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The plan ordered the government to prepare anti-corruption legislation based on these suggestions. [44][45][46], Medvedev was elected President of Russia on 2 March 2008. The restoration of Putin to the presidency brought about the end of Medvedev’s tentative liberalization and modernization program, and reforms that Medvedev had made during his term were promptly rolled back. [133], On 22 December 2011, in his last state of the nation address in Moscow, Medvedev called for comprehensive reform of Russia's political system — including restoring the election of regional governors and allowing half the seats in the State Duma to be directly elected in the regions. [86], On 19 May 2008, Medvedev signed a decree on anti-corruption measures, which included creation of an Anti-Corruption Council. Tags: politician, russia, personality, minister, state. As fighting intensified between the Georgian government and separatist forces in the breakaway region of South Ossetia, Russian troops were ordered across the border to support the rebels. [22] In opinion polls which asked Russians to pick their favourite successor to Putin from a list of candidates not containing Putin himself, Medvedev often came out first, beating Ivanov and Zubkov as well as the opposition candidates. The interview was the first one he had ever given to a Russian print publication and covered such issues as civil society and the social contract, transparency of public officials and Internet development. This person has liberal convictions, that person has conservative ones, this person is a radical socialist, and so on. Here are the In such conditions, the doctrine on class struggle is being revived in many regions of the world, riots and terrorist attacks become reality, by opinion of Medvedev. (The word medved means "bear" in Russian and the surname "Medvedev" is a patronymic which means "of the bears".) [97], President Medvedev initiated a new policy called "Our New School"[clarification needed] and instructed the government to present a review on the implementation of the initiative every year. Medvedev put an end to the large-scale tax evasion and asset stripping by the previous corrupt management. Sometimes we have questions about: “How tall is dmitry medvedev?” At the moment, 19.01.2020, we have next information/answer: 1,78m. His father, Anatoly Afanasyevich Medvedev (November 1926 – 2004), was a chemical engineer teaching at the Leningrad State Institute of Technology. [11] In the second and third grades, he showed interest in dinosaurs and memorised primary Earth's geologic development periods, from the Archean up to the Cenozoic. [198], For other people named Dmitry Medvedev, see, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council (2020–present), Anti-corruption and accusations of corruption, Itar Tass, "Pres to launch education modernization project in few days". as well as "Putin is a thief! (age 55) Job: (Molder, Inflated Ball). A person is more multifaceted than the label they often get stuck with. [61] Medvedev's popularity ratings soared by around 10 percentage points to over 70%,[62] due to what was seen as his effective handling of the war. Regarding his body physique, Medvedev has always had a lean figure right from his youth. Medvedev's top agenda as president was a wide-ranging modernisation programme, aiming at modernising Russia's economy and society, and lessening the country's reliance on oil and gas. "[10][13], In the autumn of 1982, 17-year-old Medvedev enrolled at Leningrad State University to study law. He approved the list of instructions by the results of the meeting with the Presidential council on Civil Society and Human Rights, which was held on 28 April. Medvedev aided the company in developing a strategy as the firm launched a significant expansion. He served a single term in office and was succeeded by former President Vladimir Putin in 2012. [99] Professor Richard Sakwa has noted, that although Medvedev has often promised to stand up for more political pluralism, after the 2009 regional elections, a gulf had formed between Medvedev's words and the worsening situation, with the question arising "whether Medvedev had the desire or ability to renew Russia's political system.

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