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Well, the country’s stunning and dreamy landscapes served as the perfect backdrops to some of the most memorable scenes in the drama and its teasers. Lenzerheide The fountain with the statue is meant to commemorate the struggle of Zurich’s women in defending their town from the Romans in the 13th century. Various of the show’s episodes were shot in Switzerland, one of the countries with the most stunning scenery. while we take you through some other breathtaking attractions in Switzerland. At last, Jeong-hyeok and Se-ri reunite in Switzerland, with the marvelous view of Grindelwald as their backdrop. St. Moritz Here’s to 2020 and many more years of blogging to come. You might think this ride is only for kids, especially since it seems like it isn't steep, but sophisticated engineering behind the route allows your toboggan to reach speeds of 50km/h! Today you take the train to Jungfraujoch via Kleine Scheidegg, like Jeong-hyeok, Seo Dan, and Se-ri did. So very smart of the writer. Take a train from Interlaken Ost to go directly to Lungern, to relive your latest favorite K-Drama? It is served by a funicular dating all the way back to the 1880s as it used to be a historic house from 1874. And both are super rich in the show to live there! This inspired us to design a special Switzerland itinerary based on the show. This is where she heard the song “For Brother” by Jeong-hyeok for the first time, when Jeong-hyeok played it on a small pier in Iseltwald. Y’all stupid as hell. - Have you been to Zurich before? Yun Se-ri wird aufgrund starker Winde beim Paragliding bewusstlos und erwacht nördlich der militärischen Demarkationslinie, wo sie von Ri Jeong Hyeok gefunden wird. This is like watching a mini-drama within a big drama. We just came back and our incredible tour guide, Sal, made our trip the most memorable. A karst cave system with a long walkway where you’ll walk past strange concretions, dark chasms and underground waterfalls, this place has a legend that a 6th century Irish Monk named Beatus ousted a dragon before residing here. If you like vintage arcades, do check out the Renaissance Altes Rathaus built in the 17th century! Both born same year, she’s just 9 months older. The newer stained glass windows add an elegant touch of colour, giving the church a tint of modernity. Artefacts such as footballs and trophies are tactfully displayed for your viewing pleasure and the state-of-the-art design gives lots of opportunity for interaction. Start your journey by heading to the heart of Switzerland’s alpine region in Interlaken, just an hour or two away from the capital. Such amazing stories that are surreal! With this self-guided tour package, you will discover the impressive landscape of Bernese Oberland as well as the vibrant city of Zurich including its surroundings. In the morning take an excursion to the Rhine Falls, the biggest waterfalls in mainland Europe. A Swiss Photographer-guide who became a fan of Crash Landing On You (C-L-O-Y) drama has carved out a unique tour program taking you on an off-the-beaten scenic journey into the existent CLOY world; this tour guarantees, making your Switzerland vacation dream come true! Leukerbad I had to tell myself to calm down when i actually saw the picture in her insta. And I, being a lover of the mountains, have my eyes set on Switzerland by the end of episode two when Jung-hyeok and Se-ri marvelled at the paragliders flying above Kleine Schedeigg . She is know to be the kindest and well up bringing person with no scandals since her debut. These shipping talks are just a waste of time. Folge 1 71 Min. You might just be a convert after stepping out of this museum, or an even more die-hard fan! First Flieger is a popular paragliding site in Switzerland. {{{ data.title }}} No wonder they chose Switzerland, because it is neutral to all other countries and they can live there without having to choose sides and change their loyalty to either S. Korea or N. Korea. With inviting waters, perfectly clear water and a secret swimming pool area with a fine sandy beach and a long water slide at the side, you can now swim in this beautiful lake. Address: First-Schreckfeld, 3818 Grindelwald, How To Get There: Take the cablecar from First Railway to Grindelwald-First Summit Station. Set against the beautiful Bernese Highlands, Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa is a classic-style luxury hotel that also features a range of