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>> /F3 37 0 R 3. It also demonstrated to me how deliberate David is in his own case teaching.”. x^�\Y�$7~�_�O�lՖT��&�����a/�;� �ٞ��;��gfY�@����W�CG���{ڪ'��)����TJ5? /F6 52 0 R What matters is the submission time, not acceptance time. %PDF-1.5 David’s interest in multimedia cases also turned the heads of the judges. In particular, this past year, David was rated in the top 5% of our faculty; a faculty that is known for being exceptional in the classroom,” added Lyn Purdy, Associate Dean of Programs at Ivey. “His energy and passion for the case method is captured in the student testimonials, as is his preparedness and capacity for pursuing critical feedback.”, Another added: “Ivey has long been known as a case school and so it is hard to be a pioneer in case work at the location. Upon publishing your Instructable you'll see checkboxes for open contests. Tom Hansen, who was taught by David in 2013 and 2018, said: “David was my favourite professor, teaching on both my HBA and MBA programmes. Instructables members can vote for an entry during the contest plus 3 days after the contest closes. “David has made significant contributions to the use of cases in our programs. /Kids [ 3 0 R 5 0 R 8 0 R 10 0 R 13 0 R ] Show off all the excellent hands-on lessons and classroom projects you are doing with your students, and you could win a $1000 Amazon Gift Card. These experiences teach me many valuable lessons about leadership and managing across an organisation. >> Titled "English in the Classroom," the competition is open to English language teachers in both the school and higher education segments who are registered members on the Cambridge English India Network. 2 0 obj All teachers willing to participate need to apply online on the link given below on or before 31st May 2019. Select Teacher Contest. /Filter /FlateDecode << “David has consistently demonstrated the key ingredients for teaching success – dedication, innovation and passion for learning,” said Mary Gillett, Lecturer in the Managerial Accounting and Control group at Ivey Business School. /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text ] /Img4 24 0 R However, I have found that he goes above and beyond what I would consider ‘the call of duty’, by understanding the professional background of students and how that might relate to the case.”. >> Rising competition for teachers leads to some UAE schools struggling to fill posts. >> “During my studies I volunteered in the LEADER Project, where groups of Ivey students teach business in developing countries using the case method. “Case teaching provides me the opportunity to share those lessons with my students.”, By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in /MediaBox [0 0 595 842] However, he obviously has the respect of his peers since they asked him to be the lead author on a series of books that explore the case method. /Type /Page Create a new Instructable that fits the guidelines outlined in the contest description above. /Count 5 “Clearly, David has made a big impact on his students and has demonstrated his capacity for drawing on the case method to inform learning in multiple subject arenas and to a broad range of international learners,” one judge commented. /Outlines 15 0 R Entries are accepted by Instructables staff within one business day Monday - Friday. /F7 57 0 R My greatest satisfaction in life has been mentoring someone and enabling them to exceed even their own expectations.". << /F1 27 0 R /Contents 4 0 R sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business If you have entries currently eligible for entry, it will also show up by clicking "Enter this Contest" on the right side of this page. 4 0 obj /F4 42 0 R David Wood is a member of the faculty in Operations Management, and MBA Program Director at Ivey Business School. Registration - Teaching Aids Competition 2. “Knowing that my students nominated me for this award makes this honour that much more gratifying.”. The competition for the fifth anniversary of the Teacher Award will kick off in September 2020. There is also a special Judges' Prize for the best project that uses Tinkercad! << He was very well prepared for each class, with a clear idea of the learning objectives and the best path to get there. education across the globe. This approach to preparation has enhanced student understanding of the case and has noticeably elevated the overall classroom discussion.”. He routinely receives exceptional course evaluations from our students. A school can submit any number of entries. SHARE. 4. /Img2 22 0 R “Teaching for me is not simply providing the knowledge that students will need to be successful, but also giving them opportunity to develop their judgement, analysis, and communication skills.”, “For me, teaching also goes beyond the classroom. /Img3 23 0 R A panel of judges made up of Instructables staff and respected members of the community rate the finalists. /F2 32 0 R All entrants will be notified when this happens. facebook shares. 1 0 obj /XObject << registered in England No 1129396 and entered in the Register of Charities No 267516. When the winners are decided they will be announced here on the contest page. To be eligible, Instructables must be published between Sep 2, 2019 and Oct 28, 2019 (11:59pm PT). David added: “Through my time in industry and as a student I have been able to put into practice the art of asking good questions. stream “He has also been innovative in his approach to case class preparation, and has introduced a virtual team discussion component where students address additional questions prior to class through our learning management system. Students, however, are eager to experiment with multimedia cases and blended learning. Starting from 2019, teachers must now register first, to allow their pupils to access the competition. He continued: “Nearly everyone has given some thought to how technology can enhance education. Our judging panel were as impressed as ever by the quality of candidates who entered the competition, but they ultimately found David to be the standout case teacher. “Although we sold our manufacturing business, I have stayed active in the business community as a board member and by working with these companies on a number of acquisitions. The teacher(s) may make a teaching aid/material for any one topic or any one theme of the subject of any one class being taught. “I like the fact that he is working with the publishing arm of his school to explore how technology can enhance the case-based classroom. }}��*�Ei��Z�m�Tm�0�,zc���z��]�*��sI�� .TSt��-:�-����{�U���8�?