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They were a team. Or would you like to point us to golf news or simply submit an item for consideration? After he said this they cut to a commercial and when they came back she was gone and nothing was said as if she had never been there.The show as far as I know was never rerun. I couldn't talk at her funeral. I got home and turned on jonny as I always did. Have you seen a great golf vid you'd like to tell us about? The restaurant will be filled with people, and Palmer will sign autographs. On a cold weekday afternoon last month, Palmer was in his workshop at Bay Hill, bending and regripping clubs, checking lofts and lies with his eye. In the comfortable surroundings of that hillside wooden home a few steps away from Palmer’s office, she reminisced about her time with the man credited with bringing golf to the masses. I was in the Air Force at McChord AFB Wa. The initial connection happened when Palmer started playing in events at Pebble Beach Golf Links and met Kit’s father-in-law and husband, who were involved in Pebble’s ownership group. I heard about it, but never saw it. Arnold and his wife sued and won. Lots of people. He puts his massive head, his massive, granite, iconic head, on a pillow somewhere around half past nine, regardless of the time zone, and six or seven hours later he wakes up, before the first light, ready to tackle the day. He argued that the Callaway driver did not threaten the game. But as the one-year anniversary of his death approached, Kit’s thoughts gravitated more to the quiet and simple things she and Palmer did and shared. Back then the show was 90 minutes long. First, why would Carson have Arnold Palmer's wife on the show? The walls are decorated with pictures and photographs of Palmer. Please refrain from using profanity or insulting other commenters. It has always been that way. As he came off the set at the end of the interview, he was greeted by a little cheering section, his people. After a hot day on the course at Latrobe Country Club, he would ask his wife Winnie to make him an iced tea with lemonade. A Masters winner is an honorary member, but in November 1999, Palmer was made a regular member as well. That's what's happening with these Johnny/Arnie "memories.". He always just knew the right thing to do. "How'd I do?" Arnold and His Love of Aviation. I learned a lot about Latrobe. She spoke eloquently, however, in describing some of the qualities she’ll always remember about him. You don't want Palmer mad at you. She blurted out " i kiss his balls". That anyone could go to the Google newspaper archive and find tons of stories about the lawsuit, which would have been HUGE news at the time? Don't you think for one minute that Tiger Wood's wife was the first jealous woman to beat out the windows of a car, trying to put a divot in her husband. I believe what I believe, and I believe this driver is good for golf. "I had finally gotten a clean bill of health on my prostate cancer when we got a call that now Winnie had cancer," he says. The two had met at a tournament in Pennsylvania, when she was a student at Brown University. "Winnie," he says quietly. Hearing the story about Arnold Palmer's wife on The Tonight Show, being told that it really happened (even though it didn't), can lead to the formation of a "memory" of the non-existent event. MONDAY, SEPT. 25, 2017 . The colors are rich and vibrant, autumnal. ", Back in La Quinta, he picks up a lush coffee-table book about his career and starts thumbing through it, looking for a picture of Sweeney, his opponent in the '54 Amateur final. "I had finally gotten a clean bill of health on my prostate cancer when we got a call that now Winnie had cancer," he says. The working men, strangers to Palmer only technically, laughed with him. He brought with him Charlie Mechem, the former LPGA commissioner who is now Palmer's unpaid, full-time counselor, as well as Deaton, the Bay Hill pro, and Howdy Giles, a Wilmington, Del., dentist who has an informal Palmer museum in his house. Next to marrying his wife, Winnie, and deciding on a professional career in golf, there’s only one decision Arnold Palmer considers smarter. The audience started laughing before Johnny could say anything which started her being irritated and Johnny in his usually style said " I bet that makes his putter flutter". ", Arnold Palmer and his wife, Winnie Palmer, in 1962, At the mention of his wife, Palmer's eyes become damp. "One way we let him know we're thinking about him is by sending him these clippings anytime there's something good on our side," Callaway says. Snopes also points out that Arnold Palmer himself has said it never happened, including during an (actual) appearance of his own on the Jay Leno version of The Tonight Show in 1994. I've taken that out." In the 1960's, not only did people want to golf like Arnold Palmer, but they wished to model their life after their hero, too. All Rights Reserved. Winnie had written out her own funeral service, what music she wanted played, what prayers read. This seemingly innocent statement has turned Palmer's life inside out. No such stories exist because there was no lawsuit. His comments were reported the next day in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution on the front page of the sports section. Then at some point Johnny asked if she did anything to give him luck on the golf course. "The social life was a little too fast for her out here," says Palmer, "but she would have liked this place, because it's quiet and small. Amateur. But to tell other people they don't remember something that happened in their lifetime is absurd. First Wife: Winifred Palmer. Send us an email at. “His character, he was patient, well-grounded in morals and ethics. Yes, it did happen. Very typical.”