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With the introduction of this new website, I am now unsure. Take your own fund details . Very frustrating to the point of looking else to place my retirement fund. Since then all I have received is conflicting information. Where is my Pension Account, where is my money?????? Email us at and we'll get back to you. PJ. Now they are introducing excessively high premiums. We will then transfer your payment to the bank account you've nominated through myGov as soon as possible." I already send my details but you haven't call back. Its now been 19 days and i have lost about 20k. We're sorry for the ongoing problems you've experienced and acknowledge your frustration at the poor customer service you've received. Called again to see how my withdrawal was going but couldn't get an answer as the person managing the withdrawal wasn't responding. The original mix could have been set years earlier. Thanks for raising this with us, we're sorry for the inconvenience. They were going to look in to it and get back to me. I can send requests to them from this account but it holds no weight in proving my identity. CareSuper. I was told the fees would have been the reason my super is that total . Why?? E... Read more, I’ve email you and Im currently on hold to you guys now 3hrs on hold and have been transferred around ive also have not been contacted from your call back services this is a joke. Regards, CareSuper. They changed their online services a couple of months ago. We can arrange for a senior member of our Advocacy Team to give you a call and talk throug... h your feedback if you like. We hope to hear from you soon. A simple detailed email with the “extra” evidence required would seem to fix me calling everyday to be told nothing. We hadn't heard of issues with the iOS version of the app. They’re even claiming that my new superannuation fund didn’t send the rollover request (when this is an automated process to them... and coinci... dentally CareSuper was undergoing major system changes during that period). Absolutely appalling service, 0 transparency, 0 honesty, 0 responsibility. That was 4 days ago now and one has called. We can organise for someone to call you back about your insurance query.... Read more. I won't bother with this app again. I have now been on hold for 1 hour, wouldn't be surprised if i get cut off soon as that is another tactic a struggling company might use to wear me down in the hopes i will give up and they will slowly eat my super fund because i don't have the hours in the day to go through this process. 1 - Which device are you using? We can let you know more about recent changes to your insurance and help you understand if your level of cover is right for your needs. I am told that withdrawals are "in process". I've been with this fund for about 26 years.Now at 67 i am seriously concerned, cofused.I called on the first day i noticed I'd lost 2k overnight and wanted to switch to the most secure option. Regards, CareSuper, Doubled My Insurances because of a "Significant Event". It took 5 phone calls to resolve. Hi Shane, thanks for raising this feedback with us. That team is busy. We'll need to investigate this for you so we can work out what happened and help you out. Thanks to customer service staff, did their best but were hampered by teething problems, Am happy with Care returns over a number of years, Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us, and glad to hear we were able to help you with getting access to your online account. Talk about being treated like a number! "Our mistake" was that we thought that fixed interest was actually fixed interest. She also said if I emailed them that day she would keep an eye out and send them through to processing. No there is no statement when i log in, only 2018, it is now nearly November. I NEVER authorized them to charge me for what they call "premium insurance". Hi Lucas, thanks for your feedback. You will never be sent anything. There was... not even any contact to let me know the details provided were incomplete - thankfully the other super fund was on the ball otherwise I would have no idea. The problem is the code is only valid for 10 minutes and I have yet t...Read more. Thank you. It's the principal of it all, I'd rather the pain to change super than ever deal with Care Super again. My first contact was very clear ... regarding my circumstances and requirements, and yet I feel like no one actually read what I had said and reverted to a 'standard' reply. We can arrange for a senior member of our Advocacy Team to give you a call and talk throug... Read more. An email that is sent every day with the same information. We're disappointed with the service you've received from us at what's already a d... ifficult time. If there's anything we can do to help you out, or if we can follow up any of the above for you, please let us know. I know that my issue isn't as complex as maybe some other people or as involved, but I think it's important to state the positive as well as the negative when/where possible. Write a review on! Very slow and unfriendly customer service. .au to help us match your ProductReview complaint to your CareSuper account so we can keep this moving for you? I just received the following email from your organisation, I don't remember signing up with you as I am already and member that's requested a transfer of member. During a stressful time of financial hardship late last year through to early this year I needed to withdraw funds - which I was eligible to do. Hooray! dentally CareSuper was undergoing major system changes during that period). Hi Coop, can you please email us ASAP with your details so we can look up your account and check on the progress of your claim and your investment switches? As discussed with you today, a senior member of our Insurance team will be calling you to discuss your con... cerns. Initial complaints should be directed to Super 8 directly. Had heaps of trouble with the new platform but it is finally working. Peer-to-peer lending is quickly gaining popularity among Australian borrowers and investors. In November I see that it hadn't. If you have any questions please let us know. But last year insurance premiums jumped by 30% so I have now been trying to get clarification on some charges and premiums charged. When will this be fixed? We thought that Cash meant cash. They ignore every attachment of my drivers license and other proof of ID sent. I regret I have to again raise issues related to serious short comings in your systems, processing, and customer service.Transparency and service is required following the Royal Commission and Care Super is not delivering this. We can let you know more about recent changes to your insurance and help you understand if your level of cover is right for your needs. Have you been able to log in and access your details? Of course I'am still waiting to hear from you. Now after an hour wait, no call from anyone. Members were locked out of their accounts for around 3 months while they changed their system (we were told this would be about 4 weeks)..numerous system bugs on the share trading platform since, can't place market orders, trading platform is right out of the middle ages, share sales settled in 2-3 business days (maybe) with no access to proceeds of sale in the interim; called up several times to find out what's happening and no one there seems to know anything and worse thing is that the people answering the phone seem to hav...Read more. The forms were signed by hand, scanned and emailled. I spent another 30 minutes waiting on the phone this morning Friday 17th July, and surprise s... urprise the nice sounding woman at the call centre who I talked to told me my application was sitting in processing. I need to get this sorted but there is literally no way to speak to anyone! He said it would take a couple of days for the process to happen and that I should receive the payment around the middle of the following week. I requested a rollover to my new fund through mygov in January 2019, they sent me a letter saying they needed a certified copy of my marriage certificate to change my name on their records then they would process the request. I don't even know where to begin! All my money, until the last cent, was taken. - Going to the About section We know our members are doing it tough r... ight now and need their funds urgently, so we're disappointed to hear about the delays and frustration we've caused. If Hesta didn't need ANY hardcopies than the legislative requirements were not in line with your practices. And if you want to call and ask a question, forget it. If you have any questions please let us know. If you're not registered for MemberOnline, let us know and we can set up your online access.

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