12v lithium battery voltage chart

What are differences between all-solid-state lithium battery and solid state lithium battery? 0000047750 00000 n )���A���fк�*�4TD$h�x5ND�`h�՘a�\�#�p3. When fully charged, a lithium battery has a maximum voltage of 4.2v, and when fully discharged, it must never go below 3.0v because that will result in the battery being damaged. Once all load is removed from a battery, voltage can bounce back up substantially. In long-term storage applications, a lithium battery should not be stored at 100% SOC, and therefore can be maintained with a full cycle (charged and discharged) once every 6 – 12 months to 30% – 70% SOC. 12v Lithium-Ion battery pack 12V battery pack - Lithium Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) - 100Ah • High lifespan: two thousand cycles and more (see chart) • Deep discharge allowed up to 100 % • Ultra safe Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry (no thermal run-away, no fire or explosion risks) <> Stage 1 of the SLA chart above takes four hours to complete. H��Wmo�8��p�FI��>��v��;�bc�h��b3���Hr��_C�o&�Ejy�p������fu�"@`�b9���i� �g���q��~u�����ϛ�j-ʫ���O��3����B�Qg 9�����nE��UQ'Y��ₚ�nu�z�Y�H3B�ZF9��Z���»9�֟���߆��L �ӂ�;�O�7p'�fy|����� +�� Voltages and Specific Gravity are listed for a 6-volt or 12-volt battery, and battery banks of 24 and 48 volts. 0000041871 00000 n This function chooses the optimal voltage charging range, and determines when the battery is fully charged. Did you know they can also charge four times faster than SLA? In an application where the battery is in storage, float charging keeps the SLA battery at 100% State of Charge (SOC), which is necessary to prevent sulfating of the battery that therefore prevents damage to the plates of the battery. >��_��}e���ч�^�A�Y: �רm��y]�V�C+` $�נϱ��M�Q�F�'ˍ�Q-ڎ��\�F}u�C��A�A�`��b��E�@��:�O7�>�����/��*��|�iD�E���؏_ �2�,K������h��}��Cn���~bt]��F/���g�ix.I%���)`��Fu@�`�p"r�{���^��.���C������J�ߎ�Ÿ� dy�|������I��]߄����3�lģ�|#�ŷ��� >���/�82�,%�Z��� ?>��V��ٝ�/�K�O�����hVt��Vzvv�Ao��C�1�a5��G�>����]�1����0�Y�1���O|��E|$>~�BV�_�����%�E��l\"�r���k�Um��� �����Q�s��~��.�3�e��vR����}i}���M���w�wG?B���E��J�,~����5@;'N�c�d���7㛁���v�$[�s�P�/��YK�l��H.O���&RC��6r/�&o��8�Ssz�¥q��r��k�Vr�s�u�}�c�2�|�����|���|;��9��l����O�*�2�y����Ha�0]�!�[�C›� If you have any questions about an existing %%EOF 0000474600 00000 n How much do you know about LiPo battery charge voltage? an email. 0000451119 00000 n $�E��FtFG��E�0,3������8㎊�3��qI�{���O������oҩ�SU��r�:�n'm-�5H�:��U�*��l^�!�:B�X��M�|�90$��EM��i�!E�ׯ\tit��tO �~�������n=Bc�`����P�� �g��T�����=�P?���ƪ��'G?�PA�c�U�ܴ����zԥ��e5ꇬ+��!�ۦ�ֶ�QZ�)������U�>(��1�Կ�6��PN��erA�T�5Z�^4Mf��fw8]�������=�|��~�Z��E����$_rO��uh/:�^��}�0�F�C6T�F��_��H��A�f4>2h�%vD�Q&zd�Qtpo@��#Ȋ��/���{�Z��(�C�Q#�O�����C���&�Ԅ;��ѻ��F�@O����}H��� It is very common for lithium batteries to be placed in an application where an SLA battery used to be maintained on a float charge, such as a UPS system. 0000047563 00000 n 0000022517 00000 n Chargers are selected to match the capacity of the battery to be charged, since the current used during charging is based on the capacity rating of the battery. In cyclic applications, the charge time is very critical. 0000449888 00000 n Power Sonic recommends you select a charger designed for the chemistry of your battery. Typically, the terminal current setting is determined by the charger. Stage 2 is necessary in both chemistries to bring the battery to 100% SOC. 0000528661 00000 n 2 0 obj _�^�H�0ޕP��M�\�G��8)R����}�㋶U��ǀ�g��t��w����c_��Nm׌����:�cܯS��S��K���4��Ӻ��9I��M���~n�.=܆�w��nr�Z�&�,Зj�Z]�K�a/�ƞ������}��>D���%e꾉ס��Xu�;V��ٱJb���\�Î��W5&�rc//�8W���o��mqϯg�g��q��ߵ�8'��W�+����c[c�%o�;� �1=b�%y ��ؓ=X���t�p�JFN�>>�>>~M^������M�#��|�>���G�#��|����A8�`^���G� p���!�\9��9W��r�#�0c���(rQ�2�-�%�����>��R��K���=0ǀ=====����J�/�䚔X�-�[�byT�ƪ�}�d}G+��0�! 0000004825 00000 n [Tech Resources] 11.1V 6600mAh Battery Design Scheme of Portable B Supersonic Diagnostic Set, 7.4V 10Ah Backup Power Design Scheme of Medical Infusion Pump, 25.6V 38.4Ah AGV Lithium Ion Battery Solutions, New energy independent brand momentum of the policy guidance to double its pressure, Lithium battery protection panel wiring method, The performance of lithium batteries has been gradually broken through, Brief description of Tesla Powerpack Large Energy Storage System, Lithium Energy invested nearly 600 million yuan to set up subsidiaries, Many people call for new energy logistics car operating subsidies. %PDF-1.4 H�\�ݎ�0F�y Do You Restore Lithium Ion Battery in Freezer? What To Do With A Punctured Lithium Ion Battery, Discussion 26650 Battery Vs 18650 Battery. The buildup of sulfate crystals I put together the following battery state of charge chart which indicates the state-of-charge (percent) as it relates to battery voltage or specific gravity. 0000008195 00000 n If it is charging a lithium battery, the charger should shut off automatically. 0000027465 00000 n 0000004488 00000 n �ɏlW��I��AxT ~&�n�R endobj An over-discharged lithium battery that is in protection mode will have an OCV of 0. Float charging is only required for an SLA battery, recommended around 13.8V. 0000025018 00000 n 0000009200 00000 n The first reason is that the chemistry of 0000009113 00000 n stream A lithium ion battery doesn't care if it is never fully charged, so if all you have available is 3.8 volts and you don't mind the loss in capacity you could use the 3.8 volts. 0000017452 00000 n Stage 1 charging is typically done at 10%-30% (0.1C to 0.3C) current of the capacity rating of the battery or less. H��Wˎ��߯�RZ\�,���#�7A�"g���-K ���9U��{'����M�q����R�5ǹB[-����o/ o.o/���K 0000004604 00000 n 0000047510 00000 n The nominal voltage of lithium-ion is 3.60V/cell. It is generally acceptable to use a standard constant voltage SLA charger with our lithium batteries, as long as it adheres to certain standards. ��O����j��qc�Ģ�x�>(=�. [Contact Us], PowerStream Technology 1163 South 1680 West Orem, Utah 84058 USA Phone: 801-764-9060 In Stage 1, as shown above, the current is limited to avoid damage to the battery. In standby applications, since the self-discharge rate of lithium is so low, the lithium battery will deliver close to full capacity even if it has not been charged for 6 – 12 months.

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