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for six years now. [18:22] You can see results in the first couple of weeks. We discuss, argue, laugh, and sometimes cry our way to the top story. [24:43] I don’t want to wake up one day and be seventy years old and thinking what if I had done this, what if I had done that. But if you don’t have any food energy available, then your body will go into your fat source and release that fat. RELATED: Does Eating "Clean" Mean You Have to Give Up Cheese and Bread? Ready to start your transformation? That said, if you’re not hungry, it’s okay to skip a snack here or there—just make sure you have a healthy nosh (like an apple with almond butter or a hard-boiled egg) at the ready in case hunger strikes. Having a “diet buddy” makes it easier to succeed, says Dr. Smith. [20:35] Take some time to think of more productive ways. Replacing them with whole, unprocessed foods provides all of the vitamins and phytonutrients the body needs to improve detoxification and optimize its slimming systems. Ian’s World” for access to message boards, a dedicated expert coach and opportunities to connect with Dr. Smith. He is a graduate of Harvard, Columbia, and the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Following a clean eating program (cutting out processed foods) eliminates the synthetic ingredients, refined carbohydrates and toxic compounds that hamper the body’s detoxification abilities, notes Dr. Smith. And unlike dieters who count calories, women who follow Dr. Smith’s plan report feeling full and satisfied as they lose. Indeed, gastrophysicists at the University of Oxford in England report that the brain correlates crunchiness with abundant nutrients, triggering the release of satiety hormones, while a study in the journal Food Quality and Preference showed that enjoying a crunchy snack can reduce subsequent hunger by 43%. “I thought, If anybody can get the word out there, it will be him.”, Dr. Smith wasn’t a fan of intermittent fasting — he had heard from too many women who struggled to get positive results. [6:20] Hunger is like your oil light. Beverly Simon was shocked and thrilled. This is a great way to suppress your appetite,” asserts Dr. Smith. Those weapons became the foundation for his new book, Clean & Lean. Also, if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to the podcast so that you don’t miss out! This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. After doing a lot of research, he was one of those that was instrumental to my weight loss of 30lbs. Learn which foods to eat to RISE above stress so that you can achieve more calm and joy while becoming physically fit! Don’t see your favorite food? Dr. Smith’s new book Mind Over Weight has many valuable lessons to teach us how to unlock our motivation for healthy eating. Serve with a small fruit salad. This helps me support more people — just like you — to get their mind right so that their body can follow! “Life transformations are not easy. The only change she made to Dr. Smith’s clean-eating plan? “Once the body has freed itself from the toxic by-products of processed foods and chemical-laden drinks, everything—from your digestion to your metabolism—will function better,” asserts Dr. Smith. Dr. Smith explains, “While intermittent fasting allows you to have more calories than normal, it does not allow unlimited calories — and that’s a major misconception that prevents weight loss for many women.”. If you don’t do anything at all, eventually that prompt is gonna go away. But then—as if by magic!—she dropped 15 pounds in just three weeks. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), CAN YOU EAT YOUR STRESS AWAY? And for your speediest slimdown, incorporate these simple success strategies: “This sets you up to burn more fat and feel less hungry for the rest of the day,” Dr. Smith explains. “When you take one program that’s very powerful, like intermittent fasting, and combine it with another program that’s very powerful, like clean eating, you’re attacking weight loss from different angles—and in this case, the benefits are cumulative,” he says. for six years now. Vanille Patisserie:2108 N. Clark St.Chicago, IL 60614vanillepatisserie.com, B-movie filmmaker David “The Rock” Nelson premiered his 24th annual Halloween film on WGN Morning News Friday, titled "The Glob.". "You choose what your fasting time is." Did you know that, Shout out to all my chocoholics!! “I know Dr. Smith’s passion for helping people,” Beverly says. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. At mealtimes, you’ll fill your plate with Dr. Smith’s 30 Clean & Lean Foods (see list below). To get the benefits, choose “noisy” snacks like carrots, celery, apples or nuts. He suggests jazzing things up by soaking lemon slices, watermelon chunks or mint leaves in your water. When you’re low on oil, your oil light comes on. Still a very popular tool for weight loss, intermittent fasting does have a few do’s and don’ts. Having someone who is going to lift you up when you want to quit and keep you accountable—that can make a big difference.” In a study at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, dieters who recruited three friends to assist in their weightloss efforts were 20% more likely to succeed and 40% more likely to keep the weight off than those with no support system. Women are losing nearly 2 pounds a day! glasses of water or unsweetened tea each day. Harvard-trained Ian K. Smith, M.D., has discovered that combining the slimming effects of clean eating with the fast results of intermittent fasting turbocharges metabolism. Top 1 cup of whole-wheat pasta with 3⁄4 cup of tomato-based meat sauce. Not only do Dr. Ian’s devotees drop up to 11 pounds a week, but a brand new study by New Zealand scientists found that this 48-hour approach boosts women’s overall health as it doubles fat loss compared to seven-day-a-week diets. And that wasn’t all: Her energy soared, her sleep improved, her blood pressure evened out and her painful body-wide arthritis subsided. