black cat names

We adopted her at about a year of age. Depending on the culture, black cats are an omen for good luck or bad luck. This list pulls potential name ideas from darkly hued objects. Spanish cat names give us plenty of options. Not only is this language relatively fun to learn, understanding it provides you a purrfect head-start to learning languages like Portuguese, and Italian. I have a new black kitty and I am looking for a creative name. We love all pets & our vision is to educate the pet loving community/pet owners, through content produced by our dedicated editorial team. Bagheera; 2. Felix; 3. “Ariel” in the Italian language refers to “ Lion of God.”. These black cat names focus on the eyes rather than your cat’s fur color! Felix. And Elvira for a girl is pretty great too. I dont think I’ve owned a pitch black one yet though!!!! Your black cat definitely warrants a special comedic name that complements their mysterious and wild nature. Depending on your black cat’s genes, they might be at risk of getting ‘rusty’ fur. If I had a black cat, I would choose the name Willow. We all do know felines recognize our voices. - CatVills, I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of. This post contains affiliate links. Even today, people recognize this cartoon cat with love and appreciation. There’s something mystic around black cats. When choosing a name make sure it will grow with your companion and friend. 5. The name Caviar just sounds sophisticated, doesn’t it? A Scorpio feline will pick a way to accomplish what he wants. Pronto! Selecting the right name is the best decision as a pet parent. Berlioz; 19. Our list of cat names consists of several monikers and most names. KitKat on May 15, 2018: Hubby brought her home from the parking lot of a gas station. It’s a really great way to choose something out of the box. 9. Felix. Felix is from Latin origin meaning- happy, fortunate. Don’t cry if your black cat is not the darkest possible shade of black. Try different possible name combinations, if you prefer a more majestic or a longer name for your black cat. It’s a great name if you’re looking for hilarious black cat names! Boo makes an excellent Halloween name. You may have heard these names before, but at least a few will be new to you. It’s a super cute name for an itty bitty kitty! When people give names to pets, they often associate items from nature or objects in their lives that remind them of their pet. Black Cats are Amazing. Your email address will not be published. This language is a great language that produces some stunning names. Learn how your comment data is processed. Even the direction that a cat walks can have significance. Berlioz has an older sister- Marie and an older brother- Toulouse. Getting creative or experimental with black cat names can be really fun. Felix the Cat starred in a cartoon in 1919. Talking of saints, why not name your pet after one. The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Bastet (one of the best black cat names) is depicted as the head of a black cat. Whether you’re the parent of a Bombay or one of the other black-coated kitties, here are some cute names for your black cat or kitten. Get naughty with names like Whisker, Terrie, Spider. Cats also have the ability to recognize our voices. All the best! Ciara; 20. There are plenty of feline characters that inspire you in the right way. I like the names Nyx and Felix those are the ones I would probably pick. I wouldn’t have thought of Bagheera, but it’s only appropriate. Caviar; 11. It means “Star.”. Exotic White Cats Attract Everyone With Their Gorgeous Colour And Appearance. Naming your feline after qualities you wish him or her to have is great. How Long Does It Take for a Cat to Have Kittens? Please help us improve. Cats are really graceful creatures so the name Willow is perfect. Your new black kitty deserves the best name fitting for its personality, looks, or both! Another popular saint name is Uberto. Snowball. All Rights Reserved. Required fields are marked *. Take a look and select the best name for your cat. Have you ever tasted caviar? Okay, yes, I know that a Stallion is a horse, but this is such a cute name for a black cat. Beetles are the most common type of insect, with more than 360,000 species worldwide. For instance, cruiser bikes and velvet leather jackets. These salted eggs mainly come from sturgeon fish, but can also come from salmon, trout and whitefish. Winkie is a black cat and close companion of orphans, Tia and Tony Malone, in the 1975 movie- Escape to Witch Mountain. They deserve your love and attention. Jade is from Spanish origin meaning- jewel. You can also choose names that mean “black” and this could be really ideal for your black cat. Take a look at these 15 distinct, popular Spanish names for your cat. Years ago, I had a female black cat that I named Pantera instead of the male name – Panther. Make sure it gels completely with your own personal taste. Elvira, known as the Mistress of the Dark, has made a career off of Halloween. Unisex cat names sound both creative and modern, and to top it all, you gain extra flexibility when choosing out the gender. Since the time of the Salem witch trials of the 1600s, the Plymouth Rock Pilgrims viewed the black cat as a witch's companion, demonic, and related to sorcery. Know The Attractive White Cats Personality, Breeds And Health Problems & More.

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