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**Mouse over image above to zoom any area, or click on image to zoom the entire image. But not one of them will stand on the wrong end of a 380…. Due to special pricing and / or limited availability, this item is currently reserved for our Team Buds members. For a negligible increase in profile/weight/even cost, you get a huge boost in “shootability”. I’m liking this one a lot. For our firearm inventory only. Sure. A 23.5 oz Glock 19 is too big to carry so I carry a 21.7 oz Glock 26. North American Arms NAA BUG OUT BOX 22LR 1-1/8" SS Barrel Orange Grip, Waterproof Box. It’s dispatched a handful of snakes and small critters, and with far less noise or drama than a small 380 or 9mm. I was doing the same. Unless I leave the property and/or have a reason to grab something larger, a Black Widow with GoldDots is always in my pocket. The matte-black finish is created by a physical vapor deposition process creating a titanium-based coating. It may be on display and is All Rights Reserved. I don’t see the point of rat shot unless you really want a non-lethal first shot. This item NOT eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. Scares off roaming dogs, quickly dispatches vermin. All Rights Reserved. The matte-black finish is created by a physical vapor deposition process creating a titanium-based coating. You can do the wound ballistics testing on your own to prove it. By adding this item to your Wish List, That’s a psychological deterrent right there for the attacker to back off…. available for immediate purchase and pick-up. I’m not saying there isn’t some basic logic behind the old “you don’t wanna get shot with it” card, but you guys really need to stop acting like it’s some kind of unassailable argument. Maybe a contact shot to the temple would be disabling. Discounted Price when paying with Cash, Check, Money Order, or Electronic Check (ACH). The Mini-Shadow is chambered in .22LR, .22Mag or with a convertible cylinder so you can swap between the two. I am a huge fan of the pocketable little revolvers made by North American Arms. the version for shorts loaded with calibris is probably comparable to the bug-a-salt toy in velocity, but i still want one. Don’t even need a real range. straight fiddly, dirty fun. This item is no longer available. I carry it in a belt holster. Free Shipping Offer only applies to specially marked items. Black Synthetic 6903, "Internet Purchases Only" The Mini Master’s 4” barrel seemed to require a belt holster or something less convenient. And yes, I know these gun are a cool novelty item that have some tiny utility in an already tiny probability of you actually having a DGU. How many of them also like these little .22 revolvers? The resulting finish is corrosion-resistant, has high temperature and impact strength, is abrasion resistant and durable enough that a topcoat isn’t needed. Are you a Qualified Professional? Even as a BUG I have doubts about it being effective. Bird shot in .22 mag… stand at “bad breath” distance and let me pepper your face w/bird shot, no takers? Bunch of judgmental ….s. A 21.7oz Glock 26 is too big to carry so I carry a 14.3 oz Airweight. I want to pick up the dog-tag neck chain Kydex draw holster I’ve seen for it. Click HERE to login. The sights on the Pug/Widow/Minimaster are really good sights, but for deep concealment they are not the best. Already a Team Buds member? That was for the convertible cylinder version. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 (CW2), View all items by any one manufacturer by searching or selecting it from the dropdown. (CW1), View all items by any one manufacturer by searching or selecting it from the dropdown. When is the last time YOU had to stand down anyone? I’m trying to remember what I paid for mine in 1998, I *think* it was 180 bucks? North American Arms PUG SHADOW 22LR/22M PVD 1 Reviews | Questions & Answers. I still want one on a keychain… if I follow though with that mad idea one day, I’ll just stick with brushed stainless and rosewood. Please click HERE for more details on membership benefits or to join Team Buds. The Mini Master is one of the most pleasant guns I’ve ever shot, especially with the 22LR cylinder and subsonics. Obviously not a primary carry, although this gun made pajama carry possible for me. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 It may be on display and is you will be notified automatically via email Why do you have it?” Yet when I asked him to stand 3 yards away and let me shoot him, he refused. I have ordinary corrugated cardboard boxes that haven’t been penetrated by .22 ratshot. $304.19. The comments are hilarious. It’s loud! Of course he couldn’t hit anything. (CW2). Agreed that they’re no proper handgun, but the real sights and decent grip of the Black Widow and Mini-Master turn them into decently shootable pieces. “…but i still want one. I’d let you keep your life since it won’t do me any good, and I don’t need a murder wrap. I suppose because most owners are under no illusions about the distances they anticipate shooting it from. Once NAA produced the dovetailed sights on the Pug, Black Widow and Mini-Master, I’m stumped as to why they still offer models with that worthless little bead and notch. After extensive research online, I decided on the PUG Shadow in .22 Mag All I can say is I wish I bought one a long time ago! How do you carry it? Free Shipping Offer only applies to specially marked items. Please contact or visit our retail stores for ammo and accessory prices and availability. when this item is back in stock. This item NOT eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. This places a “Reserve Order” for an out of stock item. I’d rather go up against a man with a gun full of .22 rat shot than a man with a knife, that’s for sure. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The LCP/P3AT/TCP class is the smallest group of practical firearms. Everyone says bad things about the .380. 2150 South 950 East Provo, UT 84606. By adding this item to your Wish List, I’ll take you up on it on one condition: While you’re shooting me with it, I’ll sprint toward you and stab you in the neck over and over again. below, to find the closest FFL Dealer in your area. This item is viewable at our retail store in LEXINGTON, KY. North American Arms PUG SHADOW 22LR/22M PVD. This item is eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. That they just *might* save your bacon if you have it and no other options is a plus. ASSORTED 9MM AMMO (TARGET AND SELF DEFENSE), ASSORTED HANDGUN (25ACP/32AUTO) AND RIFLE (6.5 SWEDISH) AMMO, VARIOUS 40 S&W AMMO (TARGET AND SELF DEFENSE), ASSORTED 45ACP AMMO (TARGET AND SELF DEFENSE), "Internet Purchases Only" You might damage eyes with it, but otherwise it’s just going to sting. Yeah. It is small....Hickok 45 said something to the effect .... That when carrying this gun, you are almost armed ... lol BUT any gun is better than no gun! You can use our Live Chat if you have any questions about the item you just added to your shopping cart. The Sidewinder and Ranger are really cool, but I’d rather deal with a field-strip reloading process and have some sights I can actually use. A 10 oz TCP is too big to carry so I carry a 4.6 oz NAA mini revolver. UPC: 744253003431 . Uncle Mike's Michaels of Orego, US FIREARMS, USA MAGAZINES, VANGUARD USA, Copyright © 2003-2020 Already have the .22WMR 1 1/8″ stainless version. Frankly, the micro .380s barely count as guns. Just reach up under your shirt…. NAA revolvers represent the reductio ad absurdum of the “[insert pistol of your choice] is to big to carry” argument. Considering my everyday loadout includes not just my gun, but also a Cold Steel Irish walking stick, a heavily-laden DeSantis City Slicker and a Gerber Fairbairn Combat Folder- I’d say I’ve got the “sharp stick” beat.

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