dunedin temperature by month

From what you set your thermostat to, to your home's design and position toward the sun, there are a lot of factors to consider when heating your home. Water temperatures are calculated based on the data over the past 10 years. Photos will be available to all users after verification by the moderator. High Temp: 72 °F. October average water temperature in Dunedin is 79.9°F/26.6°C, the minimum temperature is 72.3°F/22.4°C, and the maximum is 86.7°F/30.4°C. Low Temp: 29 °F. You can choose the units of measurement for displaying data - in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Precipitation: 2.12". How warm is the sea in Blockhouse Beach?What is the sea temperature in Bagdad today?Current water temperature in Indian River Shores, If you have materials on this place, suggestions or descriptions of excursions or interesting places and you want to place them here, then send to admin@seatemperature.info. The second shows the wind speed and direction, Data in a table show Dunedin temperature today. Based on our historical data over a period of ten years, the warmest sea in this day in Dunedin was recorded in 2019 and was 82.2°F/27.9°C, and the coldest was recorded in 2011 at 73.6°F/23.1°C. December is the most wet month. Sea water temperature in Dunedin is expected to drop to 73.8°F/23.2°C in the next 10 days. Current ocean temperature in Dunedin Parents – sneak in a science lesson and reduce your kids’ Halloween candy stash with this fun activity! What is the ideal house temperature when it gets cold? So instead, you can use our extensive historic data to check the water temperature in your chosen location on the day of your interest in different years. Showing: All Year January February March April May June July August September October November December. The swimming season in Dunedin lasts from March to December. Water temperature forecasts for the long term tend to be misleading. Humidity: 69%. January is on average the COOLEST month. We can all agree that 2020 has been a year like no other -- and the weather that occurred was no exception. The best month to swim in the sea is in January when the average sea temperature is 12°C (54°F). Arctic air to unleash sub-zero temperatures over middle of U.S. Chevron right © 2020 AccuWeather, Inc. "AccuWeather" and sun design are registered trademarks of AccuWeather, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The warmest month is January with an average maximum temperature of 19°C (66°F). Source: U.S. National Weather Service. Average monthly temperatures in Dunedin (degrees centigrade and fahrenheit) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec °C: 17.7: 17.6: 16.4: 14.3: 11.6: 9.6: 9: 10.1 The coldest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 10°C (50°F). This data the coastal surface water temperature in Dunedin. Get the monthly weather forecast for Dunedin, FL, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Dunedin average temperature At an average temperature of 15.2 °C | 59.4 °F, February is the hottest month of the year. For more information and forecast for a few days, go to the weather forecast Dunedin, These figures shows the minimum, maximum and average monthly sea temperature in Dunedin. If you have interesting photos of this place, you can upload them here. The average water temperature in Dunedin in winter reaches 18°C/64.4°F, in spring 23°C/73.4°F, in summer the average temperature rises to 30°C/86°F, and in autumn it is 26°C/78.8°F. 'Catastrophic' Zeta leaves several states in ruins after lightning-quick rampage. As a result, you will be able to get a fairly accurate idea about the average water temperature for this day.To find out what the water temperature was in Dunedin any day over a period of the last ten years, select the month: What is the ideal temperature for swimming? ): What is the sea temperature in Bagdad today? Zeta set a slew of records as it churned across the Gulf and pummeled a large swath of the U.S. -- and another developing tropical system could add to the long list of 2020 Atlantic records. In July, the average temperature is 5.7 °C | 42.3 °F. Take a look at some downright spooky weather-related happenings. Water temperature in Dunedin today is 81.7°F/27.6°C. Rip Current Statement in effect until 8:00 PM EDT. Using heated blankets is a good way to cut down on thermostat costs, and keep you warm as the weather turns cold. Besides water temperature, you can also get information about the weather for today, tomorrow and the upcoming days, surf forecast, as well as the data on sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset at a given point on any given day. Data in table shown for October 30, 2020, time in GMT+0 format (you can change the time zone on the sea state forecast page), In addition to water temperature, important indicators for a comfortable holiday on the beach are the presence and height of the waves, as well as the speed and direction of the wind. AccuWeather School: Case of the disappearing Halloween candy. Dew Point: 39 °F. In addition to the table values, the graph below displays of changes average surface water temperature during the year. The average water temperature in Dunedin in winter reaches 64.4°F/18°C, in spring 73.4°F/23°C, in summer the average temperature rises to 86°F/30°C, and in autumn it is 78.8°F/26°C. Get ready for more tropical activity, forecasters say. Wind speed, wind direction and temperature are the observed or forecast values at the given hour. We calculate the swell size based on the mean wave height (trough to crest) of each third highest wave. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. Get the monthly weather forecast for Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. During those months, Dunedin water temperature does not drop below 68°F/20°C and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming. Rainfall shown is for the sum up to the hour. Please find below data on the swell size for Dunedin. Our report for Dunedin is compiled using satellite data together with in-situ observations to get the most reliable daily data of sea surface temperatures, water temperatures, surf forecasts, current temperatures and weather forecasts. Current water temperature in Indian River Shores. The fastest-moving tropical storm on record tore a path of destruction from the Gulf Coast to the Carolinas, leaving millions in the dark and a storm-weary state begging for a break.

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