car revs up and down while driving

| Car Talk | Skip to main content It depends on a variety of factors both internal and external. How to turn off service ride control light? SPONSORED LINKS Richard1. it's not normal for it to switch between gears, until need be. A few other answers have mentioned possible problems with your car. I took it to the dealer and since the check engine light does not come on they are unable to figure anything out. device that incinerates unburnt gases in the exhaust system. JavaScript is disabled. As someone who has spent HEAPS of time working on 626's, I think I can be of some use here. The air intake boot transfers engine intake air volume Thanks. If this does not work, turn to professional help. Took the car to O'Neils and they did a pressure test and confirmed it was the water pump. Helpful Information SPONSORED LINKS ... or the IAC valve as it's known in Mazda/Ford land. You will have to check if the IAC is working or not. Can I assume the sensor is still working correctly now that the coolant levels are topped and fluctuating idle has stopped? Step 8 - When a clutch or clutches on a manual or automatic next time just tip a bottle of metho in (metho mixes with water, petrol doesn't) and, combined, it'll mix with the petrol and just burn away. Step 6 - If an air intake boot becomes torn and develops a leak it will Learn more Web Mech 101 – diagnosis via Forums is no substitute for taking vehicle into a garage :). I just bought a '99 540ita sport with a similar problem. The mechanics I have it booked in for is one I've never used. the clutch pedal is at the top of its travel with no free-play, this is a sign the In both instances the idle control valve (which bypassed the main throttle butterfly/flap) intermittently failed, resulting in surging at idle e.g up to about 2000 rpm from memory. If you take your vehicle to a repair shop soon, then your engine should be okay. maf- mass air flow sensor tells ecm how much air is coming into intake manifold . Unfortunately I cant find my service manual copy at the moment, but if you have a bit of a google it can be "aquired" (I believe it may be listed under Mx6). It has a v6. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Step 8 - When a clutch or clutches on a manual or automatic Learn Over 2,000km trip. The only thing is that these fuel injectors can get dirty or clogged after a while. A surge is usually caused by a fuel system management or drivetrain operation failure. Perhaps you have a vehicle which still has a carburetor in it. Is the car a manual, a failing clutch can cause this.Bad fuel? Automatic Transmission Service every car owner needs a guy,,a mechanic to help diagnose and repair things,,its hard with computer..sensors to find problems much less fix them,,good luck. more, Broken Vacuum Line I've also noticed that mine only seems to act up once its warmed up. eng. Step 5 - If a vacuum line has caused a leak the engine will Replacing Fuel Filter Best Product to Clean Leather Car Seats 2020, Best Headlight Restoration Cleaning Kits 2020. Replace your brake booster. This unit is used as an emission control Shorter gears mean higher engine speeds for a given ground speed. into the throttle actuator. Right after I start it I can smell gas. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); One very common cause of idling rough is a problem with a vacuum hose in the vehicle. When an engine's computer can "hunt" or "surge" at cruising or idle speeds it is searching for program compliance, there is a problem elsewhere in the system. Below are the top causes that a mechanic would look for. I had a bad tank of fuel (water in it) and it had to be drained to get the engine to run smoothly. A surge is usually caused by a fuel system management or drivetrain operation This switch combined with another switch on the gearbox tells the ECU if the car is in gear or in neutral.....which affected the engine idle. When I change the gear to drive mode, then engine rpm was reduce. If that’s what’s going on, it has the potential to be very dangerous. all air is measured by this sensor,if any extra air gets in past m.a.f. I checked it out a couple days ago. If your throttle does get stuck, be aware that you should still be able to shift into neutral. replacing old burnt fluid. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); TC lockup (torque converter) is a feature of modern automatic trannys. I would avoid driving the car until the issue is fixed. [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Is this your homework Larry? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); There are a lot of hoses that help deliver both fuel and air to the internal combustion chamber. Article published 2017-01-26, Step 2 - An engine's tune up is a regularly scheduled service, when this Why is my car’s RPM going up and down? more Helpful Information the RPM is Okey when i “start” the car, however when i push the gas to start driving, the RPM goes up to 4k and 5k and the car does not run or runs supper slow (an RPM of 5k with a speed of 5MPH). I have a 2012 Elantra it just started revving high this week at normal speeds. About 137,000 miles I've only had it for a few months. (Here’s What Happens), 4 Symptoms of a Bad Diesel Glow Plug (and Replacement Cost), 8 Best Mechanic Tool Sets for the DIY Mechanic. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); this also happens sometimes when i stop behind the red light. replacing old burnt fluid. No drastic increase or decrease but it revs up and down enough for you to notice it. Have you recently replaced the timing belt on your engine? If Problems with the idle air control will be most obvious during this time. Learn more, Replacing Fuel Filter Helpful Information I used to have a fav mechanic place which had great service but ever since moving its a little far away to travel. Partially Plugged Catalytic Converter When I start the engine rpm was was too high even the gear was parking. Performing the diagnostic test I have mentioned above will let you know if there is still a problem with the sensor or not. I don't want to go get it looked at if its something I can fix. My car starts up good. My car revs up and down while driving, why? Copyright © All Rights Reserved. In the case of cars, it means the number of revolutions the crankshaft in the engine makes per minute and how many times a valve goes up and down a cylinder.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'carcareportal_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',109,'0','0'])); The RPM increases as we press the accelerator in the car and so does the power.

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