�>W�Ona>_o��$�h�fHK�U�E�*�Yo��_�U�؋��Vd��_�����s������k5��u�,�����\d�/��8��8�b�J�E�V��kh�����#J�1UM��LW�̭0-�x�>:���,�~��+�����p� ���n+���|�B5�N�D����Z�q]�[K*�V�q4.2r�ͺ,GmQk� � Ү� s5����߂�t�-������T�J��@��|6fL: ��Y���Y�.����M�,����\dfy7Y�.��?Y�,�ǫE��R�m+���Y���zy�)��E�� ��ƹ��MV-��>����M���&���1��L���H��8��?��.������]Џ�A� ���9�iբ-�14� ��E��L��3~S�`� �K�D���&�;�}�资��R�ϸ�7(�[x�A�Ќ���jO�>B�=� k� ]RKn�[�R=7xOk��'�=�"��RDT5�^BD�J�ա�bI��eQKbJ�$�QY�,I+D�'��{D�|&����[h�X;��~�W���s�Kp;ɮC�Yb�Bȷ j��t4�s���@ "�~M#��q��CT�I�u�[� }Gv&�c�^Wtu Cambridge English India has conducted a competition exclusively for the teachers and trainers of English on our new mobile app, Cambridge English India Network. “David is an exceptional and dedicated case teacher and writer. 1. /Pages 2 0 R He clearly displays this wisdom and depth in his classes, frequently describing to the class how his emotions in situations similar to our case discussions influenced his decisions.”, Tom added: “David is notoriously well prepared for class. In that time, I led our global manufacturing operations, sales, and marketing, and later became President of the firm. Asking good questions is what enables me to transform the classroom into a discussion for collective learning. David ran a highly effective workshop to teach us how to run a case session. “The case method is what has enabled my students to integrate the traditional disciplines of business education into one holistic approach. The school year is in full swing, which means you are creating new lessons or tweaking some of your favorite projects for this year's students. 2019 national poetry month poster contest for students. The averages of the ratings determine the winners. The student nominated must submit two writing samples: a themed piece and a student selected “best” writing sample. << /Type /Pages endobj David is passionate about the case method, and is co-authoring, with Michiel Leenders and James A Erskine, new versions of the bestselling Ivey series of books that explore case teaching, learning and writing. See the website for more details and the themed writing prompt. Calling all teachers! Existing member, but don't have an eligible Instructable? /F8 63 0 R /Img1 21 0 R W��ı[��7[dZ %:acS8A �Hjf��n�i@z |��q��/����S�{�� ��� ����%���?ZA'|O� )��2���c'�@CN:M�'��vo����I�7���Y�iT���D�. David was a graduate of both Ivey’s HBA and MBA programmes, going on to spend many years in industry, gaining extensive … I believe strongly that technology is not a replacement for the classroom experience, but something that can elevate the discussion and edification when used appropriately. Due to data protection legislation we no longer store any personal information relating to students (such as their real name), and we store only their anonymous user name. Calling all teachers! Ten Runner Up Prize Winners will receive: Electronic Tiles - a Physical Environment for Classroom Electronic Experiments, Canoe Carry and Whitewater Challenge - a Splash of STEM, Makey Makey/ Chibitronics Light-up Houses, Documents a project or lesson related to an educational subject, Notes the applicable subject(s) and grade level(s) in the introduction, Includes a formal lesson plan OR a detailed description of the learning objectives and how you use the project in the classroom. our, Learning with Cases: An Interactive Study Guide, Outstanding Contribution to the Case Method, Undergraduate Case Teaching Licence cases, The Case Centre Awards and Competitions 2019. David was a graduate of both Ivey’s HBA and MBA programmes, going on to spend many years in industry, gaining extensive experience in international business, mergers and acquisitions, before returning to Ivey in 2009 to teach. David Wood won the Outstanding Case Teacher Competition at The Case Centre Awards and Competitions 2019. /Length 4175 He knows his case material inside and out, and is very familiar with where the class discussion needs to flow to uncover key insights. endobj “Often, we are too comfortable with what has already been done, or too concerned with failure that might occur with the adoption of new technology. Photos of our Teacher Award judges during the Facebook Live winners announcement event: Stay up-to-date with the latest Teacher Award news on the Pearson English blog: Hear from last year's winners I can’t express my thoughts - it’s something overwhelming. 3 0 obj >> Nina Turkiewicz, another of David’s former students, said: “David’s selection of cases to teach for the course, and how the discussion was conducted, resulted in a clear ah-ha moment in each case to cement our learning. The teacher: Meet our winner, David Wood… David Wood is a member of the faculty in Operations Management, and MBA Program Director at Ivey Business School. /Type /Catalog The school year is in full swing, which means you are creating new lessons or tweaking some of your favorite projects for this year's students. This award requires a teacher to nominate eighth grade students for a writing award. Combined with the fact that he spearheaded the advance case teaching workshop initiative at his school, I get a clear impression of his dedication to and expertise in his craft.”. “His commitment to innovative approaches to teaching is well known amongst his colleagues. David said: “I truly enjoy teaching my students more about business, leadership, and how to handle some of the more complex challenges they will face in their career. Sep 1, 2019. >> See who the winners are . “David was also the instigator of dramatic quality-enhancing and well-received changes to the Ivey Field Project course.”.

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