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Normally seen wearing her khaki prison jumpsuit with a white short sleeved shirt under her top and black boots. After divorcing her husband for failing to keep the business open, Red starts a friendship with Healy and uses this to get back into the kitchen. Tricia learns that her girlfriend, Mercy Valduto, is being released from Litchfield. He appeared as a recurring character in the seventh season, in which he is still in a relationship with Polly and helping raise her child. Sex Later in the series, she attempts to console Tiffany after discovering that she was raped by Coates. She also comes face to face with her former friend, Tamika Ward, who is now a CO at max, and the two clash over being on opposite sides of the bars. She is shown to be rather misinformed, if not totally dim at times, genuinely believing that black people cannot float due to their bone density. Healy has an outspoken personal vendetta against lesbians for unknown reasons, cautioning Piper at the beginning of the series not to be involved with lesbian activity. Larry Bloom (played by Jason Biggs) – Larry is a Jewish freelance writer trying to establish a journalism career, and Piper's anxious fiancé. She desperately tries to find out what happened to her, though she receives no information. At the end of the season, Tiffany is playing kickball with the other inmates after convincing Suzanne to join her. TrishMillerPowder (Pornstache)Trailer Park All-Star (Caputo)Corn Hoes (Big Boo) During a meeting at MCC, he recommends using veterans to supplement personnel and to house them near the prison in the existing housing to save money. After attempting to get involved in Piper's business, Maria was angered by her rude response and formed a rival business of her own, which immediately snapped up many of Piper's employees. Thanks for your help! In Season 5, Nicky hides out in the pharmacy with Lorna during the riot and acts as a doctor/therapist to the inmates, helped by her knowledge of drugs. She ends up breaking up with Larry, and after discovering that he and her friend Polly are having an affair, she asks them to report Alex to her probation officer. Mendez notices she is high and locks her in the supply closet so she doesn't give the game away. She has also been the youngest inmate we have seen at Litchfield, and it opened our eyes to how dark Orange is the New Black  was about to become. The season ends with her telling Lorna to surrender to law enforcement for her safety before leading Taystee, Cindy, and Suzanne down to the bunker, where the fate of everyone in the bunker remains unknown. During Taystee's time on the outside, she is seen more frequently joking around with Poussey. Are you sure that you want to report this flower to administrators as offensive or abusive? She concludes the season clean, but admits to Lorna that she is unhappy and a 'junkie addict liar'. Try again later. The other inmates put her on trial for assisting a guard, and Boo steps up as her lawyer to defend her. She opens her hidden bunker to fellow inmates fleeing the riot and revealed that she knew guards that worked at Litchfield as far back as the 1970s. When Daddy confronts her about it, Daya kisses her, and the two become romantically involved. No. The gun goes off, shooting Leanne’s finger off, and he runs out of the prison. When Suzanne becomes unhinged and almost beats Maureen to death, Maria finally has enough and, with Ouija's help, manages to pull Suzanne off Maureen and comforts her. Inside, she ingests the whole bag of Oxycontin and overdoses. However, shortly after Cesar gets Armaria, his home is raided by the DEA and Daya's daughter is taken away. Inmate Madison Murphy "assists" in getting Piper sent to medical to look for her by tripping her up, causing her tooth to chip, but Alex is not there. On the day of the exam, however, Tiffany is horrified to learn that Luschek - who assumed responsibility of the course after Elmer quit - failed to put in an application for her extra time, due to his lack of care. She responds by asking him whether he is having sex with Maritza, and when he is confused by the question, she tells him that she wants to make sure he is not raping her, as he did with her. Prior to working at the prison, he quit his band to raise his girlfriend's daughter – who was conceived with one of his bandmates while they were separated – only for them to become successful while he got stuck in a low-paid job in the prison service, and his wife left him for her daughter's father. To add a flower, click the “Leave a Flower” button. Alex is then made to join the kickball team, where a knife fight is planned. She was seen later on in the kitchen with Nicky and Luschek trying to fix "Betty" the fridge. The next day, however, Blanca is led down a different corridor than Piper and Sophia and instead of getting released she is handed over to ICE for possible deportation. At the start