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Hourly Invoice – May be used by a business employee or an individual using a contractor who will be paid hourly. As long as you include all the essential info (and nothing comes as a surprise for your clients)—you’re free to customize how your invoices look. And without further ado, here are the free invoice templates in Word format—in no particular order. A blank invoice template is a bill sent to the buyer from the sender to establish liabilities on the part of the buyer to pay for the goods purchased. Most commonly when sending internationally and need to detail exactly what is inside the shipment for importing/customs officials. Moreover, by adding sub title and further titles can make invoice look professional as well as unique. Google Docs is a powerful form editing platform that’s very easy to share, edit and save invoice templates. Ready for struggle-free invoicing? Open your downloaded template in Microsoft Word and edit the template. Similar to the above, with added illustrations. No need to worry about how to bill your clients. Scroll through this list, click on the template you like. • Using Microsoft Word you can easily design a sophisticated invoice slip. Find the right invoice style for your business today. Check out our template gallery here. For the third step, it is best to download an invoice template that best matches your business transaction. In this way, you will be able to make your invoice rapidly. Once on the the invoice page, you will see invoices in both Word and Excel. Customize the invoice fields with your client’s business information, the services provided, pricing and payment terms and privacy policy. That’s why we created the free example template, so that business owners like you don’t have to pay for great invoices. For mail, print the Word doc and send the invoice via mail with the address provided. Word. Professional format contains all essential invoice elements. Let’s have a look on the major advantages of our blank invoice format, i.e. The sample Word invoice template sets the example for what professional invoices are all about. Pro tip: If you don’t email or post your invoices to clients, you can always export them to Google Sheets or Google Docs. 4- Invoice Number and Customer ID: Underneath of customer’s name and address, you can add space for invoice number as well as customer ID. Prepare some high-quality papers and set your printer up. Roofing Invoice – An amount to be paid for a client that had a new roof or maintenance provided on it. We’ve got a free invoice for, Professional and suited to small business owners, Easy to send to clients in a matter of seconds, Functional and effective at collecting payment the right way, Download the “Free Word Invoice Template” online to your computer or device. Our sales invoice template comes in five different formats – Excel, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, PDF and an online version – all with or without VAT. Choose accordingly. Other than online invoices, there are checks, debit vouchers, deposit slips, and numerous other types of files that you may need to process. Before everything else, outline your invoice's content by specifying the following information you would wish to include in the document. Simply download the templates, customize and send. For faster invoicing, try the invoicing, © 2000-2020 FreshBooks | Call Toll Free: 1.866.303.6061, Microsoft Word Invoicing for Small Businesses, How to Send Clients an Invoice from Microsoft Word, Download Your Free Invoice Template for MS Word. Then you must first make a copy in order to edit the template. Once you have the Word templates on your computer—they are fully customizable for your needs. Graphic Design Invoice – When providing graphic services for any business or individual. Feel free to save a new blank version for further use. If everything is already printed, you can now send your invoice to your client. Keep a record of all of your transactions, whether you are working as a freelance, having a property for rent, being in business, or just sorting out your tax concerns. How to generate blank templates of invoice? — Ready to customize your Microsoft Word invoices and get paid? You have plenty of space for line items, client info, and whatever you need to notify clients. Creating an invoice from a blank sheet may take time. Privacy Policy, Toll Free (North America): 1.866.303.6061. If when thinking about your business invoicing your mind draws a blank, it’s probably time to seek out an invoicing method that’s set and ready for you to use. Why tire away creating invoices if there is a faster, easier solution? Free Invoice Template for Word 12. Edit the fields in the invoice template with your business name, business contact information, client information, services, costs, terms and total. No guesswork or confusion. Just customize with your company name, date, recipient, and product or service description and cost, and this simple invoice template will calculate the total automatically. If you want to record everything smoothly, download our 100% customizable and high-quality Invoice Templates that you can customize and edit in Microsoft +More Word. First, decide whether your client will be billed via mail or email. 