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There isn't an absolute agreed upon amp yet. I have yet to level that one up, so I didn't realize it said there are additional charges, and the wiki doesn't mention it in the description. like this ? -Strike There really isn't a BiS other than the tier 3 brace, otherwise it's either the shotgun or grenade launcher for eidolons(Grenade launcher beats the shotgun slightly but it's so close it's more preference than anything), and personally I prefer the tier 3 scaffold because it clears vomvalysts really well. -Fury It seems like you'd not want to do that based on the description and based on the wiki notes. 2200 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.36) * 2.7 * 4 = 36,590, Raplak Prism 7500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.3) * 1.33 * 3.5 = 50,623 I've seen people make a case for Clapkra and Juttni braces, but sustained damage is less effective with combined fire from a team of upgraded amps that could get rid of the teralyst shield in seconds. Whats is mean 111 211 333 whats 1 whats 2 whats 3 please tell me with names. T2 remains almost completely unaffected by the glitch. 2200 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.36) * 2.7 * 4 = 36,590, Raplak Prism I don't use alt fire in the fight, but the first craftable one (don't remember its name) felt the best out of three to me. -Base It is also a possible rank-up reward for advancing to ​Hand​ with Vox Solaris. 212 - Similar to above, but less expensive, and nice if you don't have Madurai waybounds. My Review And Suggestions For The Current Amp Components. In my previous post I stated that the raplak is for clearing excess void strike buffs between limbs, because you have to build the multiplier back up between each one. So the shraksun has a slower fire rate and it takes forever to clear the buff, the raplak shoots much faster. But, I like it! I understand why you're recommending the T2 Brace and it is an amazing option for newer groups, but when you're super min/maxing for the 11-12 kill range, the T3 Brace will win out. These options can vary from single target beams to explosive AoE grenades. Finally, the Lohrin brace only increases the Granmu's burst output. 333 - The coolboy everything T3 amp. -Fury The second Amp being a more generalist build, including being used for Kuva-farm (Klebrik, the third tier's secondary-trigger autoaims even for the small Kuva clouds). I know nothing about amps or PoE actually. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm using a Shwaak/Pencha/Lohrin combo. Primary fires a triple burst aoe shot. -Strike I use a 2-3-2 and love it but then again I'm a Ghostbuster's fan and the klebrik is the closest we're gonna get to a proton pack. What is BiS for prisms, scaffolds, and braces? Recent patch buffed the Ammo and Lohrin brace btw. -Base This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. 127, X42, or 223) refer to the tier of Prism, Scaffold, and Brace used to craft the Amp. The first Amp you can purchase and build is known by players as the 1-1-1. 2200 (1 + ( 1 - 4) * 0.36) * 2.07 * 4 = 37,889 So using Sharksun comes at a  price. The difference isn't that big, so just go with 3 to save yourself some materials. Just two of those in the squad can bring down the shield in mere seconds. Can you actually accumulate more charges and have to burn those off in order to start accumulating more damage for your next attack? The prism determines the main firing mode of the amp, the scaffold determines the alt-fire, and the brace changes certain stats on the amp such as energy pool or critical chance. Guys you think this will work good for hunting Theralyst 2/3/3? The ​blueprint is sold by Little Duck for ‍ 3,000 standing and requires a rank of Hand to purchase. That's where the secondary comes in The ​blueprint is sold by Little Duck for 3,000‍3,000 standing and requires a rank of Hand to purchase. So if you have a good group sometimes you will have excess charges left over after the shield is popped that you have to shoot off before you can build up the multiplier again. 7500 (1 + ( 1 - 4) * 0.3) * 1.33 * 3.5 = 66,334 The burstfire grenade from Granmu is a great tool for removing Teralyst shield. I crafted the first one and had skipped the second one in order to test the 3rd tier as fast as possible. -Base -Strike Thank you. I saw a video of a guy who took out the shields in 6.5 seconds with tier 2 scaffold using a virtuous strike (20% for 60% crit chance on a critical) and using unairu wisp (focus 'talent') to boost his damage. 7500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.3) * 1.73 * 3.5 = 65,848, Shwaak Prism Not quite there yet but at least for a general use amp I'm going for t2 prism, t3 scaffold, and t1 brace. There's also a reason to take your own waybound passives into consideration. An AMP consists up of three unique parts. But as it is now, it feels like a waste of a secondary fire. For teralyst captures, 3/3/3 is objectively the best amp setup and I don't mean that in terms of "it's better because it's T3." There are some videos on various Amp combinations around as well. ©2020 Digital Extremes Ltd. All rights reserved. It alters the Operator's Void Beam to fire a widespread jet of void fire, similar to a flamethrower. I also took into account their DPS with either the Strike or Fury Arcanes involved. The very first Amp you can create is 100x better than the Mote Amp anyway; you should craft it so you can make your Eidolon farming more efficient. To successfully generate one for your game, you need to have them ready. 