of the fifth season, while continuing to recover in medical, Humphrey is brought in there next to them to be treated from his gunshot wound. Tricia's personality was sweet and good-hearted. Actor Caputo initially tries to find the CERT leader Herrmann who helped cover up CERT's role in Piscatella's death and then seeks to draw negative publicity to MCC in the hope of eliciting sympathy from the jury. Faced with the loss of her business, Piper convinces the new guard captain Piscatella to let her start an anti-gang task force, but the women that gather at her meeting mistakenly assume that she wants to start a white supremacist group. Harney is credited as main cast in season 5 despite not appearing in any of the episodes. However, due to having gone several days without her medication, Suzanne is unable to concentrate, or to keep her story straight, and begins hallucinating. Red's final appearance in the show shows her lovingly singing in Russian to Lorna, who was having mental issues of her due to the death of her newborn son. Alex tracked down her father and struck up a friendship with his drug dealer who subsequently became her industry contact in a drug cartel. She has a teardrop drawn under one of her eyes as well as eyeliner in the style of Amy Winehouse and bangs in a blunt style;[5] according to Cruz the teardrop is in the wrong location.[6]. Eventually, with the help of Judy King, Luschek secures her return to the regular prison, and she has an emotional reunion with Red and Lorna. Alex is often seen with a book in hand as she loves reading. If you have questions, please contact She appears to have moments of depression, telling Nicky that she can no longer "get past the swirling darkness in her brain long enough to land on anything," and mentioning to Piper that upon entering prison, she was on anti-depressants, which she now trades for black eyeliner. In the fourth season, Piper has allowed the incident with Stella to go to her head, and she has become arrogant and overconfident, hiring her new bunkmate Stephanie Hapakuka as muscle. She was genuine with good intentions (wanting to pay everything that she owed when she could, as seen in her flashback). Plese check the I'm not a robot checkbox.'. After Piscatella is tied up in Frieda's Bunker, Nicky returns to Lorna and finds out that Lorna is actually pregnant. Theft The incident unhinges Suzanne, and shortly afterwards, when she takes part in a non-violent stand-in in the prison canteen, the sight of Humphrey causes her to go into a full-on meltdown. She and Caputo were planning on trying to have a child together, and she was expecting to start In vitro fertilization treatment to assist her to get pregnant. Despite this, it is revealed Tiffany was sent to prison for shooting an abortion clinic worker in broad daylight for making a snarky comment about her having had five previous abortions. During the third season, she attempts to convince Daya to give her unborn child to Pornstache's mother Delia so that she would have a better life and to get a monthly payment from her. While smoking marijuana with one of them, she tells him that she lost her chance to go to West Point after her incident with Franziska's father in Germany and that she was planning to move to Amsterdam in a few weeks. This flower has been reported and will not be visible while under review. Show Information Intending to teach Daddy a lesson, she gives her some bath salts under the assumption she would have a similar episode as Barb but she dies from an overdose instead. As a result, Poussey is suffocated and dies on the canteen floor. Coates is genuinely shocked by this disclosure. Back in 2013, Brewer played Tricia Miller in Orange Is The New Black Season 1, and she looks totally unlike herself (and Janine) in costume. However, shortly afterwards, some of Red's possessions disappear, and she later discovers that Nicky had stolen them to fund her relapse into drug addiction. In the third season, she decides to pretend to be Jewish as a response to the inferior food quality resulting from the budget cuts so she can get better tasting kosher meals. After being rebuffed on her attempt to show the company that they were wasting fabric and could make an extra pair of underwear with each sheet, she uses the extra fabric to start a used panty business with her brother Cal, recruits some of the other inmates to wear the panties, and uses Officer Bayley to smuggle the panties out of the prison. Later on, he tries to help Taystee during her negotiations with Figueroa, although he was unable to convince her to surrender in exchange for what the state was offering because they claimed that charging Bayley with murder for Poussey's death was not within the state's jurisdiction. After the officers state that they were still missing inmates despite previous sweeps, he informs them about the abandoned pool that Frieda converted into a bunker. 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