contemporary moods. Erscheinungsjahr: 2019. And, as professional as he is, we were able to visit. He and Son Ye Jin make a wonderful couple. Damn. I’m dropping the drama already but glad to see everyone enjoying it. Jeong-hyeok and Seo-dan wander off beyond Sigriswil Panoramic Bridge to have their photo taken. He had great chemistry witn Kim Sun Ah and Han Ji min. Episode 6 reached 9.2% which surpasses Hotel Del Luna and The Crowned Clown as the highest rated cable drama to reach 9% in just 3 weeks or 6 episodes. Lenzerheide Definitely, a place to stop by to admire the sight! Continue your adventure at one of the highest railway lines in Switzerland, the Schynige Platte Railway. Address: 94-5 Daedong-ri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Apart from that slightly morbid fact, the black marble high altar and exceptional wooden choir stalls make it worth the visit! The Scenes: Münsterbrücke was actually featured in the first teaser of the show, which was released in November last year. Tour the garden landscape and identify the dye and medicinal plants, and cap your trip here with the faculty canteen that’s open to the public for a meal! What to wear on this day? Walk along the boardwalk at Lake Brienz where the soulful piano scene happened, Visit the Kleine Scheidegg where Yoon Se-Ri was years before she crash-landed in North Korea, Marvel at the beautiful village in Obwalden where some of the final scenes were filmed, Stop by the Munsterbrucke and Lindenhof in Zurich featured in the background of the starting scenes of the drama, Spend a day in the beautiful town of Lucerne and discover Switzerland beyond the filming sites, Day 1 to 2: Immerse yourself in the Alpine region of Interlaken, Day 3: Be welcomed into the land of pastures and rolling hills in Grindelwald, Day 4: Fall in love with the lesser-known region of Obwalden and Engelberg, Day 5: Explore the medieval town of Lucerne, Day 6 to 7: Roam around the streets of Zurich and marvel at the architecture. K-ent Discusses Last 4 Year Netflix Success Through K-dramas Culminating in 2020 Global Hits Crash Landing on You, It's Okay... Kim Soo Hyun Shares New Pics on SNS Looking Dapper for Photo Shoot, Song Hye Kyo Shares New Footwear CF with Dramatic Eyes and Blush Look. [0] => post-6780 Take the Jungfrau Railway (first stop) or the Wengernalp Railway (last stop) to Kleine Scheidegg Railway Station. Similar to how a slide works, this experience is even more special as it lies on the side of the mountain! Munsterbrucke is a pedestrian and road bridge opened in the early 1800s that connects the Fraumunster Cathedral and the Grossmunster Cathedral, located at two opposite ends of the river. 2. The building in the movie scene is the Sphinx Observatory, one of the highest observatories worldwide. Glacier Garden is a natural site that dumbfounded scientists when it was discovered in 1872, and it’s a group of potholes formed during the ice age about 20,000 years ago. After you get off the train, that’s where you’ll bid farewell to the entire 8-day journey and wrap up your fulfilling Switzerland trip. Address: 151 Junggu-ro, Daechangdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea. In the same episode, Yoon Se Ri was also stands idly on this bridge in the teaser of the series. by Sombatua Sihotang, Sept. 28, 2020 Switzerland is a country beloved by people from all over the world – tourists, athletes, artists, photographers and filmmakers. Hyun Bin looks really happy in this drama! Book a gallery of a private balcony if you want the full luxury experience, and enjoy some drinks here with the cool club’s delightful selection of cocktails and liquors. This bridge is being featured in the first trailer of the show: Se-ri is seen leaning on the bridge’s railing, staring off into the distance. A true countryside sight to see, this lake truly creates a special sight like none other. I love Crash landing on you but I don’t ship her with Huyn Bin. Leukerbad For those Hyun Bin haters, don’t y’all see during the Baeksang Art Award she don’t even give a crap about him. CLOY tells the story about Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin), a North Korean soldier who was once a genius young pianist, and Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), a brilliant business woman from South Korea who was stranded in North Korea. And they can be visited. Overnight at Hotel Carlton-Europe Vintage****, Interlaken.

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