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Battery-operated, three-channel amplifier for remote-to-studio audio circuit. for enhanced security and seamless, single-token passage through the airport. Versions up to 10 Mc available. Collins Aerospace employs more than 70,000 people worldwide with approximate annual sales of $23 billion. Produced for the U.S. Navy Department during WW II. Four 6A Pre-amplifiers, one four-channel Mixer Panel, and two Patch Panels. otherwise this banner will continue to appear. Collins Aerospace cloud technology enables airlines and airports to deploy Radio Set Control for the ARC-2/2A Transmitter-Receiver System. 5000 Watt HF (1.5-30 mc) RF Amplifier providing CW, FSK, FAX, SSB, or AM transmissions. A speaker, RF directional wattmeter with 200 and 2000 watt scales, and a phone patch are included in the console. Versions up to 15 Mc available. At Collins Aerospace, we’re working side-by-side with customers to unleash the exciting possibilities we see before us. We assure the Materials of Concern (MOC) used in and on our products are evaluated against all aerospace available alternatives. 100/250 Watt AM Broadcast (540-1600 kc.) In addition to driving innovative solutions that maximize space, Collins Aerospace seamlessly integrates interiors for the optimum cabin upgrade and retrofit. We offer solutions for those with or Provides class B (AM) modulation for the 100B and 150 class transmitters. Ten-channel, Autotune, 40 kilowatt transmitter designed for 4.0-26.5 megacycles. The 20J uses a pair of C-849A tubes in the power amplifier. This product utilizes the 70E-8 Permeability Tuned Oscillator (PTO). 35 kilowatt AM or 50 kilowatt CW, 4-26 MHz, HF transmitter for high speed telegraphic or broadcast transmission. Crystal Controlled, CW transmitter with built-in power supply for the 160 & 80 meter (28 watts), 40 meter (25 watts), and 20 meter (13.2 watts) amateur radio bands. The 312B-4 integrates the 75S-3B, 32S-3, 30S-1 and accessories into an operating system. The KWM-1 covers the frequency range of 14-30 mc with an input of 175 watts PEP or SSB. Dual Diversity HF (0.5-32 mc) Receiver using two R-391 (ten-channel Autotune) Receivers. Collins Aerospace’ advanced-design vacuum waste systems and components for commercial aircraft and business jets solve maintenance problems and cut costs. Network communications capabilities that keep trains on the track. 15-30 watts AM phone, CW, or mcw. Airborne VHF (118-126.9 mc), 90 channel, AM, 3 watt transmitter. Rated for operation at 10 kw. Two band (190-550 kc and 2-25mc) airborne receiver for MCW, CW, and Voice communications. Desktop radio control console targeted for police departments. 20 crystal-controlled frequencies, 2-18.5 mc, 100 watts. 200 watts phone from 1500 to 15,000 kc band. 100 watt PEP, four channel, 1.6-15 mc mobile communication system, 50 watts AM. Airborne HF (2-25 mc) transceiver A1 and A3 emissions. Versions up to 12 Mc available. Airborne control panel for the 17L-3 VHF transmitter, allowing frequency selection of the 180 possible channels. Since the inception of space missions, Collins Aerospace has been involved in providing innovative technologies. The KWM-2 power input is 175 watts PEP on SSB or 160 watts on CW. Throughout our history, Collins Aerospace, Inc. has produced a multitude of products. operations. Collins Aerospace is home to multiple CNC milling centers, giving us the capacity to handle high-volume production runs within the tightest of timelines. Rack-mounted or Portable speech amplifier designed primarily for a crystal microphone. Airborne transmitter-to-antenna matching unit. Collins Aerospace designs and develops a complete line of commercial and business jet seating solutions, including main cabin, business class, super first class, and executive aircraft seating. number of visits to the site. We deliver a broad spectrum of advanced, battle-proven solutions – in the air, on the ground or at sea, in both manned and unmanned platforms – that serve the warfighters of today and tomorrow. Mounted Assured Positioning, Navigation and Timing System (MAPS) Gen II. The C-1607 (Dzus-mounted) control provides 19 presets - including guard. 500 watt, twin sideband, HF (1.7-30 mc) Communications Transmitter intended for multiplex service. Transmitter. Dial covers the 80, 40, 20, 15, 11, 10 meter bands. otherwise this banner will continue to appear. 2-16 mc, 300 watt A1, 500 watt A2 & A3, 10 channel, Autotune® transmitter. Seating Products. Collins Aerospace is committed to providing our customers with safe and environmentally friendly products that are compliant with all relevant regulations and customer specifications. © 2020 Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies company. Our innovative seating solutions for commercial, business jet and rotary wing aircraft give your passengers a better flight experience. The Type 30K Transmitting system provides coverage of the 80, 40, 20 15, 11 and 10 meter bands at 250 watts phone, 300 watts CW. Airborne VHF (118-126.9 mc), 90 channel, AM, 3 watt transmitter. 1. When used in connection with the 10A Crystal Control Unit, will deliver 150 watts on the 160, 80, and 40 meter bands; 120 watts on 20 meters. Fixed frequency, AM receiver, operating from 1.5-20 mc. Airborne TACAN Power Supply and Indicator Coupler unit. © 2020 Collins Aerospace, a Raytheon Technologies company. Solutions for optimizing your operations, improving efficiency, reducing costs and creating a safe and friendly customer environment. Bearing To or From station HF (500 kc - 20 mc) AM transmitter. Airborne single-frequency control head for the 17L-7 VHF Transmitter. Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS). 280 channel, Navigation Receiver. Along with this combined-capacity level comes the opportunity to share best-in-class manufacturing techniques, including lights-out machining, cellular manufacturing, and reduced setup times. 3. The 10M 100 watt RF unit is used as an exciter for transmitters, like a 30FXC, operating at frequencies from 10 to 30 mHz. flexibility and efficiency across the entire airport environment while Let’s make a connection: Contact a representative response, 1.5 db 30-10,000 c.p.s.) We engineer custom solutions for electronics, power, interconnect, data storage & processing systems, focusing on high performance and reduced volume/weight. The set is made up of: ID-226/APR-9 (Indicator), TN-178/APR-13 (RF Tuner), CV-124/APR-13 (Mixer Amplifier), C-743/APR-13 (Dzus-mounted Control), and a PP-336/APR-13 (Power Supply). The 62S-1 permits you to enjoy operation on either 6 or 2 meters by simply snapping a switch. without dedicated core rooms. Life rafts and life support systems that keep sailors safe. Collins Aerospace is a world leader in providing safe and innovative crew, passenger, and PSU systems for commercial, business jet, and military airframes. circa late 1940s, Bearing-Distance-Heading Indicator. number of visits to the site. Input power: 115 or 230 vac 50-400 cps, 12 or 28 vdc. Remote control unit for use with a 18S-4A airborne transmitter-receiver. Matches a 600 ohm telephone line to the 32J-1 transmit and receive audio circuits effectively isolating receiver and transmitter functions. Along with this combined-capacity level comes the opportunity to share best-in-class manufacturing techniques, including lights-out machining, cellular manufacturing, and reduced setup times. Covers Amateur Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 11, and 10 meters providing 1000 watts RF input power (500 watts on 160 meters). With a comprehensive portfolio, extensive capabilities and broad expertise, we’re crafting intelligent solutions to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market – all representing the best in innovation and technology for the industries we serve. When portable, used for field-to-studio link - over leased telephone lines. Input power 26.5 vdc. Information security that protects your passengers and enables continuity of We assure the Materials of Concern (MOC) used in and on our products are evaluated against all aerospace available alternatives.

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