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24.6 I acknowledge that the laws of some countries prohibit or restrict the import or export of certain types of software e.g. 22.6 (a) To the fullest extent permitted by law, Citigroup is not liable for any losses, costs, damages, expenses, claims and demands arising directly or indirectly in connection with any disclosure of information to third parties by Citigroup in the course of its carrying out a transaction or an instruction transmitted by any means of communication or correspondence, where such disclosure arose through physical or electronic interference by a third party. 3.3.5 You reserve the right to refuse or terminate my access and use of the Fund Transfers and/or Bill Payments by giving me notice. Further I accept that any information made available to me pursuant to my use of the Portfolio Tracker are solely for my own personal and lawful use. 19.1 I agree to pay the fees and charges for access and use of Citibank Online. 21.1 I understand and agree that the permission or rights for me to access and use Citibank Online is granted only for my own personal use. If I do not receive a Confirmation (or any other confirmation) or if I have any queries on the status of my Instructions, I understand that I have to write to you via Citibank Online. (b) I warrant that the Customer Terminal and any other computer system or device through which access may be effected by use of my Username, Password and Security Details are free from any electronic, mechanical, data failure or corruption, computer viruses and bugs. "Exchange Control Regulations" mean the Exchange Control Act 1953 (Revised 1969), the Exchange Control Rules and any and all guidelines and/or regulations issued by Bank Negara Malaysia on exchange or currency controls from time to time. 7.5 I will enroll in the E-Statement Facility and will provide my e-mail address. Your country of citizenship, domicile, or residence, if other than the United States, may have laws, rules, and regulations that govern or affect your application for and use of our accounts, products and services, including laws and regulations regarding taxes, exchange and/or capital controls that you are responsible for following. 7.16 If I have further requested and registered for the delivery of my Electronic Statement to my e-mail address:-. You will not conduct further call back after you have made the 4 call attempts. Do you want to go to the third party site? 7.8 Cancellation of use of the E-Statement Facility may be effected by either party. 3.2.3 In relation to Bill Payments I accept and agree to the following: -. (a) the information relating to financial, market and world news may be supplied by a third party and if so, then all proprietary rights in such information is, owned by that third party provider unless provided otherwise. I agree that all disputed or unauthorised payments made using my Account or Card details, my Username, Password, PIN and/or other security information will be referred, as is applicable, to you for verification and resolution. "Statement Date(s)" means the date on which the statement of accounts in respect of any one of my Account(s) is issued. However, all my transactions that are conducted via Citibank Online will berecorded in the relevant monthly statements which will be issued to me by you on a monthly basis. (e) to transfer or debit specified sums of money from my applicable Account(s) towards payment of any outstanding amounts (or part thereof) under my loan Accounts and/or other Citibank loan accounts of another customer of Citibank. 14.1.3 I understand "Investment Risk(s)" to mean the potential for fluctuation in the value of any investment(s), which may be caused by any circumstances, including without limitation, interest rate fluctuation risk, foreign exchange risks, country and political risks, etc. you need to complete a short registration I agree that any such disputed or unauthorised payments (including refunds of any monies paid in excess) is to be dealt with and resolved between Citibank and myself. For security purposes, it is recommended that I memorise my Username, Password and Security Details (instead of recording them down) and that I change my Password regularly. A Customer includes a CitiGold Member. 34.5 Unsuccessful Attempts: In cases where you cannot reach me at the requested time after 3 call back attempts, you will send me an SMS alert to inform me that despite 3 attempts, you were unable to reach me. 4.1 I can use Citibank Online to request to purchase Manager's Cheque(s) as provided through Citibank Online ("Manager's Cheque(s)") subject to the applicable fees and charges. Apply for a personal loan, or learn how to invest in your financial future. I further agree that the above will be conclusive evidence of such requests or communications effected by any Citibank Online Use and communications received or despatched by you. 8.1 I can use Citibank Online to request for paper based statements of any one of my Account(s), subject to applicable fees and charges, to be generated and sent to my last known or recorded mailing address. is the global source of information about and access to financial services provided by the Citigroup family of companies. (c) that all bills referred to in my Bill Payment Instructions are bills between myself (or a third party) and the Payee supplying the goods and/or services. I have to provide these