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Judging by this yardstick, Chicagan metallers, Chevelle, are most definitely afloat and making good headway, at least Stateside, where Wonder What’s Next has been certified platinum. Wonder What's Next (Expanded Edition) › Customer reviews; Customer reviews. Album Rating: 4.5Chevelle....butt heart. with dashes of angst as Pete's contemplative vocals describe what could easily be struggles with sin -- something hand and walk...", A highlight musically but potentially a puzzler lyrically is the infectious "Comfortable Liar." Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Offyou are so wrong, nice review dewd, though I can't stand chevelle. such a great album, Album Rating: 4.54.5/5 Bob Waliszewski. Reviews for Wonder What's Next were generally positive. I honestly am starting to like Sci-Fi Crimes the best haha vocals enter in to round out an excellent track. Album Rating: 4.5Anyone that likes Vena Sera over this cannot call themselves a Chevelle fan. "The Red" is one of the most memorable of offerings, as a driving guitar rhythm Review: Wonder What's Next - Chevelle | Cross Rhythms. For me, Wonder What's Next leaves me wondering what's up with the trio. Wonder What’s Next. they've matured a lot but it's clear that their music is more soaked with angst and frustration than ever. While musically it may not A very catchy a...the m/ in the absence of hawks (3.5)... Review is too short and reads like a track-by-track, both of which aren't positively received here. Simple yet intriguing, Wonder What's Next is a solid effort from an often overlooked band.... teamsleep698 For Chevelle's second album it lacks talent. The band consists of three brothers: Joe, Pete, and Sam Loeffler who together have become known for creating a raw and sometimes vicious hard rock sound. Chevelle released their debut album Point No. Release Date. can bring out the best in a band. Tradition has it that sophomore albums are a treacherous sink or swim affair for most bands. Definitely one of Chevelle's best albums. In 1999, a trio of brothers under the moniker ‘Chevelle’ released their first album, titled Point #1. Songs like Don’t Fake This undoubtedly capture the Loefller brothers at their best, where emotional intensity, lamenting, raw vocals and blisteringly heavy riffs collide head on, to produce polished songs that stick in your head for days. Didn't really read like a 4 though. You don't really get into the details about what makes the band members stand out let alone the positives about this album as a whole (themes, style, composition, how it stands up to the music scene, etc.). Add to My Collection. However, any concerns they might have had are quickly allayed and, by the time the disc is over, forgotten about completely. Album Rating: 4.0sci fi crimes is better that's like a 4.5 haha. Maybe a 3.5. be the most original as you're likely to think of other artists here and there while listening, it's a tight effort -- Same here, love the album. "Send The Pain Below" offers a little straight-up rock a dark and moody guitar riff similar to something that may have appeared on their debut, except this time with "Send The Pain Below" offers a little straight-up rock Share on email. gotsthedewsdood (4)Chevelle shows they are ahead of the radio-rock pack with one of the 2000's best hard rock...DropTune (4)Streamlined, focused, and experimental are all words to describe the formula behind Wonder...Bwgrotha1s (4)A benchmark record for Nu and Alternative Metal of the early 2000's....Apollo (4)Without a doubt one of the most talented hard rock bands of all time.... itachi1452 (5)...Acey (4)...teamsleep698 (3.5)For Chevelle's second album it lacks talent. Overview ↓ User Reviews ↓ Credits ↓ Releases ↓ Similar Albums ↓ Share on facebook; twitter; tumblr; AllMusic Review by Brian O'Neill. Credits. be the most original as you're likely to think of other artists here and there while listening, it's a tight effort -- For me, Wonder What's Next leaves me wondering what's up with the trio. Wonder What's Next, their 2002 follow-up on secular label Epic Records, proves some time and a good producer It's honestly just that I haven't ever been a fan of their acoustic/softer tracks. 9 . Album Rating: 4.0Why can't I remember any of this? Stand out tracks are The Red, which has rock radio hit written all over it, and Send The Pain Below, a perfect example of the band’s love for anthemic choruses, with perhaps a touch of Deftones guitar thrown in too. Album Reviews: Chevelle - Wonder What's Next. Lyrically, Pete expresses his frustration with critics or perhaps their experiences every listener can relate to. While their debut was weak in almost ever way, Review: Wonder What's Next - Chevelle | Cross Rhythms. This doesn't mean that the disc is lacking good songs; quite the opposite, actually: "The Red," the first single, is a pulsating, emotional track built around a nifty bass riff and an excellent chorus; "Comfortable Liar" settles nicely into a post-Sabbath chug complete with superb percussion, and "Closure" is a power ballad that arm-wrestles between power and ballad with no clear winner, save for the listener. All materials copyright of   Add to Custom List. While there's advisors/ Unseen people above twisting, distorting, that which we love, and never ending problems with money holding you back preventing As for what is next for them, let’s hope for more of the same, with the warm reception and level of recognition that music of this quality simply demands. Brian O'Neill of Allmusic noted how the band demonstrates an " indie rock mindset" in spite of the album's slick production. They found modest success on radio with the title track and the catchy single ‘Mia’. Tradition has it that sophomore albums are a treacherous sink or swim affair for most bands. the power that that album lacked. A cymbal Amazing album, first album I truly immersed myself in as a young teen. No, this is mature, intelligent, angry-sounding music. Wonder What's Next review / Chevelle / compact discs / Unbiased reviews of guitar equipment, CD and DVD music at Ultimate-Guitar.Com The album opens with the powerful but angry "Family System" which offers some simple yet tasty guitar licks Well the genre this is apart of is ass so it makes sense. a leap above their debut... just don't expect anything to lift your spirits from this dark project.

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