Do you have a favourite Christmas ad of 2015?

There’s certainly been some memorable Christmas ads this year. John Lewis’ #ManOnTheMoon campaign is generating an unprecedented level of social media attention. The retailer’s festive ads are now something of a tradition. Although not yet on a par with the likes of mince pies and Christmas pudding.

The success of John Lewis’ 2015 Christmas ad campaign is unquestionable. At 21 million views on YouTube, it’s on course to exceed 26 million for the retailer’s 2014 ad #MontyThePenguin.

Given its success, the ad has been the subject of plenty of spoofs across social media. This has also extended to TV. We’ve even seen Aldi the German discount supermarket taking on John Lewis directly in the “Battle of the Man on the Moon ads”. It’s said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. But for all its attention, this year’s John Lewis ad is by no means my favourite. Why?

John Lewis ads are synonymous with emotional appeal. Exceptionally produced, we have come to accept the retailer as the “Master of the emotional ad”. A great narrative, strong on emotion and a partnership with an associated charity. This is a successful formula. However, I prefer to go for something a little different.

A few other ads made my shortlist. Including Sainsbury’s Christmas narrative “Mog’s Christmas Calamity”. Based on the character created by well-renowned author and illustrator Judith Kerr.

In the ad, Mog causes all sorts of chaos in the Thomas family household. It looks as though Mog will ruin Christmas for the entire family. But friends and neighbours pull together to save the day. The ad delivers a strong message of “Christmas is for sharing”. Coincidently, it strikes a chord given how people are currently pulling together in flood torn parts of Northern England.

So, what’s my favourite Christmas ad of 2015? It has to be Currys PC World, featuring Hollywood star Jeff Goldblum.

Here are my 5 reasons why:

# 1. There are five ads over the festive period. Ok, so my favourite ad is a series of ads. However, unlike John Lewis with the one “big hitter” Currys PC World ads work because they look at the same theme but in different ways. This helps to make sure that viewers do not become bored or lose interest in the ads in the run up to Christmas.


Ad 1: “TURKEY”

#2. Using celebrity endorsement is always a risk with any ad. Fortunately for Currys PC World, Jeff Goldblum is just perfect. In all of the five ads he dramatizes the insight that there will be times when you have to act to keep the Christmas spirit. His role delivers on humour and is what we would expect from the Hollywood A-lister.




Ad 3: “MOVIES”

#3. The ad presents a clear problem – receiving an unwanted gift. Something most of us can relate to! The solution – An electrical product from Currys PC World. The aim is to evoke an emotional response. Unlike #ManOnTheMoon it doesn’t pull on the emotional heartstrings. But the intention is to induce a different kind of emotion – reflection and some might say fear. Reflecting on receiving unwanted Christmas gifts of the past. And fear of giving an unwanted gift this Christmas.

#4. For the ad to work, customers need to have faith in the product. Quality products are named in the ads thereby delivering a message that Currys PC World has the perfect solution to the unwanted Christmas gift.


Ad 4: “JIGSAW”

#5. Lastly, the Currys PC World “Spare the Act” ad is original. It stands out from the rest of the Christmas offerings this year. These are the reasons why “Spare the Act” is my favourite Christmas ad of 2015. Do you agree? Let me know what you think in the comments.