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They define the type of element and suggest what purpose it serves. To describe the HMTL menu to assistive technology Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) markup can be added to the HTML elements used to create the menu. The following example identifies the element as some kind of banner: The following example, often placed in a containing element, suggests that its content provides some information about the content within the containing element: An alert with dynamic content should use role="alert": This one is my personal favorite, which is used when an element is simply for presentation… WAI-ARIA Role values can not be repeated, but HTML5 elements can (you can have several header or footer elements in a single page), so it is easier to make sure you are targeting your actual document header, instead of affecting every possible header element that may in the future be put on your document. The Opera 101; Operas ... An aria in an opera is a set-piece song for a solo singer in which the character expresses an emotion or ideal that doesn’t necessarily drive the story forward. The role in the example below identifies the element as a slider, with additional values using the aria prefix prepended to the property name. An explanation of operatic arias with descriptions and examples from the great composers. Some examples are banner, search, and region. Here's the markup for a progress bar widget: This progress bar is built using a

, which has no meaning. Can I see some code? The Opera 101 . An example of an ARIA role is
. The aria-valuemin and aria-valuemax attributes specify the minimum an… The first day of the week, number 1, is Sunday. ARIA roles are added to HTML markup like an attribute. Yeah, sure! In HTML, all forms have the same semantics. Widget roles help in making interactive elements accessible. Before we describe each role, let us look at the six categories of WAI ARIA roles: Landmark roles typically denote large areas of a document. These are specified by adding attributes to the element. The following is an example of the ARIA markup that can be added to a menu. Default HTML roles should not be duplicated using ARIA—avoid things like