21 Brands Capitalizing On Star Wars Mania

This week sees the much anticipated release of the next Star Wars film – The Force Awakens. Star Wars is a ubiquitous brand. Merchandising includes everything from pets clothing to spoons. The next instalment already looks like being a guaranteed box office hit. No wonder plenty of brands are eager to associate their products with […]

5 Reasons “Spare the Act” Is My Favourite Christmas Ad Of 2015

Do you have a favourite Christmas ad of 2015? There’s certainly been some memorable Christmas ads this year. John Lewis’ #ManOnTheMoon campaign is generating an unprecedented level of social media attention. The retailer’s festive ads are now something of a tradition. Although not yet on a par with the likes of mince pies and Christmas […]

The Brand Name That’s All About Laughter

What’s your favourite funny brand name?  I have my own collection of amusing personal favourites. This hilarity is usually a result of the brand name having a different meaning in another language. Earlier this week a new funny brand name made the news – The Indian Sportswear range called “Spunk”. Not a problematic name in markets outside the UK.  […]

26 Interesting Facts About Chinese Brands

How much do you know about Chinese brands? According to research conducted by Millward Brown, only 6% of US consumers and 14% of British ones can name a Chinese brand. Millward Brown’s research took place in 2013. Some of China’s leading brands have made huge strides since then. However, I’ve asked the “Can you name a Chinese […]

5 Reasons for Bringing a Suggestion Box to Your Classroom

Do you really know what your students think about your teaching? In the UK, every year nearly half a million final year undergraduate students complete the National Student Survey. The survey has 23 questions and asks students their opinions on their chosen university course. Questions focus on the learning experience and student satisfaction. Emphasis is very […]

Undertaking a Marketing Dissertation? Consider Essentials of Business Research

The intention of this blog is to share my thoughts on marketing with marketing educators, students and practitioners. However, for this first post I thought it would be useful to provide information on my textbook: Essentials of Business Research – A Guide to Doing Your Research Project. This second edition is the ideal companion if […]