best slick rick songs

List Rules Vote for your favorite Slick Rick songs, not just singles and hits. With production from Vance Wright, Rick’s confident, nonchalant style merged extremely well with the New Jack Swing sound that was taking over the clubs and the charts during the early 90s. “Fine grown Pine-Sol / Heavenly rhyme throne / Remember when you were young in the ’70 time zone / Stages, ages about seven I  say kids / The dress code of our parents looked awfully outrageous / Not down on ’em, games and clownin / When soul was at it’s highest rate like James Brown and them…”. After Doug E Fresh recruited him for The Get Fresh Crew’s ‘The Show’, the dynamic duo traded verses to create hip-hop gold. Enter your email address to subscribe to our newsletter. “La-di-da-di, we like to party / We don’t cause trouble, we don’t bother nobody / We’re just some men that’s on the mic / And when we rock up on the mic we rock the mic right…”. While much of Rick’s legacy centres on his tales of wisdom (‘Children’s Story’), his debut album still had a few cruder cuts. The third single from The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick, and produced by Rick himself, ‘Hey Young World’ is an aspirational song on which The Ruler shares his wisdom with the youth of America. He’s influenced Snoop Dogg, Nas, Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, OutKast, Ghostface Killah and a host of others – all of whom have paid tribute to The Ruler. List of Slick Rick songs, ranked from best to worst by the Ranker community. It includes tracks from all four of the rapper's Def Jam albums: The Great Adventures of Slick Rick (1988), The Ruler's Back (1991), Behind Bars (1994), and The Art of Storytelling (1999). Most of the essential cuts are here, including "Children's Story," "Teenage Love," "I Shouldn't Have Done It," and "Street Talkin'" (featuring OutKast). On ‘La-Di-Da-Di’, however, MC Ricky D rhymes solo over Fresh’s famous beatboxing. With an unforgettable sample of the theme tune to the 80s cartoon Inspector Gadget, Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick released a classic that changed the face of hip-hop culture. Sure, Slick Rick’s sophomore album wasn’t quite the classic his debut was, but it wasn’t as bad as some people would have you believe either. Also from Behind Bars, ‘Sittin’ In My Car’ was the first collaboration between Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh since 1985’s classic ‘The Show’/‘La-Di-Da-Di’. “Impress The Kid”, “2 Way Street”, “Frozen”, “I Run This” – just a few of the excellent tracks from Slick Rick’s fourth and final album The Art Of Storytelling that would not be out of place on a list like this. Behind Bars (1994) A lengthy stint in prison would hurt anyone’s career. While the album version of ‘Behind Bars’ was exemplary, featuring production by the one and only Prince Paul, the remix, produced by fellow Def Jam labelmate Warren G, is a slept-on banger as well. Borrowing the hook from ‘Children’s Story’, ‘Just Another Case’ helped to introduce the hip-hop icon to a new generation of fans after the single went to No.68 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No.8 on the Hot Rap Singles chart. Was there ever a more impactful double A-side release in the history of Hip Hop? )’ on the track, creating an early protype of today’s sung-rap vocal style. 334 votes 92 voters 2.4k views. “Well I’m sittin on my lunch break, grinnin my teeth / It’s the last day of the week, boy what a relief  / My muscles kind of ache, they felt rigid and stiff / So I looked around, and I smoked this big fat spliff / Now I’m happy as can be I’m in this pothead spell / I put some Visine in my eyes so that no one can tell / It’s 12:55 almost time for the bell / Put the breath mints in the mouth so that the mouth don’t smell…”. Slick Rick’s sound is so unique, he became the most sampled artist in Hip Hop, making his hits all the more timeless. Part of a wave of compilations released in 2014 as part of Def Jam's 30th anniversary, this volume is the first proper Slick Rick anthology. The song deals with first infatuations and the powerful feelings of love and loss that go with it. What many consider to be one of the best tracks from The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick, ‘Mona Lisa’ was never released as a single, but it could be heard blasting out of every car stereo, club speaker and block-party boombox when the album dropped in 1988. ‘Da Art Of Storytellin’ (Pt 1)’ sees the MCs detail personal relationships, each one offering a new narrative perspective and displaying the throughline that connected these two generations of rappers. Rick even sings the chorus of Diana Ross’ ‘Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know? Please! making better choices, respecting their parents and not “following the dopes”, in the suave way that only Rick could pull off. The combination of Yasiin Bey and Rick produced one of the best hip-hop collaborations of the 00s and one of the best Slick Rick songs of all time. In spite of its provocative title, this Great Adventures… track captures Rick hosting a clinic on MCing. “Stepped on the D-Train at 205th / I saw a pretty girl (so?) Sounding reinvigorated on what was his first single in over five years, ‘Street Talkin’’ is one of the best Slick Rick songs. “This rap here… it may cause concern it’s / Broad and deep… why don’t you listen and learn / Love mean happiness… that once was strong / But due to society… even that’s turned wrong / Times have changed… and it’s cool to look bummy / And be a dumb dummy and disrespect your mummy…”. Slick Rick’s influence can be seen and heard throughout the history of hip-hop, so it was fitting that Jay-Z enlisted The Ruler to perform the hook on his classic ode to the ladies, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’, from The Blueprint. So I said, “Excuse me, dear / My gosh, you look nice! If you notice some elements of New Jack Swing in the production, it’s because a 15-year old producing genius named Teddy Riley crafted the track’s sound. A cautionary tale of cops, robbers and dope boys, Rick masterfully raps about the consequences of succumbing to the temptations of street life.

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