3.3.3. -Base So that's pretty much my main setup now. As you level up and gain access to more Amp parts, you’ll want to build something more powerful, but for now the 1-1-1 Amp should be your priority. Already crafted the first one and it is indeed better. Primary fires a triple burst aoe shot. ?.?.?. The Burst grenade is very effective in damage against the Teralyst, but it's very possible to miss him and the Vomalysts. When it's fully leveled it says "On leaving Void Mode the next 8 attacks deal 12% additional damage for every second spent cloaked.". -Fury Something like Pencha allows for great ammo economy and lets you spend majority of time in Void mode so if you don't have Vazarin and Madurai waybounds unlocked; this can be more useful compared to a player who has those unlocked. -Fury -Strike -Fury Just use Juttni Brace for the reduced charge delay, and NEVER use Klebrik Scaffold it's the shit scaffold with that hosing down beam shit. The budget Good Amp. 333 - The coolboy everything T3 amp. Raplak gets the job done but it's not much value outside killing wisps while Granmu's arch makes it very hard to land long range shots. If I could rebuild my Shwaak gun, I'd probably go 2.2.2 or 2.3.2 So based on this information, what is the best set up then in you opinion? If you go back into void mode without attacking, it simply increases the one charge. Sharksun Scaffold 9000 ( 1 + ( 1- 1.6) * 0.224) * 0.8 * 4.5 = 36,755 But that most likely will not be the best combination, so I'm also building a second one for eidolon hunting. Very slow energy consumption, consumes 6 energy/second (ingame stats show 25/s but this is wrong). Edit: I would not consider consider crafting a Tier 2 prism/scaffold as my current Amp is effective as I'll ever need. Loose an incendiary attack that damages over time. Primary is just here for the range. What the 1-1-1 Amp Excels in: is good? First and foremost: Mote Amp: It's bad, get a better one ASAP. As of now I'm enjoying 233 more because it's easier to use than 333. The Warframe community has come up with a clever shorthand system to quickly describe Amp combo builds comprised of three numbers. I also run full virtuous fury (+30% damage 4 sec after status) and magus replenish (heal 20% after each void dash) so bear in mind my operator is pretty tanky to stand right at the teralysts feet where this works best. With volt shield + skraksun + virtuos strike + void strike + adarza (this seems like a lot of moving pieces but 4/5 should automatically be active anyways), I've seen individual hits on the shield for over 10k damage. Oberon solo cap with 3/3/3 amp for reference. 3500 (1 + ( 1 - 3.36) * 0.2) * 1.33 * 4.5 = 30,835 what about the 2.2.2 combination? -Strike First one would be the general destruction gun (lots of AoE) which I'd use for anything such as Teralyst hunting. 7500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.5) * 0.3) * 1.73 * 3.5 = 65,848, Shwaak Prism Two hits per vomvalyst with the operator to take them out, good range (surprised me at least), can hit multiple vomvalysts at once (so two hits taking out a group of 2 or more...saving time). Note: I have maxed out the Madurai way-bound passives, so I have 40 extra ammo and regenerate 60% faster; I'm sure this allows me to fire 3 more salvos before I have to sit it out for a bit, but this might make non-focus-masters a little turned off. The Amp's gilding and brace are both disabled when not the host making the T3 inferior to the T2 due to its dependence on critical and critical damage when a client. -Base I'd still recommend the Klebrik scaffold for easily destroying kuva clouds and dispelling stalker resistances. The only downside is it's range (which isn't as short as you'd think). This weapon deals exclusively Void damage. -Base Bound to only improve when I finish my Virtuous Strike set and get Madurai's perks (in a few years, granted, unless 2.5 majorly changes things :P). Brace you can go 1 or 3, 3 (Klebrik) is for those who have unlocked the Zenurik energy passives, 1 (Juttni) is for newer people who haven't. I think this set up is the highest damage possible for teralysts shields. -Base For Teralyst DPS the scaffold isn't that big a deal. That would work too. :D, Also, the Granmu only deals 1 self-damage per hit as of the most recent patch. An X indicates a wildcard and means that particular component can be of any tier. Is that not the case? It all depends on what kind of firing style you like and where you want your operator to be. Gilded and combined with Lohrin brace, Volt shields, an Adarza kavat, and either Virtuous Fury (procs a lot and was cheaper so I started with that) or Strike (superior choice if math checks out)--and eventually Madurai unbounds--it's pretty good. 2#3. -Strike 1000 * (1 + ( 1- 3.52) * 0.3 * 5.42 * 1 = 9,518 1000 * (1 + ( 1- 2.2) * 0.3 * 7.05 * 1 = 9,588, Pencha Scaffold T2 remains almost completely unaffected by the glitch. -Fury After many a deliberation, I've decided to name my two amps and Rakta dagger "Thats your opinion" "You do you" and "Each his own". The Amp's gilding and brace are both disabled when not the host making the T3 inferior to the T2 due to its dependence on critical and critical damage when a client. -Fury These parts can be mixed and matched to the user's liking if they so wish. Fixed the Lega Prism’s continuous fire being affected by framerate. 3500 (1 + ( 1 - 2.1) * 0.2) * 1.73 * 4.5 = 33,242, Granmu Prism The number of charges available is not refreshed by additional casts as long as there are unused charges still in play. Suggestion. For everything else, the Pencha scaffold has the best damage per shot albeit at a slow rate of fire, but void damage overall does not perform well against level 60+ enemies. Asked by Ridiculously fun and strong in pretty much any situation. While I miss being able to snipe Vomalysts with the 1st prism, I had to go pick up the core with my feet anyway. Leaving it that way, I can drop shield and still taking out vomvalysts solo in about 4 mins or so. All amps are constructed from three components: The Prism, the Scaffold and the Brace. -Fury 9000 ( 1 + ( 1- 1.6) * 0.14) * 1.04 * 4.5 = 45,658. I prefer 123 . Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. On 11/29/2017 at 8:23 AM, Airwolfen said: 53 minutes ago, (Xbox One)R3d P01nt said: On 1/9/2018 at 10:03 AM, (PS4)baxic9 said: On 2/2/2018 at 1:01 PM, (PS4)Musicopia said. I like it for an all-around use...not only for Teralyst but for other missions too.

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