harry potter all quidditch scenes

All of the balls used in the modern game were now present, organised teams played against each other, and vast numbers of people came to watch. Whilst this may sound exactly like the sport as it came to be, there were still a few modifications to be made in terms of the playing pitch, and this continued to evolve until 1883 when the format of modern Quidditch pitches was finalised. The Snitch was bewitched to respond to the first witch or wizard to make contact with it, in case there was any dispute regarding which Seeker touched it first. [2], The Keeper guarded the goalposts, while the three Chasers scored goals with the Quaffle by tossing it into one of the opposing team's three goal posts. There are no rules saying you can’t catch it with your mouth after all. Like everything in the wizarding world, it’s not quite what it looks like on the outside and is bigger on the inside, giving you everything you need to relax and enjoy the match. Attempted decapitation of a keeper with a broadsword. His invention was pretty much what was seen on the modern Quidditch pitch: a golden ball with silver wings, the same size and weight as a real Snidget, bewitched to accurately follow its flight patterns. A game by the name of Stichstock originated in Germany and consisted of a single wizard acting as a guardian or goalkeeper, trying to protect an inflated dragon bladder. [1], The vast popularity of the sport led to quickly declining Snidget numbers, and in the middle of the 14th century it was made a protected species by the Wizards Council, now headed by Elfrida Clagg. [2], Most of the players in Great Britain bought their equipment at Quality Quidditch Supplies, in Diagon Alley, London. Seeing the campsite where everyone gathers made us want to attend a professional game even more! The opposing team's Keeper may attempt to stop the shot being scored, but all other players must not interfere (it is unknown if the Seeker may still attempt to catch the Snitch while a penalty is being attempted). The Department of Magical Games and Sports was created for this purpose. An Irish game by the name of Aingingein required broomstick-mounted players to fly through a number of burning barrels set in the air, whilst all the time clutching a ball with one hand. Harry joins other movie icons from the past 100 years, such as Bugs Bunny, Mary Poppins, Paddington and more. Harry would make some unbelievable plays as the Gryffindor seeker over the years, but we’re not sure any can match the very first time he caught the golden snitch! [1], With historical records of the time being rather limited, there was no further mention of Quidditch until a hundred years later, around 1150. For example, Beaters carried bats and Keepers wore protective head and chest gear. The main ancient games that provided some inspiration for Quidditch were: A goal post in an early version of Quidditch. [3] This game could have been the inspiration of the Quidditch position of Chaser, simply because it was the first and only mentioned broom game involving a ball being passed, barring Quidditch itself. Catching the Golden Snitch was worth 150 points to the team whose Seeker made the catch. To make it even more interesting, we see Ron in action as the Gryffindor keeper for the first time and he’s rather good! Except every week in your inbox. She was caught by a furious Bragge and fined ten Galleons for disrupting the game, but not before she had released the Snidget. Fangrrls is about kicking down doors, breaking boundaries and celebrating female fans with fun, witty and entertaining content.

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