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. But you don’t have to be an early riser to get the benefits: Even eating a larger lunch and a lighter dinner has been shown to speed weight loss. In this episode we’ll help you understand how your body reacts and how your decisions to these triggers can affect your health and weight loss. Serve on a whole-grain bun with a side salad. [16:13] Your body prefers to have the energy for food. Still a very popular tool for weight loss, intermittent fasting does have a few do’s and don’ts. The question is how do you handle the stress? Rate, Review, & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts. This episode is brought to you by ‘The What’s Your Diet Personality Quiz’. Click here to take my free quiz to discover your diet personality so that you can pinpoint habit-forming strategies that will help you to achieve lasting weight loss. [19:26] People have defined ways to release their stress in a positive way. beef burger and top with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles, if desired. Intermittent fasting along with clean eating is the formula behind the doc's 30-day program. The reason: If the body is still digesting when it’s time for bed, it can’t easily switch into detox mode, slowing weight loss. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. After months of steadily losing weight following the diet advice of weight-loss expert Ian K. Smith, M.D., the 60-year-old retired engineer had hit a plateau. No problem! Garnish with basil. Imagine if each d, ...even if the only place you can find joy is in y. [19:44] That may temporary relieve the emotional stress that you’re under currently but it’s not a good long term solution. Options include 1⁄3 cup of guacamole or hummus with veggie sticks, 1 cup of roasted chickpeas, a handful of nuts or 3 cups of air-popped popcorn, This story originally appeared in our print magazine, Belly Fat and Menopause: How to Win the Battle of the Bulge, This Easy Trick Helps You Reduce Belly Fat Effortlessly, This Tasty Spice Blasts Belly Fat and Keeps Weight Off, “I like to be around people who care about me and others — that’s what life is all about!”. Women are losing nearly 2 pounds a day! No matter how many times you turn your car on or off, the oil light is gonna come back on until you give it oil. Are you a busy woman who wants practical, healthy eating habits without the frustration? Combining intermittent fasting with a clean food formula is a surefire way to boost metabolism and power off the pounds. [20:16] There are all kinds of ways that we can deal with the stress without turning into that high-calorie food that have no nutritional value. [8:46] Sometimes when we think it’s not gonna happen, it comes to vision that it doesn’t happen. Dr. Ian Smith, author of “Clean and Lean” says if you’re already using IF, a few tweaks could lead to even greater loss of body fat. There are so many benefits. “It’s important to distribute your calories throughout the eating window so your energy doesn’t fade,” he explains. Your body needs to respond to this trigger, to go get the reward. “It turns out, the benefits are synergistic—and it’s easy enough that anyone can follow the plan long enough to get results.” Throughout the 30-day plan, you’ll enjoy three meals and three snacks each day. “Our bodies burn sugar as their main fuel for several hours after a typical meal,” explains Dr. Smith. [7:55] How we carry ourselves externally may have nothing to do with what’s going on internally. And restricting meals to just 10 hours daily challenges the metabolism, keeping it revved up. No buddy? Click here, scroll to the bottom, tap to rate with five stars, and select “Write a Review.” Then be sure to let me know what you loved most about the episode! Dr. Smith says the list is flexible, but the key is to focus on natural, minimally processed foods and avoid harmful additives and synthetic chemicals that can sabotage your weight-loss efforts. Dr. Ian will also discuss and provide great analogies to understand hunger and cravings, and how to get going with Intermittent Fasting. Introducing intermittent fasting. You can take the quiz right here. Flexibility is also important, Dr. Ian says. Each week I’ll pull a ‘review of the week’ so you may have a chance to get a shout out! 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[19:33] Stress is a normal part of living. Use left arrow key to move back to the parent list. Says Dr. Ian, “Even if you’ve struggled on other plans, this could be the strategy that changes everything.” In this episode Dr. Smith sat down with me to discuss his new book and how to do intermittent fasting the right way to get results. He has personally helped me with my weight loss struggle many years ago.

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