Security Details to enable me to access and use Citibank Online and/or this Website in accordance with procedures and prompts set out in Citibank Online or the Website or otherwise determined by you. "MEPS" means Malaysian Electronic Payment System Sdn Bhd, a service providing ATM network to banks and financial institutions. bank statements, flyers and brochures; (f) telephone call to the last known telephone number in Citibank's records; (g) notices placed through any media e.g. All call back time options are in Malaysian time zone. 17.4 Without affecting any other provision under these terms and conditions, I will indemnify, defend and hold you harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, actions, judgements, damages, costs, losses, expenses (including legal fees and expenses on a solicitor and client basis) and other liabilities arising from, in connection with or related in any way to: (ii) any unauthorised fund transfers and/or payments via Citibank Online as a result of my lost or stolen Card, Username, Password and/or PIN; or. the credit card companies) or a party to such contract at any time whatsoever. Prices of security and income distribution payable, if any, may go down as well as up ; and. If I want to request for additional call back time, I will have to submit a new Call Me. Please be advised that future verbal and written communications from the bank may be in English only. 34.10 Limitation of liability: I acknowledge that the CALL ME service is rendered by you merely by way of accommodation and you have no responsibility or liability to me or any third party as a result of your accommodation of this service to me. I undertake to indemnify you against any loss which you incur as a result of my act or omission in relation to or arising out of my access or use of the Fund Transfer service and/or Bill Payment service to the fullest extent permitted by law. "Security Details" means the answers (answers which are only known to me) I have given to security questions that I have selected from a list of security questions provided by Citibank which will be recorded and stored by Citibank Online. Citibank China provides Credit cards, Debit cards, Insurance policy, Loan Services and much more. 31.1 You may provide me with access to the Portfolio Tracker through Citibank Online to view my entire deposits and investments portfolio, which may include without limitation any Citibank Share Margin Financing (CSMF) as provided through Citibank Online, Time Deposits, Unit Trust Fund(s), and/or any other short term trading, liquid assets, or long term investments that you may determine from time to time. OBTAINING ACCOUNT INFORMATION AND TRANSACTION HISTORY, 10. "Payee(s)" means a vendor, merchant, biller, person, corporation or entity whose names are set out in the '®Bill Payment' section of this Website and whose bills can be paid through Bill Payments. 14.1.1 You may provide me with access to information resources relating to Unit Trust Funds and/or any other such funds that you determine from time to time, including without limitation any E-Prospectus(es) as defined in Clause 14.1.4 below), fund fact sheet(s) and/or report(s). The availability of the Electronic Statement(s) at Citibank's website located at ("Website") on the relevant Statement Date will be deemed the date of delivery of the monthly statement of Account(s) and the said statement of Account(s) will be deemed to have been sent to and received by me. I understand that "Unit Trust Fund(s) means any arrangement made for the purpose, or having the effect, of providing facilities for the participation of persons as beneficiaries under a trust in profits or income arising from the acquisition, holding management or disposal of any securities, futures contracts and/or any other property. If any Non-receipt or Error is not reported to Citibank within the number of days from the Statement Date as further described and provided in the Customer Notices portion of the Website for a particular Electronic Statement, I will be deemed conclusively to have accepted all the matters contained in the Electronic Statement to be true, accurate and correct in all respects. provides information about and access to accounts and financial services provided by Citibank, N.A. I accept the risk that such transmission of information may be received, accessed or disclosed to third parties other than the intended recipient(s). You reserve the right to refuse to act on any Instructions for any reason whatsoever, even though you have received such Instructions from me. 7.16.4 The use and storage of any information including without limitation, the password, account information, account balances, transaction activity and any other information available on my personal computer is at my own risk and my sole responsibility and liability. 32.1 By accessing Citibank Online, you may provide me with access to following articles, newsletters, research materials, and other information resources with respect to financial, market and world news in the following categories:-, • Monthly Market Outlook and Biannual Market Outlook. 7.11 The E-Statement Facility uses proprietary software of Citibank, and its affiliates and/or other software suppliers. 34.9 Cancellation of Call Me requests: Once I submit a Call Me request to you, I will not be able to cancel that request via my Citibank Online account.

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