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I told him I thought I was the right person for the job and he agreed to open it up to applications. Do you think Virat is in the same category in terms of captaincy? He missed the IPL because of the injury. He looks a good shout to fill the gap while De Kock is groomed for the role in the long term. I was fortunate that Patrick Ferriday at Von Krumm Publishing took the book on, he was also good fun to work with and was instrumental in knocking the rough edges off the manuscript and shaping the finished work. * The score should be displayed like 110/9. Master and servant were contrasting people with different views on life, but it is clear that Peebles had a great respect for Faulkner and that his employer had a positive and lasting influence on Peebles’ playing career. It is ECB messing about with T20 for the sake of marketing and income generation. A professional collection of the best cricket club WordPress themes for golf and cricket, country and tennis clubs, sports complexes and horse riding races, cross fit and leisure activities and fitness clubs, personal trainer and weight gain websites and blogs, etc. The same is the case with Virat Kohli. Both CSA and AB are both to blame for not coming with a solution prior to our 2019 summer vs Pakistan and Sri Lanka. ACB, BCCI and ECB need to do more to make this happen. I have racked my brains to recollect anything from Botham’s exploits, but I fear that they would be false memories. I’ve been writing Tour Diaries for for over 20 years. Posted by ThatCricketBlogger in Miscellania, “Call that a smile? Robin first encountered Viv Richards in 1974. What do you make of the resignation of Tony Irish as SACA CEO especially in terms of the fact that the SACA are taking CSA to court due to the proposed changes to the domestic competition? Shotmaking has become innovative. Morkel has the ability to be a fast bowler, and just as good a one as Steyn. England have had their worst run from the past 10 years of the competition. Tweak – Prevent output of wickets when there are none left. I wish I had bought one of each! It’s now almost seven years since rain fell on the west side of the Pennines and the ‘Old Trafford dust bowl’ continues to be a minefield for batsmen unfamiliar with subcontinental conditions. There are some capable people at SACA and I hope Tony’s successor is able to carry on the good work. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu within the WordPress admin. How would you say Cricket has changed in India in particular since you published All That You Can’t Leave Behind in 2009? I do not remember him ever bowling 145 kph or higher which is his norm. A: My earliest memory is of knocking a tennis ball around as I batted in the backyard of our house with my sister bowling to me. This hard work ethic continued throughout his career. If the Australian batting line-up was working well, it may have been difficult for Warner however; he is a requirement now. It suggested that things were not well within the camp, although you did not get that impression from press conferences or from the SA journalists at the ground. Fix – Empty notes appearing as 0 in scorecard. That has been the case for over a decade. Virat has led by example and looks to emerge as the greatest of them all when he finishes his career. He is a bit too slow to bother good batsmen in Test cricket so the main aspect I would work on would be to get him to try and bowl it a shade quicker, on occasion he should bowl around the same pace as Jack Leach. We knew we were in trouble when we noticed that they had cricket nets. Read, read, read. When Peebles was two the family moved to Wick in Caithness where his first recollection is of his mother telling the family there was going to be a great war. The archive is gradually being uploaded to my own website “”. Growing up in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia) seems rather idyllic with the warm sunshine, relaxed outdoor lifestyle, which allowed him to play the sports he loved and all without the stresses and strains of a modern life. This is something that will continue to hit us until we find an acceptable solution. I’ll be providing updates here so tune in! No player, however good, is bigger than the team. Editing the Annual is quite a heavy workload for someone who is also trying to enjoy being retired from full-time employment. We take in the atmosphere, the noise, the crowd, and of course, the commentary. I mean really, do they even work up a sweat? It’s an ongoing, ever-changing relationship. A: Yes, he most certainly would have, but we have all also seen that the two have a fine understanding! Feature – Display players who did not bat in a separate section. There was cricket on the TV every night of the week! I remember Ian Salisbury making his Test debut for England in 1992 against Pakistan and I’m sure I must have heard Richie Benaud or someone mention Robin’s name – it was quite a thing with Salisbury being the first leg spinner to play for England since Robin had played his last Test in 1971 – but it didn’t really register at the time. I enjoyed researching this one immensely and to speak to Gerry Connolly about it, who was the ‘protagonist’ in this international incident, was gratifying. Though you’d have to say their fast bowling ranks are pretty strong at the moment. Faf was quoted as saying; “I want to win cricket games, but I don’t need to win them”. Their run has been next to awful and with 6 losses on the trot, with only 1 win. The world’s best Test bowler against the toughest opening batsman-shaped nut in Test Cricket should make for a tantalising duel. Neal Radford is currently Managing Director of his own artificial sports surface and cricket netting company, Radford Ezy Net Ltd and an Ambassador for the Insurance brokerage Gen2Group. To adapt a line from the poet Ian Hamilton: ‘I don’t play much cricket but you should watch me watch it.’