atlanta gas light meter installation

Valve Marker TRUNCATED DOME SECTION AND DETAIL 2/15/13 File Name .pdf SERVICE CONNECTION • If the meter is located inside the City of Atlanta, customers must pay a Right-of-Way Fee. Sd2-F SHALLOW MANHOLE 1/1/97 Air Valve SC002 7/1/84 City Hall South SW_G_CB007 1/1/97  TR001 TYPICAL BURIED GATE VALVE BOX AND CONC. Manhole/Drop  ALSO WR-G_TR001 DEFLECTION TEXT MANDREL SS-G_FC001 VT002 Meter box Section 154-66 requires an approved backflow assembly for all fire service meters, commercial (including multi-unit dwellings) meters and irrigation meters. Conc. Crossing Deflections Grate In 1856, the Atlanta Gas Light Company was founded to install gas streetlights in Atlanta and surrounding areas. Casting © 2020 Atlanta Gas Light Company, a subsidiary of AGL Resources Inc. All rights reserved. WR-G_VB002   SW006 STANDARD HEAVY-DUTY CATCH BASIN CASTING Planter CB001 The City of Atlanta accepts cash, personal or business checks, money orders, debit cards and all major credit cards. 12/25/07 TR001 For questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Transportation at 404-330-6501. CUL-DE-SAC FOR 32' R/W 28' STREET (SYMMETRICAL) Trench TYPE C HEADWALL 2 OF 2 ME001 STANDARD CURB CATCH BASIN TYPE "A" CUL-DE-SAC FOR 50' R/W 32' STREET (OFFSET), PERFORATED HALF ROUND PIPE WITH STONE FILTER, BLOCK AND GRAVEL DROP INLET PROTECTION 1 OF 2, BLOCK AND GRAVEL DROP INLET PROTECTION 2 OF 2, FILTER FABRIC WITH SUPPORTING FRAME 1 OF 2, FILTER FABRIC WITH SUPPORTING FRAME 2 OF 2. ER-G_SU001 Pavement PV002 11/1/04 SW-G_HW003 SIDEWALK, CURB AND GUTTER REPAIRS 11/1/04 The Fire Service Hydraulic Tests can only be conducted on fire hydrants within the City of Atlanta jurisdiction. The City of Atlanta accepts cash, personal or business checks, money orders, debit cards and all major credit cards. Planter FR001 TYPE II PAVEMENT REPLACEMENT TR-B_SW010a N/A SV003 10/1/04 STANDARD PIER TO SUPPORT 42" STEEL STORMWATER PLANTER HW006 TH006 TYPE "C" CATCH BASIN W/SECTION B-B AND C-C The device is configured to shut when there is reverse flow in the water line, keeping contaminants out of the water system. Cleanout Box MH Cover TYPICAL VALVE VAULT 16" AND LARGER VALVES 11/1/04 BC001 AGL owns and maintains the gas pipelines and your gas meter. TYP. STANDARD DROP INLET (TRAPPED) Headwall CB003 Headwall 10/1/04 Water systems are designed to move water in one direction. 12/25/07   Thrust block TR003 SS-G_DM001 WR-G_CP002  TR-G_TR002 12/25/07 7/1/84 TYPICAL UNDERGROUND VALVE BOX 12/25/07 TYPE C HEADWALL 2 OF 3 PR003 SW-G_CB012 WR-G_CP004 10/1/04 TYPE C Wheelchair  RAMP TYP. TYPICAL FIRE-SERVICE INSTALLATION MJ002 Headwall CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER TYPICAL MANUAL AIR VALVE TR-B_HR001 WR-G_TH005 11/1/04 SS-G_MH004 SW-G_CB003 SW004 WR-G_VL001 Bike Grate Prepaid Meters provides Electricity, Water and Gas Meter Installations for landlords, property managers, managing agents, estate agents, facilities managers, property investors, body corporate, home owners associations, share blocks and staff housing TR-B_CG002 BIKE SAFETY GRATE (ASTM A-48-74 CLASS 30) HW001 7/1/84 CW001 10/1/04 FC002 SS-G_MH001 11/1/04 TYPE G HEADWALL 1 OF 2 12/25/07 1/1/97   Once the Meter Relocation is paid for, the customer must allow a minimum of fifteen (15) weeks for completion. SP001 11/1/04 MAXIMUM PERMISSIBLE JOINT DEFLECTIONS 12/25/07

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