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Kyle Broflovski / Kenny McCormick / Gerald Broflovski / Jury Foreman / Butler / Policeman / Chef Aid Host (voice) Mary Kay Bergman Sheila Broflovski / Mrs. Crabtree / Mayor McDaniels (voice) It was reported that Hayes suffered a stroke in the middle of January 2006 and was not in a position to make major decisions for himself. The track also appeared on the album Chef Aid: The South Park Album in 1998. Parker and Stone attempted to negotiate with the organization on what to delete from the final print, but the MPAA would not give specific notes. In 2013, Parker and Stone established their own production studio, Important Studios. Chef's folks also made another appearance in "The Biggest Douche in the Universe", where they tried to give Cartman "more time" by extracting Kenny's soul from inside him. He will quickly switch between his old voice and the Nazi outbursts common among those exposed to the green goo. His advice is often sought by the show's core group of child protagonists —Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick — as he is the only adult they completely trust. [15] Parker first used a construction paper animation technique on American History (1992), a short film made for his college animation class. Chef's parents, Nellie and Thomas McElroy, live in Scotland. [21] When Comedy Central executive Doug Herzog watched the short, he commissioned for it to be developed into a series. This would be Hayes's last album to chart in the top 40 for many years. Aside from Nichole, Token, and their families, Chef was the only African-American character in South Park. [10] In "Chef Goes Nanners", he briefly converts to Islam and adopted the name "Abdul Mohammed Jabar Rauf Kareem Ali" when he demanded that South Park change its official flag because it depicted the town's racist past. Comedy Central released various albums, including Chef Aid: The South Park Album and Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics, in the late 1990s. The South Park season 10 premiere (aired March 22, 2006) featured "The Return of Chef", a thinly veiled telling of the affair from Parker and Stone's point of view. With Trey Parker, Matt Stone, April Stewart, Peter Serafinowicz. He is also referenced in the season 14 episode "Crème Fraiche" when Randy becomes the new chef at school and greets the kids with Chef's trademark lines. Chef, after abandoning his musical aspirations, moved to South Park with plans to open his own restaurant. While there, Hayes became a client of young vegan raw food chef Elijah Joy and his company Organic Soul Inc. Hayes also appears in the Scientology film Orientation. I Love You)", received international radio airplay in 1999. Aliases They weren't that nice."[26]. [80][81] The marriage ended through divorce in 2008. Age [89], Parker resides in Los Angeles, California. The marriage gained Parker a stepson. [27] Hayes's spokeswoman, Amy Harnell, denied this,[44] but on October 26, 2006, Hayes confirmed that he had suffered a stroke. That's what they do. They first pitched the show to Fox, but the network refused to pick it up due to not wanting to air a show that included the talking poo character Mr. Hankey. Parker went on to write, produce, direct, and star in the satirical action film Team America: World Police (2004), and, after several years of development, The Book of Mormon premiered on Broadway to good reviews. The film was shot on Loveland Pass as winter was ending, and the crew endured the freezing weather. [1][2] He is known for co-creating South Park (1997–present) and co-developing The Book of Mormon (2011) with his creative partner Matt Stone. [67] The deadline for the film's completion took a toll on both filmmakers, as did various difficulties in working with puppets, with Stone, who described the film as "the worst time of [my] life", resorting to coffee to work 20-hour days and sleeping pills to go to bed. The former stuck to the four-song template of his previous album. The town held a moving memorial service for him, in which Kyle gave a eulogy stating, "We shouldn't be mad at Chef for leaving us, we should be mad at that fruity little club for scrambling his brains" - a not-so-subtle jab at Scientology. An album of songs from the series appeared in 1998 with the title Chef Aid: The South Park Album[20] reflecting Chef's popularity with the show's fans, and the Chef song "Chocolate Salty Balls" became a number-one U.K. "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" [6][22], The pilot episode of South Park was made on a budget of $300,000,[23] and took between three and three and a half months to complete, and animation took place in a small room at Celluloid Studios, in Denver, Colorado, during the summer of 1996. In 2002, Hayes was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[1]. [43], On March 20, 2006, Roger Friedman of Fox News reported that Hayes had suffered a minor stroke in January. [62][63] During this time, the duo also signed a deal with Macromedia Shockwave to produce 39 animated online shorts in which they would retain full artistic control; the result, Princess, was rejected after only two episodes. [7] "Horribly depressed", Parker funneled his frustrations with her into the project, naming Packer's "beloved but disloyal" horse after her. In the 1970s, Hayes was featured in the films Shaft (1971) and Truck Turner (1974); he also had a recurring role in the TV series The Rockford Files as an old cellmate of Rockford's, Gandolph Fitch (who always referred to Rockford as "Rockfish" much to his annoyance), including one episode alongside duet-partner Dionne Warwick. He was almost always seen wearing his chef's hat, red shirt and blue pants. During the early seasons, Chef's head was never seen from a side angle. On March 20, 2006, two days before "The Return of Chef" aired, Roger Friedman of Fox News reported having been told that the March 13 statement was made in Hayes's name, but not by Hayes himself. Unlike most African-American musicians of the period, Hayes did not sport an Afro; his bald head became one of his defining characteristics. [24][25] Similarly to Parker and Stone's Christmas shorts, the original pilot was animated entirely with traditional cut paper stop-motion animation techniques. My sources say that someone quit it for him. [4] During his time there, he took a film class in which students were required to collaborate on projects. He said that he told the creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, "Guys, you have it all wrong. Basically, if you think Michael Moore's full of shit, then you are a super-Christian right-wing whatever. Friedman also reported that Hayes left the show because of the external pressure forced by his fellow Scientologists, the decision was not voluntary, and the original press release announcing his departure was put out by someone who was not authorized to represent him. God sent his only son. Parker and Stone moved to Los Angeles and wrote their second film, Orgazmo (1997). At age five Hayes began singing at his local church; he taught himself to play the piano, Hammond organ, flute, and saxophone. In South Park: The Stick of Truth, Chef is revived as a Nazi Zombie by Clyde. YHRI is a human rights group founded by the Church of Scientology. To an in… Character Information Chef's mother also offered "tree-fiddy" to Kenny to go out the window in case the soul got on the curtains or into the pot roast (which Kenny ended up getting trapped in), to which his father replied, "Now don't go offerin' the soul no tree-fiddy, woman!" The following year, he appeared in the critically acclaimed independent film Hustle & Flow. As of 2008, his songs generated more than 12 million performances.[4]. Later in the year, Hayes released a double album, Black Moses, that expanded on his earlier sounds and featured The Jackson 5's song "Never Can Say Goodbye". Parker told McHugh he had a "vision" they needed to be at the festival, which resulted in the group renting out a conference room in a nearby hotel and putting on their own screenings. A cafeteria worker at the local elementary school in the town of South Park, Colorado, Chef is generally portrayed as more intelligent than the other adult residents of the town, and understanding to the children. Jake Tapper and Dan Morris (September 22, 2006). Chef originally came to South Park to start his own restaurant, as revealed in ", Chef had a speaking role in 55 episodes, including ".

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