. I dragged my colleagues to various cricket venues to take photographs. Having only seriously got into following cricket in 1989 I’d missed Robin’s playing days, he’d retired from the first class game in 1981. Yes, CSV importers are included with the core SportsPress plugin. New Chilean Cricket Association CEO: Limerick’s Matthew Callaghan. Competition for first team places is sure to be fierce after the off-season signing of the entire New South Wales professional staff. However, the ICC don not see it that way. His decision to give Robbie P the white ball for the final over was inspired (although I don’t feel that Robbie should have been in the team in the first place). As a South African fan am I setting myself up for disappointment or am I beating down the right bush? I applied and with the help of an artist friend came up with a cover design and I made a detailed proposal of how I would structure the Annual (pretty much as it is now). Sky Sports were covering the tournament in the UK and showed many of the games. Where KP walks, drama ensues. Please click here to get the latest article updates straight to your inbox! It was like watching a rabbit caught in the glare coming off Shane Warne’s teeth.”, “We’ve tried working around the problem by wheeling him in and out of the studio on a luggage trolley similar to the one they used to transport Hannibal Lecter in the Silence of the Lambs. I would like to see a rewrite to adjust the balance. My son Paddy is a leg spinner and so my interest in leg spin has grown since he started playing and then in 2015 I read a great book called The Strange Death of English Leg Spin. I am not sure they appreciated it but I loved it. He was a soccer player, really, but had to keep busy in the summer. Seeing that this is your first cricket book, do you think you will write another cricket book in the future? The much-awaited South Africa vs England series has seemed to loom for years, yet it is still over a month until the first warm-up match will be played. Loved it! I played competitive cricket until I was 35. Before going out to bat, Andy turned to Spencer and said, ‘Spenner, leave anything outside off stump. I also think a lot of time is wasted checking boundaries, in my opinion it should be the position of the ball rather than the fielder that is key. Probably not a follow up in that fashion, but I wouldn’t mind doing an international version of the book, travelling to all the cricket playing nations and talking to the greats about where they played their formative cricket. I first published the book in 2009 and in the introduction wrote, “Perhaps with the decline in unstructured play and the demise of the suburban backyard, we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of Australia’s cricket dominance.” I think I got that right. He was not fit when selected and rushing him to fitness was never going to work in a competition that is best vs best. I am not sure. I have written in more detail about this subject in the 2019 SA Cricket Annual. There was a tradition of cricket writing being almost an art form as established by the likes of Neville Cardus and RC Robertson-Glasgow in England. England selectors will take close interest in how his undoubted skill with the iBAT multi-button mini-joystick translates into actual stroke-play. South Africa crushed a frail and seemingly unmotivated England side in the first Test. Otis Gibson’s contract stipulated that he MUST win the World Cup and these three players should have been part of the forward thinking for 2019. Cricket Diaries (193) An Indian Summer (43) Bresnan Diary 2010/11 (85) Indian Tour 2011 (22) World Cup Diary (43) Dear Geoffrey (2) ECB TV (3) MCC eNewsletter (2) Miscellania (15) Ray Illingworth, Film Critic (5) Test Match Top Trumps (8) Top Tens (19) Twitter Feeds (6) Uncategorized (5) Previously on That Cricket Blog Features Needed: What do you make of the idea of the ECB decision to introduce the new format in The Hundred? The bigger question is how the players will react to Smith and Warner returning. Just how good was a little more difficult to predict. Upgrade to SportsPress Pro to get access to more advanced features for your cricket club website. His first love was rugby where he played at a provincial level. In other news, New Zealand seem likely to be beaten by West Indies in what will be a massive disappointment for the former. The very first match I watched was at the Ferozeshah Kotla and when I was eight my father took me to watch a Ranji Trophy match. If South Africa underestimate their esteemed opponents, however, it could result in a quick jolt back to earth. This is really tough, not sure I can think of a specific one to change… The Hundred to be declared illegal! To be fair, the bar is low as some of the Cricket World Cups have been forgettable. What inspired you to write Hobbsy: A Life in Cricket and how did it all come about? I have a special interest in cricketers from The Golden Age, but I must confess that I knew very little about Ian Peebles aside from his being a cricket journalist for The Times and an international cricketer. There are cricketers who nowadays make a living plying their trade in such leagues around the globe. To quote the great CLR James: ‘What do they know of cricket who only cricket know?’. Asking our technical staff for close ups on the way he gripped the door handle and slow-motion replays of his foot movement. I’d really enjoy that, he’s a special guy. My son Paddy is a leg spinner and so my interest in leg spin has grown since he started playing and then in 2015 I read a great book called The Strange Death of English Leg Spin. They all made stellar contributions. I was eight years old and I remember bits of Terry Alderman causing all kinds of trouble for English batsmen. Law 37 – Obstructing the field. Nasser became obsessed with one particular clip of him stubbing his toe on the door to the storeroom where we keep Bob Willis in suspended animation during daylight hours. Bowlers can hold their ground and make a batter deviate on their running line whilst a batsman, doing that of their own volition, are exposed to Law 37. Glamorgan had set Somerset a target of 322 to win with four hours play remaining on the final day and Richards had a long memory, as Robin was about to discover. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Nenzani has served two three-year terms and in my opinion his time should be up.

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