cheapest days to fly international

The period from Wednesday through Sunday around Thanksgiving wins the award for Busiest Travel Time of the Year. Travel Smarter! If you’ve ever suspected that it’s more expensive to fly on certain days of the week than others, your hunch is right. Fall is shoulder season — the time between peak and off-peak — for many destinations when fewer people in general are traveling. Knowing when is the best time to buy airline tickets for international flights can save you hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, there’s rarely any reward for waiting until the last minute. All rights reserved. Image Credit: Google Flights. Flying overseas on unpopular days of the week or times of year can offer significant savings. Unless you are the amazing Zoltar, it’s impossible to predict what the single cheapest day to fly will be. A good deal is a good deal no matter what day it's offered, and it might not linger until Saturday. You may find a huge difference in the airfare of the same airline on different days of the week. When Do Airlines Discount Fares the Lowest? It always helps to have a little money in the bank. Fortunately, the data gleaned from tracking billions of flights gives useful information to help predict when discounts on international flights are most likely to appear. What Is the Best Day to Make Airline Reservations? If longer than 24 hours has passed since the booking, it may still be cheaper to pay the cancellation fee and re-book if the price drop is significant. Airline, seasonality, current demand, and a barrage of other factors can completely overthrow the Tuesday/Wednesday rule of thumb … which brings me to my next point. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Oodles of families and college kids take a vacay when school is out for a week in March and April. If you can put off your trip until mid-September or go in May instead of June, you’ll likely pay less than you would over the summer (not only for airfares but also for hotels once you arrive). Because summer is the popular tourist season for an abundance of vacation spots, winter is a great time to seek out rock-bottom airfares. If you’re willing to fly on less convenient days, you’ll save a few bucks. There are some exceptions to this rule. Hello! It’s a must-read for flyers. There’s that old saying about teaching a man to fish. The Cheapest Time to Book an International Flight is at Least 25 Days in Advance Booking early is among the most ubiquitous pieces of advice any airline expert can give and budget-conscious travelers would do well to take heed too, because we've discovered than by bagging a seat at least 25 days … Departing for your far-flung international destinations on a Wednesday could mean bagging a budget-bolstering saving of around $60 when compared to the most expensive day of the week, with just shy of 2,500 individual flight routes offering up bargain prices at that time.

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