorporated in the People's Republic of China with limited liability). Further announcement(s) will be made by the Company as and when appropriate or required in accordance with the Listing Rules and/or the Takeovers Code (as the case may be). POSSIBLE CONDITIONAL VOLUNTARY CASH GENERAL OFFER. Huaneng Renewables Corporation, the wind-power unit of the nation’s largest power producer China Huaneng Group, is looking to raise HK$7.4 billion to HK$9.9 billion $965 million to $1.28 billion from a Hong Kong IPO. huaneng renewables : composite document (1) voluntary conditional offer by clsa limited on behalf of china huaneng to acquire all of the issued h shares in huaneng renewables and (2) proposed voluntary withdrawal of listing of the h shares of huaneng renewables and (3) notice of the 2020 first extraordinary general meeting and (4) notice of the 2020 first h share class meeting ;:�f��eL�� �@�"����{��Nў]�O���2L��lm!&t�A`Oy�މG��&X':��u�wq;F��;CD�J�p����c')}wa�93�Ss�Ѻ����e� Ì�Ц!B�zh�g$���JID&Ǵ� )e�RZ���f����6�Rbq������ΒQ4C��P��r4��eB�������@p�]�I5ǥmB�����4�M�#��K����NQu�NN�[�������E�t��|y��m9�e��cL�oh�"� Intermediaries are expected to co-operate with the Executive in its dealings enquiries. Huaneng Renewables Corporation Ltd. published this content on 02 September 2019 and is solely responsible for the information contained therein. The company, which will be the only pure wind-power producer among China's big industry players to list on an international market, kicked off the institutional bookbuilding yesterday and has received a positive response so far.

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