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Gawd you are a tedious bore r127. We get it, you don't enjoy the topic. Lucy had even agreed to partial nudity and an extended bondage sequence. Recalling the film shortly before his death, Hitchcock told Shana Alexander that "Christ, I could have hired a goat who screamed better than Lucille. It worked, and Brando consented to return to the set and film his scenes with his pants on. In August 1954 they separated and finally on July 11, 1957, his marriage to Morrow was annulled in Los Angeles. Mel Brooks can pull crap like this off and make it funny, but my friend, you're no Mel Brooks. As filming commenced, Gary Morton began to realize that turning a rather dark story into a slapstick musical comedy about Nazis and homos was a terrible idea. What in the world was that?". Babe. Lucy was all set to take on the role of "Jake Cruise" but Gary was worried that the chemicals they would use to thin her hair would be dangerous so she turned it down. He said Ball had wanted to avoid the throngs of fans attracted by the funerals of other celebrities. Did Gary Morton "wisely" persuade her to turn these parts down? She turned the movie down, of course, and Kathleen Turner nabbed it, ruining the hopes for sequels. The airline industry is promoting new studies that suggest the risk of contracting COVID-19 while flying is low. When Lucy got word that she was in the running to play the Muse of Dancing and the Dramatic Chorus in "Xanadu," with her old MGM pal Gene Kelly, she promptly donned a pair of skates and, as is her wont, rigorously and obsessively practiced her twizzles, spread eagles, and camel spins. [citation needed] They were married in December 1953; the marriage was annulled on July 9, 1957.She remarried twice. Gary said no because he knew Lucy hated snakes and he did not want her playing opposite Jan-Michael Vincent who was to play the love interest, Marvin Ravenwood. She lobbied to play Gollum a fantasy sequence in the band's 1976 concert film, "The Song Remains The Same.". Welcome to DataLounge! You are a fuck head. Tennessee Williams wanted Lucy to play Lady Torrance in "The Fugitive Kind," the film adaptation of his play "Orpheus Descending"--he'd originally created the role with Lucy in mind--and was devastated when Gary said no. Gary thought it was wrong for her, however, because she might be typecast as a young animal for the rest of her career-- although Gary did like the fact that Babe had no love interest, so he wouldn't have to watch Lucy kiss another man, or pig, or whatever. And besides, you know god damned well I can't get down on my knees anymore since my ski accident so forget it!" Morton became closely involved in the management of his wife's career, from the time of their marriage in 1961 throughout the remainder of her career. And think of the savings on hair and make-up, costumes, and vaseline. My favorite!" Boyfriend / Spouse. That is so interesting, r97. Never as talented nor as renowned as such fellow Borscht Belt comics like Milton Berle, whom he caricatured in one of his few film roles in Lenny (1974), Morton nonetheless was personally popular among his fellow performers. Lucy was a nightmare. Gary Morton: Birthdate: estimated between 1907 and 1967: Death: Immediate Family: Husband of Private Father of Private User and Private Brother of Private and Private . Morton's effectiveness in his duties has, in recent years, come under some scrutiny and criticism. Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States. But when they steadfastly refused to cast Gale Gordon as Mr. Browne, that was the dealbreaker. Please complete the process by verifying your email address. Lucille Ball IS Catwoman!! Lucy shot the part, but Morton flipped when he learned the sex scene between Lucy and Craig wasson wasn't simulated. The role of Ellen Ripley was written with Ball in mind, but Lucille refused to do it if she was going to have to act alongside a cat. Plaschke: Justin Turner’s act of selfishness leaves stain on Dodgers’ championship moment. The producers of ALICE were keen to have Lucy fill in the spot left by Polly Holiday when she spun off into her own series, FLO. I WILL contact them and I am SURE they will be more than happy to set their attorneys loose on you lying, muck-raking morons. You're pissing all over yourself, darling. Nobody knows what became of Lucy's recording of "I'll Plant My Own Tree," however, it was revealed in declassified documents that US Army PSYOPS blared her rendition from loudspeakers aimed at the jungles of Southeast Asia to rout out the Viet Cong. She officially left the production "because of illness," and Bernadette Peters got the part instead. These buffoons don't know how to write comedy, that is the problem. R110, try imagining this: You make a joke that takes only one breath, not that long bullshit you've presented to us. Gene Roddenberry was forever grateful to Lucy for financing the TV series through Desilu. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Lucy was offered the role eventually played by Marilyn Chambers in "Behind the Green Door." Well, Morton made a few phone calls and the blame was magically shifted to a local mental patient named John Hinckley. She carried a gun loaded with what she thought were blanks. It would take a couple more years for "The Addams Family" to get out of development and into production. In 1996, Morton married Susie McAllister. Khambatta bombed in the role and Roddenberry kept telling colleagues that the role would have worked in Lucy had played it. It was all very sad, but this is what happens when you start messing with pussy. I want to know which roles did Lucy REALLY turn down based on Gary's advice. WAAAAAAAAH! She would also have been required to wear the Flux Capacitor up her ass. Endorsement: The Times endorses Hoffman, Anderson, Henderson and Han for LACCD. Morton served as executive Producer of Ball's third series Here's Lucy (1968–1974), and was a co-executive Producer of her ill-fated 1986 series Life With Lucy. Gary Morton was born on December 19, 1924 in  The Bronx, New York, United States, is Producer, Miscellaneous Crew, Actor. You it all right except for that. Lucy was about to sign on as ET, but Gary talked her out of it because he knew Spielberg wouldn't go along with her demands that the movie be re-written by Madelyn Pugh-Davis and Bob Carroll Jr. That's only true, R6, to the degree it is true at all, because Lucy had been dead for two years when BASIC INSTINCT was filmed. She was supposed to play rape victim Sarah Tobias in the accused. A damned shame I tell ya. The subsequent series included “The Lucy Show” and “Here’s Lucy,” which aired from 1962 to 1974, and the ill-fated “Life With Lucy” in 1986, which flopped after less than two months on the air. All the news that's not fit to print anywhere else. I remember how bad they wanted Lucy for "V.I. March 30, 1999(1999-03-30) (aged 74)\nPalm Springs, California, U.S. Susan Morrow This is more boring than counting corn in Cheryl's turds. On August 16 she called Lucille Ball and asked her if she would like to audition to play the best friend in the show, a neighbor married to an old man. She would've been far too young and attractive in 1957. Then the budget was cut and they couldn't meet her $10 million salary demand. After the success of "Stone Pillow," Lucy wanted to cement her comeback in a return to film, again playing against type. Lucy desperately wanted the role of Squeaky Fromme in a two-part TV mini-series that CBS was planning in early 1981. Another heartbreaking "could-have-been.". R80, R107, R108, and R111, you've posted four times to this thread, each time ragging on what others have written instead of adding anything better yourself. It'll last ten seasons!". I know that Lucy was devastated over losing the part in those long-running 1970s Playtex Tampon commercials to Brenda Vaccaro. But Lucy was offered the Michelle Pfeiffer role in The Fabulous Baker Boys rather than the Tandy role in Driving Miss Daisy. Where to vote. She was his first choice. I never understood how someone can feel such attachment and devotion to a celebrity, a person who couldn't care less about them. A couple of years after Arnaz stepped down and Ball took over as president of their Desilu Productions, Morton was made a production consultant on “The Lucy Show.”. Morton was introduced to Ball shortly after she divorced Arnaz. Brenda reaped riches while poor Lucy faded into obscurity. But while Gary was willing to let her suck dick on screen, he felt a double-penetration, ass and pussy, would hurt her image, so he talked her out of it. Most notable of these denouncements are those of Herbert F. Solow and Robert H. Justman, whose dealings with Morton during the production of the original Star Trek television series were documented in their 1996 book, Inside Star Trek: The Real Story. Production hit a standstill when Lucy got word that her voice was to be dubbed by Margaret Whiting for the "I'll Plant My Own Tree" number. Gary Morton, stand-up comedian and producer for the post-"I Love Lucy” television shows starring his late wife, Lucille Ball, has died. Could someone explain where exactly "Lucille was offered the role" came from? After seeing her in "Mame", the head of marketing at Vaseline offered Lucille a large fee to be their spokeswoman. In 1969 a world famous American Beverage Company and other giants from the Food Industry approached a very short but financially lucrative 5 minute film to be shown only within the Food Industry. And we did hear that Morton received his first Lucy-delivered black eye over it - the first of many.

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