fleming's palo alto

Give him a raise! Will be back soon for sure. (540 cal), (280 cal); prepared without fig demi-glace, Oscar style with béarnaise sauce. (1080/1870 cal); prepared without ahi tuna poke or lavash crackers, Caper-creole mustard sauce & red onion. For another, it’s downright yummy. Close your eyes, inhale deep and you’re strolling through tangerine and lemon orchards. Fine, dusty tannins are supported by luscious layers of elegant, ripe dark fruits. The food was good although my Husband steak was medium to well done when he ordered medium rare to rare. The only thing that wasn't cooked right after a couple send backs was the lobster tails. REQUEST MORE INFORMATION. Within minutes someone came over to ask what we wanted to drink and gave us bread. In the mouth, it’s jammy with a creamy french vanilla middle and a finish that lingers. It partners especially well with lamb and peppered steak — and seems even more appealing when you know that proceeds help fund grants to individuals or organizations committed to the betterment of their neighborhoods, cities or towns. Like the winery’s founder, nicolas catena, who sailed from italy to argentina in 1898 to escape the famine in europe, this wine is a serious sort. Sorry! The fruit hangs on the vines until winter and freezes. Named after the height measurement of the wild horses that once made their home on what are now their vineyards, 14 hands produces truly spirited wines, of which this cabernet is a stellar example. Like all the specialty labels of duckhorn vineyards, migration has a specific focus and purpose to explore pinot noir from the finest cool-climate winegrowing regions in napa. Old world meets new. Hello, my name is oregon pinot,” this wine screams blended from the fruits of at least sixteen different oregon pinot noir vineyards, a to z lets the personality of the region’s pinot grapes shape this wine in their own image. This bordeaux-style beauty has aromas of blackberry, cocoa, anise, red licorice and vanilla. On their “wine quest,” they hand-selected a special blend of their favorite varietals to produce a wine with notes of smoky berry with a pop of raspberry jam. (970 cal), Honeycomb brittle, chocolate sauce & caramel. This wine is characterized by luscious blueberry and black cherry flavors with a hint of mint. This friendly chardonnay has wonderfully fresh aromas of ripe green apple and citrus. The russian river valley is a long way from syria, but dr elias hanna had a dream when he was a little boy on his family’s farm to find a tranquil place with promise. Kudos in particular to our server, Patrick.Fleming’s has become one of our favorite “go-to” places because of their delicious food and service. They need to slow down and consider that “less is more” when you want to go the fine dining route. The Fleming potatoes were dry. With grapes from two mountain estate vineyards separated by the floor of the magical napa valley, ladera has created an exquisite cabernet that is truly the best of both. Fleming’s asks for a high-end fine dining price point, and attempts to give you a fine dining menu, but the actual experience is miles away from fine dining. So, are two vineyards really better than one? John, our waiter, was terrific. Lovely floral aromas with notes of tangerine, honey and almonds draw you closer. The seating is turn-and-burn like a Black Angus, and no one bothered to take away any of our plates after we were finished with our dinner. 3Visites. They’ve crafted nectar with fragrances of allspice, plums and dried ginger, and flavors of boysenberry pie, black cherry preserves and currants. The food from start to finish was exceptional. Intensely ruby-red in color with garnet tones around the edges, this tuscan beauty has aromas of red and black fruit with hints of cassis and spice lush and full in the mouth with good acidity and balanced tannins, this is a wine jupiter would gladly imbibe. Center cut, grilled asparagus spears, gorgonzola cream sauce, Prime New York strip, cracked black and white peppercorns, proprietary “f17” steak sauce on the side, Peppercorn, madeira, béarnaise, chimichurri, Julienne of apples and jicama, apple cider and creole mustard glaze, Baked in a white wine, mushroom, shallot and thyme sauce, Filet mignon or north atlantic lobster blue cheese, bacon, avocado, egg and tomato, tarragon ranch or red onion balsamic vinaigrette dressing, Slow‎ roasted mushroom salad, barbecue glaze, Summer squash vermicelli, lemon-garlic butter sauce, Served with a trio of sauces, includes your choice of the wedge, Fleming’s or caesar salad, one side dish & dessert, Classic New York style cheesecake on a graham cracker crust, served with blueberry sauce and white chocolate shavings, Rich‎ chocolate cake with a molten chocolate center of Belgian chocolate, served with vanilla ice cream and chopped pistachios, Creamy tahitian vanilla bean custard served with fresh seasonal berries, Homemade caramel, walnuts and chocolate baked in a chocolate pie crust, Three layer cake with cream cheese frosting topped with