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A commercial shoo-in that would surely have been Wiley’s retirement fund following the massive success of 2019’s “Boasty,” the record was canned as egos and bureaucracy prevailed over the music. Viral feuds with Stormzy that saw both artists release a number of diss tracks, Wiley with the chart-topping ‘Boasty’, and his now abandoned ‘Full Circle’ project, a record which was said to include features from a number of big names, including Nicki Minaj and Future. Wiley's back for another farewell album – only this time, it really is his last. But if Godfather III is to be his swan song, then fans could hardly hope for a better send-off: it’s about as pure an encapsulation of grime’s past, present, and future as the album format allows. Wiley: The Godfather 3 review – grime's patriarch bids farewell (again) 3 / 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars. A full dancehall/rap crossover album was set to be released by a major label, with guest appearances by Nicki Minaj and Future, and while a few singles trickled out, the project ended up being scrapped due to rights disputes. These cookies are not essential for the website to function, but they are used to provide us with audience insights, with which we can continually optimise and improve the site, as well as to serve you relevant personalised ad content. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. G3 is one of his no-nonsense pure grime releases, rather than one of his calculated chart-bait efforts, and it ranks as one of his best, much like the first Godfather. Alongside Wiley, rappers Delusion, K9, Capo Lee, Flowdan, Jammer, Ten Dixon, Ears, Jammz, Breeze, Big Swingz, and Tempa T take turns spitting over a short eight-bar instrumental unique to them before passing the mic onto the next rapper. Overall GF3 is a decent album, it’s not Wiley’s greatest but it’s a Wiley album so it’s already ahead of the rest. There’s a certain sense of responsibility on this album – the need to prove the idea that he is the patriarch of grime, but also to ensure that his legacy is kept. There’s a lot of great features on the album too with a core Roll Deep littering including Scratchy, Manga Saint Hilare and Riko Dan to name a few as well as some legendary Grime names such as D Double E, Footsie and Flirta D. You really feel like it’s an A-Z of whose who in the scene. This one was actually meant to go up with Footsie’s album review last week but I managed to miss the boat on it. Opting against veteran MC’s, Wiley harnessed his social media followers to ask fans to nominate the best new talent. To what end, they couldn’t be sure—when Godfather III finally dropped last week, a number of MCs tweeted out that they didn’t realize they were going to feature on the finished album—but for Wiley this was an exercise in taking grime back to its roots or, in his words, “back to the village.”. But then no album appeared. All rights reserved. A hefty 22 track ensemble piece, ‘The Godfather III’ only seems to accomplish this at points – at best, it serves as a reminder that Wiley is one of the best to ever do it, but it often feels unfocussed, and uneven. The album is sonically charged from the first second. Back to home These 22 tracks introduce and educate a new crop of MCs, with Wiley eschewing features from the heavy-hitters of UK grime and rap in favour of a dizzying number of up-and-comers. Now we have ‘Godfather 3’, the 22-track, third instalment of his ‘Godfather’ series. Rather than cowering from a tumultuous year full of set-backs, he’s taken the opportunity to deliver a long-awaited, cohesive project built on depth, clarity and nostalgia. At 22 tracks, it’s a little bloated—but with most songs barely scratching the three-minute mark, it zips along at a pace reminiscent of the radio sets and stage shows that the sound incubated in almost two decades ago. ( Log Out /  It worked, of course. Wiley's 2017 full-length Godfather was a career best, becoming his first U.K. Top Ten-charting album and earning rave reviews. Whether this is his farewell, or yet another stake in the conversation as grime’s presence grows bigger globally, Wiley has executed his vision with aplomb. These cookies do not store any personal information. In turn, Blay Vision Big Zuu and so many more lend their voices (alongside, erm, veteran D Double E). All the while he relentlessly defended his title as ‘The Godfather of Grime’, a label afforded him as one of the key figures in the creation of the genre. But while his beef with Stormzy tailed off, Wiley was driving around London linking up with MCs to lay down verses. I was hoping for a bit more I guess but how much more can Wiley give us? ‘Press Record’ finishes with a look towards the road ahead in the lyric “I ain’t got a clue where my life’s going”, with uncertainty around the future for a grime artist who has paved the way for so many other musician’s futures. In a recent interview, Wiley spoke of how he didn’t want his “genre [to] die on the way out”. “I’m 41,” he told The Guardian’s Dan Hancox. One thing I wasn’t completely sold on was the fact many of the tracks felt like sets rather than an album track, you couldn’t release them as singles, especially the further on you go through the album. I believed it would change Grime, I believed it all but this belief was never delivered on in my opinion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Two tracks—“West London” and “South London”—are dedicated to showcasing talent from small pockets of the city. After a disappointing 2018 sequel, he started to bounce back somewhat with "Boasty," a minimalist dancehall single with Stefflon Don, Sean Paul, and Idris Elba that became Wiley's biggest hit since 2013. Music Reviews: The Godfather 3 by Wiley released in 2020. Wiley, the man from ‘Bow E3’ – as he put it on an early track – has had a whirlwind of a year. That said I suppose I’d rather a set than an album that just tries to hit as many styles of music as possible. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. In place of familiar faces from the Billboard Hot 100, he invites grime MCs from all eras of the sound to bar alongside him. ‘The Godfather III’ could be his last album, he explains, and he has made it his goal “to make sure the grime scene wheels are spinning before I leave”. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Unfortunately I don’t think this is the case. Godfather 3 is more like a mixtape than an album. This array of voices is most notable on the electric 13-verse track ‘Eskimo Dance’, which serves as the centrepiece of the record’s first half and is modelled as a traditional grime rally track. The album's lyrics, as well as Wiley's pre-release comments about it, center around taking grime back to its roots -- as he says on "Protect the Empire," "We built this up, that's why we must protect it." That’s really felt on ‘Protect The Empire’, one of the more exciting tracks on the album, especially with lyrics such as “we built this up that’s why we must protect it/ if suttin’ ain’t right, we must correct it”. Maybe this was just another leaf from that well-worn promo playbook? The Livestream’ review: politics, fans and hits collide in an immersive livestream, Connie Constance – ‘The Butterfly Club’ review: spirited songs that kick identity politics onto playful new ground. You can revoke your consent at any time. After a protracted battle with Stormzy and a scrapped crossover album, the grime veteran regroups and offers what he calls his final album. ‘The Godfather 3’ is a solid effort to make a statement about the future of grime, and to remind us who was one of the biggest forces within it. Broadsheets filled pages awkwardly explaining the dispute, while fans debated online as to who was coming out on top—and whether there was anything more to the beef than Wiley stirring the pot to his own end. He’s made two sequels and a pop album – now shelved – built around last year’s dancehall hit Boasty. Change ), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Peak of the Week: Vocation x Manchester Marble Brewery – Hop, Skip & Juice. For all of his maddening inconsistencies, however, when Wiley is at his most focused and determined, he remains unbeatable, and entirely deserving of his self-appointed status as the Godfather of Grime. “I don’t want to try and fit in with kids. If this is the last full Wiley album, then it marks an important milestone for one of 21st century British music's most pioneering and visionary talents. Before the release of his new album, The Godfather 3, Wiley announced that the third drop in his Godfather series would be his last ever album. ‘Family’ belongs on a soundtrack. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. Click to manage your privacy settings. Thankfully, this second sequel has nothing of his hilariously Shakespearean beef with Stormzy six months and a lifetime ago, and very little sappy R&B rap. After a disappointing 2018 sequel, he started to bounce back somewhat with "Boasty," a minimalist dancehall single with Stefflon Don, Sean Paul, and Idris Elba that became Wiley's biggest hit since 2013. Godfather III, which packs close to 30 featured artists over its 22 tracks, shows Wiley holding up a mirror to the industry’s bureaucracy. It’s that point now for me where I believed the hype, my expectations were set sky high and with each delay I hoped the end product would be unreal. But if it is, he can step away knowing that his legacy has been secured. Last year, a star-studded dancehall album called Full Circle featuring Future, Tory Lanez, and Nicki Minaj, among others, was ground into nothingness by rights disputes. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We were told last year that when the album dropped on it’s new release date of 01/01/2020 Grime would be changed forever. A rally track is a rare sight these days, and further solidifies ‘Godfather 3’ as an ode to the genre. This carries on through to ‘Free Spirit’ and ‘Light Work’, which uses melodies that push through and pull away, creating a darker feel. A hefty 22 track ensemble piece, ‘The Godfather III’ only seems to accomplish this at points – at best, it serves as a reminder that Wiley is one of the best to ever do it, but it often feels unfocussed, and uneven. Genre: Grime. "Balance" is a more sentimental, R&B-tinged reflection on a turbulent relationship, and "Free Spirit" is even more introspective, with Wiley looking back over the previous two decades over a woozy, yearning beat. ( Log Out /  ‘The Godfather 3’ is, apparently, Richard Cowie MBE’s last outing as Wiley (he had, of course, stated that his 2017 album ‘Godfather’ would be his final record). Equipped with sirens and a warning voice rapping “that’s family/ don’t mess with my family”, it presents a natural break after the first part of the record.

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