2- Change the Layout: Changing the look of format can give it brand new look, which you can use for other products. This website has just uploaded these templates under sharing purpose. is not in a partnership with any firm or business or company which is hired to promote Microsoft@. Add some colors to your documents. Do not want to wait?Subscribe now to Get Unlimited Downloads & many more. May be used by any designer associated with a firm or providing freelance services. The invoice is usually dated with the Company/Individual Logo along with a description of the product/service provided in a line-by-line setting. If you choose to edit the invoice template online, you will be asked to login to your Microsoft account. Invoices also highlight the following fees that are already being paid. Whether you need to have an. 6- Description: A description is a segment in which you can provide space to add further description or information about the transaction. Such an invoice can be drafted easily in a number of software – Microsoft Word or Excel, or Adobe Acrobat all serve as excellent tools to create your own invoices. You can add text, remove images, import your company logo—whatever you need to prepare and send an invoice. There you will see either “Word” or Excel”. Download the Microsoft Word invoice template from FreshBooks, then simply customize and send. Once the invoice is complete, you can send the invoice to your client via email or mail. Join 24 million people who have used FreshBooks. Usually, it contains company’s information like; name and address. To open a PDF, you must download Adobe Reader. These professionally written templates are perfect for handing out to clients and customers for sales or services rendered. They are all easily editable, so you won't need to have some major modifications. For email, download the finished invoice as a PDF, attach to an email and send. Amount will typically include a penalty charge and a warning about the outstanding balance. We notify you when an invoice has been viewed by a client! There are many reasons. But if you are satisfy, please share with others. Include a name for your blank doc. Create a professional invoice for shipped goods; template includes fields for information about purchased goods, shipping route, company, and the purchaser. Hey! Therefore, before preparing a blank invoice sample, you should consider at design at your mind. This one is for the party goers or party planners, with added confetti. Download in. An invoice might be a sales invoice, service invoice and tax invoice. If you are not satisfy, tell us. Business owners across the world, from North America to the UK are using Word invoice templates for their business billing. Creating an invoice from a blank sheet may take time. He may pay in cash or create an account of receivable. Remember, you can create an invoice from the same template—just remember to save a blank copy to your local hard drive. Construction Invoice – For a project that should include the hours worked, by all laborers, and the materials used. Due Upon Receipt vs Net 30 - What are the best invoice payment terms? The process is fast and easy. People with different requirements and with vast variety of products, love to select blank format which can be used for almost every purpose. Get the template here. All rights reserved. No matter what service you are using to create an invoice, you will need to export the document as a file type. Fortunately, Microsoft Word has made it easy to make professional and functional invoices for free. | Other than a .doc (Microsoft Word), a .pdf is the best way to go as it’s the most widely known file format. Free Blank Invoice Template for Microsoft Word, We have more free templates & freelance resources here…, What is an invoice, anyway? All cash flow starts with an invoice, and this invoice template is one of the most basic you can find. This invoice is for the flashy bunch. Creating invoices for your small business doesn’t have to be complicated. A good sample invoice must be presented in a professional and organized manner. If there was a bid put forth at the commencement of the project it should be attached. Therefore rather than having several invoices for differ purposes of business, a company can use a smart format of blank invoice which could be modified as you need. Necessary cookies will remain enabled to provide core functionality such as security, network management, and accessibility. Basic invoice format can be prepared with little guidance and tips. We have more free templates & freelance resources here…. All aspects of catering an event must be added, from food and beverage provisions (and any other materials rented or purchased) to wait staff and continued food preparation and service. Painting Invoice – From a painter that includes items for products and for labor. All business owners know that invoicing is a prerequisite for their business operations—it must be done, and should be done on time. No matter what industry you’re in, from artists to electricians, we’ve got an invoice template to meet your needs. Freelance (Independent Contractor) Invoice. Learn more about Cashboard invoice software. A lightweight invoice—great when you need to import files to invoicing software. You can also switch its location on header which can also make it look different. Save time doing what matters most in your business. Moreover, adding more sections and making it lengthy, can also make it different from previous formats. Real Estate Commission – Primarily for brokers and property managers after a residential or commercial space has been leased or sold. Microsoft Word is a platform that most business owners know and love. Once the Subtotal is calculated any taxes (sales, excise, municipal, etc) should be added to the total amount. Use the included sample invoice to guide you. HVAC Invoice – Used by any company who sells and installs HVAC units for clients. Excel and Word templates for invoices include basic invoices as well as sales invoices and service invoices. A blank invoice is like basic invoice format which you can easily prepared at your own with little guidance. Check out our, Do you like spreadsheets? Get paid in no time with the free Word invoice template now. Whether you need to have an accounting invoice, repair invoice, or a photography invoice, these templates are going to serve you better for more. Vendor Invoice – Standard form for an amount due by an individual or Company for services or products provided. The time should include setup labor any extra equipment that may have been needed. Our site will open the template in a new tab, in our Edit tool. If you are a Microsoft Word user, you are in luck. One thing you must remember while designing... • Microsoft Excel can also be used to generate invoice forms. Download the blank template for fast and easy invoicing. Blank Word invoice template that’s ready to send to clients.

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