a drizzle of dark rum caramel, Fresh Carrot and Celery Sticks with Sliced Apples, Crispy baked chicken breast strips with honey-mustard dipping sauce and baked potato fries, Spaghetti in red marinara sauce with prime steakhouse meatballs, Order without polenta fries and f-17 sauce, Order without spicy mustard sauce, request caper creole mustard sauce, Order‎ without red onion balsamic vinaigrette and no marinade, Order all salads without croutons all dressings are gluten-free with the exception of red onion balsamic vinaigrette, Steakhouse Cobb Order Without Puff Pastry Twist, Substitute another dressing for red onion balsamic vinaigrette, Sunday Prime Rib Dinner Order Without Au Jus. After years of performing in paris, his head filled with the flavors and aromas of so many french wines, he brought his grace and energy to winemaking. The result is a wine with complexity and structure. Is Fleming's Steakhouse - Palo Alto currently accepting reservations? Take a sip and see for yourself. In the mouth, it’s jammy with a creamy french vanilla middle and a finish that lingers. The Dreaming Tree, Crush North Coast, 2010/11, This‎ crush is a collaboration between singer dave matthews and famous winemaker steve reeder, who share a passion for making wine equal to their love of drinking it. From its sleek black bottle to its bright aromatics, noval black is a resolutely modern drink with a contemporary style. Phenomenal lunch today! This excellent malbec puts you on a breezy rooftop deck above a flat in buenos aires, enjoying its lush, ripe fruit flavors over a great conversation with good friends. Ruby red in color, this wine’s intense aromas of black cherry, eucalyptus and cassis lead to a full mouthfeel boasting flavors of mocha, blueberry and a touch of cinnamon. Mer Soleil Silver, Monterey County Unoaked, 2011/12. The result is a wine with complexity and structure. And who doesn’t love a winner? From famed oakville region in napa valley, this venerable winery reaches back over more than three decades of excellence. How is Fleming's Steakhouse - Palo Alto restaurant rated? Within minutes someone came over to ask what we wanted to drink and gave us bread. All were cooked perfectly. The structure, balance and acidity is influenced by sonoma county’s fog, while lake county’s influence makes for a jammy wine that keeps you coming back for more. However, the side dishes were plentiful and good enough for a dinner in their own right. Road trip! This powerful, inky-red charmer tastes of blackberry, black pepper and plum flavors enveloped in nicely sweet oak. Perfectly prepared and delicious. Connectez-vous et découvrez si ce restaurant vous correspond ! These time-fused relationships are what assure that to this day mionetto gets the region’s top quality prosecco grapes. Hayley was our server again and as always she and the staff we amazing. Haley was our server and we’ve had her before, she is an absolute delight and has been spot on with recommendations. Each selection 6 served nightly until 7pm. It was wonderful. The mid-palate leads to a long finish that you could describe as simply dashing. A fourth generation wine family, hess is all about wine expressing the uniqueness of its terroir. One sip and this wine will have you stomping your feet, clapping your hands, perhaps even with a rose clenched between your teeth, Catena, Malbec Mendoza Argentina, 2010/11. And in that climate, it was only natural that they would try their hands at creating icewine. The first winemakers were probably women (the men were off somewhere hunting woolly mammoths). Rodney strong’s first love was dance. A gentle kiss of oak adds a creamy butterscotch nuance and wonderful depth. We had a very good dinner celebrating our friend’s birthday. Everyone is very nice at this restaurant and the service is really excellent. Partagez vos commentaires et évaluations sur vos restaurants avec vos amis dans le monde entier. The Filet was perfect and the Lobster Tail was even better! (220 cal), Alaskan king crab, shrimp cocktail, north atlantic lobster tails. Want a wine that is swaggering, brash, rugged and confident true grit is something special: big and bold, but with plenty of heart. The bouquet signals a flavorful blend of berries, cherries, licorice and spice the mid-palate leads to a long finish that you could describe as simply dashing. Wonderfully flavored with palate pleasers like cherry, mocha and spices that finish big. We could spend a sentence or two comparing this merlot’s clarity and color to that of a sparkling gem, but let’s just cut to the chase here: wine & spirits calls this one of the “top ten merlots in america.” winemaker laura sorge has crafted a wine that celebrates this exquisite grape for the individual that it becomes in the pacific northwest with tea, molasses and cassis on the nose, and figs, vanilla and a touch of caramel on the palate. It’s a glass of nobility. Aged 6 months in the bottle, it is rich with flowers and fresh yellow fruit, notably peach.

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