hostplus vs hesta

Now I don't know much but I just assumed it was good, due to its affiliation with McDonalds and consistent CANSTAR Money awards. There's a good chance that the younger fund will look better short term. But we invite you to see how we compare. I appreciate all answers though so please, keep them coming. So far it has been fine but I'm not an expert and don't really have any solid advice, just my personal experience. That doesn't guarantee future performance, but you can get a relative idea of the performance of growth vs balanced vs conservative options over time, plus an idea of how one fund has performed vs the other. Make things as easy to understand without talking alot of waffle, is that he mentioned it's ideal to pick the Superfund that offers the lowest fees. I can say that you can easily switch your REST super fund over to the growth option through an online account. Hostplus: REST: 2013: AustralianSuper: HESTA: Sunsuper: Sources: Chant West, Rainmaker and SuperRatings. The Star Ratings were awarded in March 2020 based on data as at that date. a) Is it worth switching from REST -> HOSTPLUS? Thank you and have a … Hi there, first time posting. c) Scott also suggested that being under 45yo, putting your super into a 'Growth' option would be better than a 'balanced' option, thoughts? But can't say which is better than the other - I would complete a pros and cons list if I were you and see what the difference in fees and services are. The LNP government have been trying to change part of the system so industry super funds are at least partially run by 'experienced directors' I believe which normally means banking interference. REST vs. HOSTPLUS vs. other? Compare and be confident with Hostplus. We're in similar positions, I'm 25 and have just gone from part time work and study to landing a new full-time job and looking to go to Hostplus from REST after reading Barefoot. The general term for this is "survivorship bias" and it shows up in many guises. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Compare the best performing super funds with RateCity from 100 superannuation providers. over five years, with the higher allocation to growth investments helping them to enjoy a strong few years of returns. I switched mine over to growth a couple of years ago and it was mostly because I have no family, no responsibilities, and felt comfortable if I lost a large amount (not that I even have a large amount). It's very helpful if you can be aware of these kinds of biases when critically evaluating an investment strategy. That's what I would do as a Paraplanner (means I write the advice that Financial Advisors present to clients) you can do this by comparing the two funds PDSs. :). Hope to hear more as the day passes. This year, we received a 5 Apple quality rating – the highest possible. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Hey, I don't have much advice on switching but I'm glad you asked this question as I'm in the same position and have also finished reading the book! Chant West. You also want to concentrate on the ten year OR MORE performance. In order to switch generally when joining a new super fund they will provide you the option to switch, they should then handle most of the work in rolling over the fund in to your new fund. And it’s run by an independent research consultant – so you can trust the rating. A general rule of thumb is the younger you are, the more risk you can afford to take as any volatility in your returns can be smoothed out as you grow older and you have more time to recoup your losses. Please be kind. Part of the equation is fees, and any industry super fund should generally have lower fees than other super funds as they aren't partially funding bankers.

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