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While the character selection is done with sprites in the console version, it is done with text in the handheld version. N. Gin's cyborg eye is a black, empty hole with a red pin light for a pupil in this game, whereas his NTSC-U icon still depicts him with the normal eye from previous titles). 1. simply known as Arena 6 and 7. Nash is one of Emperor Velo's champions and the second boss in Crash Nitro Kart. 7. The Game Boy Advance version earned slightly better reviews than the console version, while reviews for the N-Gage version were middling, with much of the criticism going to the game's "tunnel vision". [2] The game's story centers on the abduction of Crash Bandicoot, along with other characters in the series, by the ruthless dictator Emperor Velo XXVII. 2. Thrown in a straight line either in front of or behind the user, and detonates either when it hits something, or when the player presses the "Fire" button again. "[46] Steven Rodriquez of Nintendo World Report noted that "if you've played any of the other Crash Bandicoot games out there, then you have a pretty good idea what this one looks like. Suddenly, both groups are abducted by a mysterious white light that takes them to a large coliseum somewhere in another galaxy. When one lap is finished, the player's "ghost" (a replay of the lap that was just completed) will appear. André Sogliuzzo as Big Norm, Real Velo, Zem. [14] Suddenly, both groups are abducted by a mysterious white light that takes them to a large coliseum somewhere in another galaxy. The mastermind behind all of Dr. Cortex's evil plans. If the player manages to defeat Velo in this race, the game is won. Threatening to destroy the Earth if they refuse, he forces them to race in his gigantic coliseum for the entertainment of his subjects. The rest get no points. The body is modified from Dr. Cortex's, built by Jon Derby. The "Adventure Mode" is a single-player game in which the player must race through all of the tracks and arenas in the game, collecting as many Trophies, Relics, Boss Keys, CNK Tokens and Gems as possible. NTSC-J The player can also adjust the computer's skill level and the number of laps. Third place gets three points, and fourth place gets one point. The cinematics were completed well in advance of the four-month deadline. The main objective of the Adventure Mode is to win all the races in the five different worlds and win the freedom of the playable characters from the tyrannical Emperor Velo XXVII. 11. Velo is the main villain in Crash Nitro Kart, the second Crash Bandicoot racing title. [12], "Team Cortex", which pilots red karts, is led by Doctor Neo Cortex, Crash's archenemy and main antagonist of the series. Manny LaMancha of GamePro said that the visuals were brightly colored and smoothly animated and noted that the Xbox version's graphics were slightly cleaner than the PlayStation 2 version. [57] Tony Guidi of TeamXbox commended the graphics as "clean and crisp" and added that the cutscenes were "beautifully polished". The CPU Players can also be anchored for a few seconds like the normal player can. When a contestant is attacked, they will drop any Crystals they've gathered, allowing opponents to steal them. When inside a world, the player may access a race by driving the selected character onto a "Warp Pad". When they are confronted by the natives, Tiny repairs the scepter and is subsequently revered as a king, much to Cortex's annoyance. Makes every kart except the user spin out and be slowed down for a few seconds, during which time they cannot collect or use weapons. If the player manages to collect all three letters and come in first place, a "CNK Token" is awarded. The vehicles would have taken damage until just a single wheel remained, and repairable using pick-ups from around the track. Ryan Davis of GameSpot noted that "Crash Nitro Kart maintains the brightly colored, cartoony look that has been the hallmark of past Crash Bandicoot games, though with slightly upgraded graphics. When a contestant is attacked, they will drop any Crystals they've gathered, allowing opponents to steal them. The player can only carry one weapon or power-up at a time. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Manny LaMancha of GamePro concluded that the controls were easy to pick up, but hard to master. In the console game, he instead drives the vehicle used by all of the Champions. In order, the bosses consist of the following: Krunk, a hulking creature who feels that Earth is a copy of his home planet, Terra, and races to prove which planet is superior; Nash, a genetically engineered shark-like creature who was created to always move; Norm, a goblin-like mime who races alongside a larger and more obnoxious version of himself; and Geary, a robot as much obsessed with perfection as he is with cleaning. This marks the last time Coco's laptop is seen until. The player can obtain a weapon or power-up by driving through an Item Crate and breaking it apart. [49] Official Xbox Magazine praised the game's "solid control" and "innovative boost system". When playing adventure mode in the handheld version there is no racer from the player's own team. She often helps Crash during his adventures and has a pet tiger named Pura. Matt Helgeson of Game Informer dismissed the game as "probably one of the least exciting racing titles I've played recently." Jess Harnell as Crash Bandicoot, Baby Crash. Whoever earns enough points or has enough points when time runs out is the winner. [1], The Game Boy Advance and Xbox versions received "generally positive" reviews, while the N-Gage, GameCube and PS2 versions received "mixed or average" reviews. Offensive and defensive weapons can be collected by smashing special crates. [6], Crash Nitro Kart features 6 racing modes: Adventure, Race Time Trial, Lap Time Trial, Quick Race, Team Race and Cup Tournament. If Cortex, N. Gin or Tiny win the race, Velo struggles with Cortex over the possession of his scepter, only to be stopped by Tiny. 8. When the player drives the character through a Time Crate, the clock freezes for whatever number of seconds are indicated on the Crate.

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