. It's been told about Jack Nicklaus' wife, about Sam Snead's wife, and also about the wives of tennis players and couples from other sports. "Electric's a week behind schedule, plumbing two, painting's nowhere," Palmer said, making mischief. The rest of the golfing world falls under the auspices of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, which has approved the club. Earlier that morning he had been sitting at the long, dark dining room table in his small, stylish house at the Tradition. "I like Trey Holland. Memories are inherently faulty and can very easily be create or changed. Arnie told him that it was actually Carson, speaking to Arnold (not Arnold's wife), who made a ball joke: Arnold Palmer: No, Johnny said, 'Does your wife kiss your balls before you go play?' Palmer has a 12-year contract with Callaway paying him about $400,000 a year. Her father, Arnold Palmer, died on this day one year ago. At which point after the final comment by Carson, she got up and left.The reason why so many people claim to have seen it, is because it actually happened. The fact is, his driving game, a lifelong obsession for him, is improving. He has a house in Latrobe, Pa., where he was born 71 years ago. I remember him saying those words as if it was yesterday. As long as he could get a Western on TV, and have a Kettle, he was fine. "I've got you now!" “He got a kick out of figuring it all out. I remember when he took over after Jack Parr did the show. He is getting on with his life. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kit tries not to think about her husband’s last months and doesn’t talk about it, other than to say, “It was tough to see someone so strong …” and then her voice trailed off. Of course, their very private wedding in January 2005 on the north shore of Oahu was certainly special. Turns out, she had done all that planning a year before she died.". There were times where we’d just take off and drive and see where we went. But I will always be a USGA man. In other words: Play nice! But there are a couple problems with the story. Winnie Palmer never appeared on The Tonight Show (something that has been confirmed numerous times by Tonight Show archivists), and Arnie himself says it's an urban legend. Then on Jan. 20 Holland, addressing the Georgia State Golf Association, spoke of the contradiction of having a USGA spokesman endorsing a club banned by the USGA. He said his fondest moment in golf wasn't from his pro career but from his last days as a rough-hewn, free-swinging kid, when he won the 1954 U.S. Learning how … You not only remember something that never happened, you've invented a story ("burned the tape") to explain why it's impossible to find any record of the thing that never happened. He's too beloved. Not a show." Still, Palmer has always been devoted to the companies that pay him, regardless of the fee. She said the two worked on a big project that Palmer was very proud of. His performance was praised. I've heard many people tell this story. If you had taught Palmer that stuff, you would have made a friend for life, too. Is an urban legend about golf actually a suburban legend? SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. He has a casita at the Tradition, a new gated community in the California desert. He is heading out. Palmer… That's part of his code. Winnie Palmer died in November 1999 of cancer. Palmer heads out the back door for a walk—he has never been one to stay in one place for very long—strolling across the par-3 course at the Tradition. "I've been called Benedict Arnold. He paused, looked directly at his questioner and said in the exuberant singsong voice of a little boy, "But I know one club where I'm the only pro.". Her counseling method was to listen and listen while Palmer weighed the pros and cons of an issue, waiting for him to say something smart. "My stars, could she be a spitfire. It was done without pomp and circumstance, and was attended by a very select few guests. You can judge people by the company they keep, except that he was so down to earth. She said her very famous husband, who could easily have chosen to be like other celebrities and insulate himself from fans, loved having people around. I bet that makes his putter flutter. Included among her many memories of being Mrs. Arnold Palmer … "That was in late October, in 1998. I was really let down. I am not calling anyone a liar. He reiterated that the USGA would always need Arnold Palmer. I was on the couch and fell of to the floor when Jonny said "I bet that makes your putter flitter". To his millions of fans around the world, Monday is the culmination of a very, very long year. He played the Hope again last week, as he does annually, missing the cut but shooting a 71 on Saturday to become the first person in seven years to shoot his age in a Tour event. "I guess they figured I already had the jacket," he said. “It was nice,” Kit said with a smile. That night Holland called Palmer and apologized for his indelicate comments in Georgia. He tried to say, in numerous ways but using far too many words, that he just wants people to enjoy golf, in any way they want to. "She loved her life. Pride is another central theme in Palmer's life. AP. “We could do nothing together and have a good time,” she said. “I had a job in California, working in a small church doing weddings,” Kit recalled. We were married 12 years but did the cross-country thing for probably five years.”, Included among her many memories of being Mrs. Arnold Palmer was a time when the couple was flying somewhere in his Citation X and Palmer pointed out the curvature of the earth. He is going out with friends on a still, cool winter night in the California desert. Among those who felt the loss most acutely was his wife of 12 years, Kit. “He depended on me.”. Woods even said his children were born in the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies. The whole thing has left him confused, upset, hurt. “Arnold was one of those people who could do things at the spur of the moment, but if he had a plan or commitment, he was never late.” It happened. It’s kind of a selfish house, two bedrooms in a big house.”. “I almost got a pilot’s license, I was ready to solo but never did.

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